B&B Tuesday Update 3/27/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/27/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope tells Stacy she is going to get her prescription filled as she cannot deal without having her pills.

Liam walks in to find Bill pouring himself a drink. Bill asks how Hope is doing and Liam does not know where she is.

Stacy wants to know why Hope is so stressed. Hope explains it’s all online and asks Stacy if she will help her out.

Ridge has everyone in his office to try to save Hope’s campaign. Ridge does not want to end the campaign and needs away to fix everything.

Bill wants to know why Liam does not know where Hope is. Bill thinks Hope might not be sane.

Stacy thinks that the photo is unfortunate and she wants to help Hope. Hope is happy she will be getting the medication and the pills will block out the pain she is feeling. Stacy explains she will help but she is not giving her more pills.

Brooke gets a call from Bridget saying someone wants an interview about Hope. It is revealed the press are all outside and want an interview with Hope but she is not there.

Hope wants to feel better now and she does not want to be seen like this. She is not happy over the fact that everyone online hates her and she needs to block everything out. She wants to be away from everyone she does not love. Stacy wants to know why Liam does not know about any of the therapy treatments or pills.

Bill explains that Hope has made a bunch of controversy on her and people will not forgive her for what she was done.

Stacy explains there is nothing wrong with therapy and medication and Hope wants to know why she can’t get more pills then. Stacy explains it is only temporary release with the pills and they will not fix her problems. Hope gets a text from Liam saying he wants her to come home. Hope starts to walk out and Stacy explains she can make things work out.

Bill does not think that Liam is ok with anything and wants to explain Steffy is his wife. Bill wants to call Steffy to prove she will pick up on the first ring whereas Hope won’t even answer a text. Liam does not care.

Rick wants to know if anyone knows where Hope is. Rick wants to change the interpretation of the kiss that was captured. Brooke explains that she is worried about Hope.

Liam finds Hope in the living room and Hope explains that there are photographers everywhere outside. Liam wants to know what Hope wants and Hope hugs Liam.

The group at FC wants to change the focus of Hope for the future to being a good citizen instead of abstinence. Ridge thinks this is a mess. Brooke thinks that Liam should have made the divorce happen. Ridge thinks this is just as much Hope’s fault as it is Liam’s.

Hope explains people are mad at her and not him and she does not want him mad at her. Liam explains he is not mad and wants her to be ok. Hope explains she has not been honest. Liam thinks that everyone can find their place in life as long as they are not hurting anyone and Hope is exactly who she is supposed to be and wants to know why she does the things she does and explains that it has to do with having a good life. Hope tells Liam she loves him a lot and just wants to be with him and no one else. The two of them hug.

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