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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/26/12


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(This is the special 25th Anniversary Episode.)

Another beautiful sunny day begins in Los Angeles. Brooke is standing on the terrace of the Forrester mansion, dressed up for a party. Robert, the waiter, interrupts Brooke from her daydream. Brooke advises Robert to make Eric and Stephanie feel special today. Brooke returns to the living room, where it is decorated with purple, magenta ,and white flowers. Ridge walks through the front door and sees Brooke. Ridge is impressed by Brooke’s decorating, then congratulates her for making this special event happen for his parents.

From the living room couch, Hope stares at her laptop, focusing on the tabloid story regarding her relationship with Liam. Liam closes the laptop and tells Hope to stop obsessing over what happened. Liam reminds Hope that she was happy last night. Hope flashes back to taking a pill and kissing Liam. Hope admits it was great, but is still in a sour mood. Liam wants to move on with their lives and suggests forgetting about the angry fan who accosted Hope at the coffeehouse. Liam wants to celebrate Eric and Stephanie’s anniversary. Hope wonders how Steffy is coping with the news. Liam figures she has no clue about the tabloid story.

In Aspen, Steffy’s face is puffy from crying as she reads the story about Hope and Liam. Steffy looks out the window and listens to the wind howling.

Pictures frames of the Forrester family are the main focus until the camera zooms in on one of Eric and Stephanie. There is a flashback to one of the couple’s first Christmases, where Eric promises that their family will survive because of their strength and love. Stephanie turns to Eric and they both reflect on their history. Brooke and Ridge hug Eric and Stephanie, wishing them a happy anniversary. Stephanie seems a bit embarrassed by all the attention. Guests start arriving one by one – Thorne and Taylor, and Rick and Thomas. Marcus and Dayzee show up hand-in-hand.

Everyone gathers in the living room. Brooke prepares to make a toast but wants to wait for Liam and Hope. Hope and Liam arrive just in time. Brooke wishes Eric and Stephanie “the best year ever”, then presents them with a painted portrait. Stephanie is beaming with joy. The reception continues, with Felicia showing up to show her support. Brooke runs to the door to greet Pam. Pam isn’t sure she should be here. Brooke thinks Stephanie will appreciate Pam celebrating her special day. Stephanie calls out to Brooke, stopping in her tracks when she sees Pam. Pam blurts out that her presence was Brooke’s idea. Stephanie walks up to her sister and tells Pam that they are family, that she doesn’t want to hold a grudge. Pam begins apologizing for all her mistakes, but Stephanie tells her to zip it. Pam is relieved when Stephanie says they need to patch up their relationship. The sisters share a hug.

Taylor gets Steffy on the phone to talk to Stephanie. Steffy wishes her grandmother a happy anniversary. Stephanie wishes Steffy could celebrate in person, but Steffy thinks it’s best she’s in Apsen. Steffy says Stephanie inspires her, that she won’t give up on her marriage to Liam. After saying she loves Stephanie, Steffy ends the call. Stephanie looks over at a smitten Hope and Liam, cringing at the sight of the happy couple.

More photos of the Forrester family are highlighted. Ridge remembers when Brooke rode up on horseback for one of their weddings. Ridge tells Brooke that she’s still beautiful. Ridge pulls Brooke in for a hug, then they embrace. Thomas and Rick announce a toast. Rick hopes Eric and Stephanie have “the best years ahead”. Everyone clinks their glasses. Eric says to his wife that she is the “foundation” of this family. Stephanie speaks next, saying her family is “bold and beautiful”, wishing everyone happiness, love, and peace. Stephanie tells Eric that he will always be the love of her life.

Brooke stares at a photo of Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and herself at a winter cabin. Brooke and Stephanie remember an awkward moment between the two of them. Brooke says she knew Stephanie would eventually come around. Brooke tells Stephanie that she loves her, then kisses her on the cheek.

Liam leaves the living room quarters to speak to Steffy by phone. Steffy says she can’t stop thinking of their wedding in Aspen. Steffy tells Liam that she’s glad she didn’t sign the annulment papers. Teary-eyed, Steffy asks Liam to remember her. Steffy says “I love you” to Liam, then says goodbye. Liam is visibly affect by Steffy’s phone call.

Ridge and Brooke admire a photo from their first meeting, a party twenty-five years ago. It is apparent that the two were in love at first sight. Reflecting back, Ridge and Brooke have tears in their eyes. Ridge and Brooke gather around the rest of the Forresters while Eric begins playing the piano and singing to Stephanie – a song about “the folks who live on the hill”. Stephanie thinks about dancing with Eric, while some of the other guests look sentimental. After Eric finishes, everyone claps in approval. While Eric hugs Stephanie, she turns to the camera and winks.

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