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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/22/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Liam that Steffy arrived safely to Aspen. When Katie arrives the conversation shifts to Liam’s unsatisfactory night with Hope. Katie asks Liam where Hope is and if she is okay.

Hope talks to her psychiatrist about her night with Liam. She talks about how she just wanted to lose herself in Liam and that was happening until she heard Steffy’s voice in her head telling her she was committing adultery. Hope tells the doctor she got really uncomfortable at that point and ended up taking an anxiety pill even though she didn’t want to. She says at first she was really disappointed in herself for doing that but admits with a smile that now she is so glad that she did.

Brooke tells Ridge it couldn’t have been easy for him to say goodbye to Steffy. Ridge says that he knows Aspen isn’t that far but Steffy is going through a lot right now and she needs her family. Brooke says she does have her family and she has him. Ridge only smiles bitterly and says he’s not doing her a lot of good. Looking at a photograph of Steffy, Ridge says that Steffy still loves Liam. Brooke says that Steffy needs to accept that her marriage is over. Ridge says that he knows that is what she and Hope want but he’s not so sure Liam is over Steffy. Looking at Brooke seriously he says that he’s not sure Liam is sure of that either.

Brooke tells Ridge that Hope came to see her and she said Liam and her are okay. Ridge says that he’s sorry but he’s not convinced. Stephanie enters with Eric and says neither does she. Brooke tries to get rid of them but Eric says he has something to tell Ridge that he’s been dying to. Stephanie and Eric share the news that they got married. Brooke and Ridge look surprised and delighted.

Hope talks to her doctor about the rest of her night. She tells her how after she took the pill she was relaxed and it was all much better. She then reveals that Steffy has left the city. The doctor notes that she seems relieved about that. Hope says she is and says that she feels that a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Smiling she says that she feels her issues are finally being put behind her. She asks the doctor if she feels the same way but the doctor just smiles tightly.

Ridge congratulates his mother before leaving with Eric to the cutting room where they are needed. Once they leave, Stephanie catches Brooke looking at her with a grin on her face. She asks Brooke if she is okay but Brooke just hugs her and says she is so happy for her.

Liam tells Katie that Hope is fine and that she was just a little nervous. Katie says of course she would be as it is a huge step in any girl’s life. Bill says especially for Hope with her issues but Liam cuts him off telling his dad him and Hope are happier than ever so he should just get over it. Bill doesn’t look so sure.

Dr. Barton asks about Hope’s relationship with Brooke. Hope expressed her discomfort over growing up with a mother who is a sex symbol. Hope though, says that that’s all in the past now and she doesn’t blame her mother for her issues. The doctor asks Hope about the men in her own life and asks if Liam is her first boyfriend. Hope says no and talks about Oliver. She says that they were in love until. Hope trails off and has flashbacks about the graduation party where Brooke slept with Oliver. Dr. Barton realizes Hope isn’t answering her so she calls out to her asking what she is thinking about. Hope breathes out that she is thinking of the worst night of her life.

Brooke tells Stephanie, Ridge and her want to throw her and Eric an anniversary party. She says they could do it just like they did that time when she first met the Forresters. Stephanie remarks that she has no good memories of that as that was the first time Brooke laid eyes on Ridge. Brooke laughs but pushes Stephanie to agree. She asks Stephanie if she can please do this for her.

Liam tells Katie and Bill that Hope and him are happy. He says that she is trying and Bill cuts in saying Steffy didn’t have to try. He is cut off by both of them and Liam firmly tells his dad he loves Hope. End of story. Bill says they’ll see and hints that Steffy is gone. Curious, Katie asks where Steffy is. When she finds out Steffy is staying at their house in Aspen she blows up at Bill. Bill says to keep Steffy out of the conversation and tells Liam he has issues that have to do strictly with Hope. He says Hope has a ton of baggage and he knows he doesn’t want to hear this but as his dad he has to tell him she has issues that will reveal them one by one. Bill says he won’t be able to hide from them. Liam looks like he doesn’t care.

Hope talks to the doctor about her graduation party and reveals that Brooke and Oliver had sex there. She then talks about when Graham attacked her. She says she got over those issues though and just wants to marry the man she loves. At that point Liam calls and the doctor says she can take it. When Hope decides not to the doctor realizes that Liam doesn’t know she is in therapy.

Hope takes Liam the call and tells Liam she is at an appointment. When she hangs up the doctor asks if Liam is also unaware about the medication. Hope says she feels there is no reason to tell him. The doctor says there are still some issues they need to work out like her father for instance but Hope cuts it short by saying she likes to not think about him. She tells the doctor that she loves Liam a lot and she knows they are going to have a long fulfilling future. Hope thanks her for her help.

Brooke convinces Stephanie to let her throw her the anniversary party by talking to her about how much Eric and Stephanie have built together and how much she appreciates her. Brooke apologizes to her about how she hurt her in the past as well. Brooke and Stephanie share a hug.

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