B&B Wednesday Update 3/28/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/28/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge hug each other and Ridge needs help with some of the lines. Brooke wants to know if Rick is working with Amber again. Ridge explains he better not be. Brooke thinks Amber is trouble.

Amber is seen outside and Rick walks over by and asks what she is doing here. Amber explains that she is too excited and wants to celebrate the two of them then kiss.

Ridge claims to be mad over the designs that Rick has been using. Brooke says she found someone else to design clothes. Brooke shows Ridge a design of an outfit by Caroline Spencer.

Caroline is shown in a plane and discusses going to LA and how this will all work out for her in the long run. It is explained she has a meeting with Brooke.

Brooke thinks that Caroline will do well and she is the complete opposite of Amber.

Amber and Rick make their plans but then Rick sees a bunch of people from Forester and they all wonder what he is doing there. Thomas gives Rick an attitude about him not getting his designs in and thinks Rick is still using Amber.

Brooke explains that Caroline is very excited and thinks that Rick’s creations will come to life with her help and she is the perfect girl for Rick.

Caroline explains she is very excited to be going to Forrester and they call Bill who does not know why she is going. Bill hangs up the phone on the other line and Katie walks in and tells him she knows Caroline is coming.

Rick tells the others they can get stuff done later and sends them off. Amber then comes back from behind the car she is hiding from and Amber says thanks for him standing up to Thomas. Ridge then shows up with Brooke and tells her she is no longer needed at the company.

Katie says that Brooke is interviewing Caroline and Katie wants to spend time with her. Bill thinks it is an inconvenience to have Caroline come as she is just one more person to remember. Katie thinks it is good and the two start to kiss passionately on the bed.

Caroline is excited to come but thinks that New York is a better place to start. Her mother explains that it will be a huge help for her to get into the business.

Ridge wants to know why Amber is here and Rick explains that Amber is good for him and she can help him in the long run. Brooke explains Amber is being replaced.

Katie and Bill talk in bed about how Caroline is going to be a good benefit to the company. Bill wants to know why Brooke wants her and Katie explains that Caroline being there means no Amber.

Amber thinks she can’t be replaced and is acting like Stephanie and she is a better person than she once was. Brooke says Amber is who she is. Brooke tells Amber she is Stephanie if it will make Amber feel better. Amber thinks that they can still be better and Rick will like her more than Caroline.

Caroline walks out of the car with Karen and Eric, Ridge, and Thomas stare at them with great passion. Rick introduces himself to her and Brooke follows doing the same thing.

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