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Steffy remembers her time with Liam in Aspen and looks upset.

Liam and Bill see the headline news about Hope being busted as a hypocrite at the same time that Ridge, Brooke and Hope do at Forrester. Ridge says that they have a public relations nightmare here and the first thing Hope needs to do is move out of Liam’s place. Hope looks at Ridge in shock and dismay.

Bill talks to Liam about how to control this situation. Liam talks about how unfair this is that people are calling Hope a hypocrite but Bill tells him she brought this onto herself by getting on a pedestal and preaching morality.

Liam tells his dad to stop bashing Hope so Bill shifts the conversation to controlling this mess. He says that they will use Spencer publications and put Liam and Hope’s side of the story out there. Liam says that will just plaster Hope’s face all over the news but Bill says that has already happened. He tells Liam they have to act now. Liam says he needs some time to think and goes out to look for Hope against Bill’s wishes.

Brooke disagrees with Ridge’s idea for Hope to move out. Ridge says that Hope for the Future is already suffering because of this. He asks Hope if she wants the line to be shut down. Hope says no so Ridge tells her then she must move out of Liam’s. He says anything less than that will just seem like more hypocrisy. Brooke tries to stop Ridge from lashing out on Hope but Ridge says that the reality is that Hope cannot live with Liam as long as he is married to Steffy. He tells Brooke that is going to hurt Forrester big time and he’s not going to let that happen.

Steffy remembers more of Aspen and her time with Liam there. Steffy gets a text telling her to click on a link. When she does she finds the headline news of Hope being called a hypocrite. She just tosses her phone away and doesn’t look at it.

Hope tries to justify herself by saying Liam’s marriage to Steffy is over. Ridge says not in the eyes of the law and those women who support her by buying her collection. He says she has a responsibility to them. Brooke asks about when Hope’s happiness becomes a priority and Ridge firmly says that would be when Liam’s divorce becomes final. Ridge asks Hope what the hell she was thinking kissing Liam like that but Hope says that she wasn’t thinking. She says for once she was just being happy and how there was no Steffy and Hope for the Future in her mind.

Brooke says that she shouldn’t have to apologize for this but Ridge reminds Brooke that Hope took a stand in public and she was supposed to stay true to that. He says if people learn she is a fraud their profits will cease. Brooke proposes that Ridge pressure Steffy for an annulment so everything works for Hope but Ridge firmly says he’s not going to do that as it is not fair. Hope says she gets where Ridge is coming from. Ridge says good and tells her then she has to move back in with her mother now before people learn that she was living with Liam.

Hope tells Ridge that they need to shift their focus because she is not moving out of Liam’s house and she is not going to apologize for loving him. Ridge looks unhappy. There is a knock at the door and Liam comes in. Liam asks if Hope is okay and says sorry to Ridge. He learns that Ridge wants Hope to move out but he disagrees.

Ridge asks if he’s given any thought to what this is doing to Steffy. Liam says that’s not something he can fix right now and just wants to focus on this problem. He asks for a moment alone with Hope. When Ridge and Brooke leave Hope tells Liam that the Hope for the Future website is exploding. She then asks Liam if she has become the biggest kind of hypocrite. Liam says no and tells her she doesn’t have to listen to these people because she hasn’t done anything wrong. Liam hugs Hope as Hope cries.

Liam tells Hope not to let this get to her and ruin her or them. He says they are saying these things because they are disappointed with her because they think they know her but they don’t. Hope says they do think they know her and she made a bond with these women and now that bond is broken. Madison comes in to tell Hope that the press wants a statement. Hope says not now and Liam tells her the same.

Madison leaves although telling them she’s not sure how much longer she can hold them back. Liam and Hope try to figure out what to say at a press conference. Liam tells her that his dad is going to make sure they get their say in there as they have Spencer Publications on their side. Hope says she can’t believe this is happening and looks really scared but Liam reminds her of what she said last night. Hope asks him to remind her so Liam tells her he will and says she said that she wouldn’t let other people have a say in their relationship. Hope nods in response but continues to look teary.

Steffy gets a phone call from Bill. He asks her how it’s going and Steffy says it’s peaceful, beautiful, quiet up here. Bill says that’s just what she needed and asks if she saw the link that he sent her. Bill tells her that people are outraged. Steffy cuts to the chase and asks him why he told her about this. Bill says he did that to keep her in the loop. Steffy asks if Hope and Liam disrespecting her marriage in public is supposed to make her feel good. Bill tells her that his is an opportunity. He tells her that Hope and Liam are under siege and he doesn’t think they are going to be able to hold it together. Bill tells her to hang in there and says he will keep her posted.

Hope says to top it all off, Ridge is furious with her. Liam tells her that it’s the situation he is furious with and the business issue. Hope says she is the issue as she put a message out there and she let it down.

She says no wonder these women are turning away from her. Liam tells her to stop and tells her that they are in love and that is nobody else’s damn business. He tells her that she knew this last night. Hope doesn’t tell Liam that she took the pills last night and just says that last night she wasn’t being called a hypocrite all over the internet. Liam tells her nothing has changed because she is still the same woman. He says they are going to get through this by being strong and committed and by being together. He says deal and huge her while Hope looks distraught and confused.

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