B&B Wednesday Update 3/21/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/21/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope walks into Liam’s office and the two kiss each other. Liam asks about Hope’s appointment. Hope claims it was good.

Stephanie gets complements from a group of people over her recent engagement. Stephanie tells them all she is happy that they are all happy.

Katie walks into Brooke’s office asking how Hope is doing. Brooke wants to know why she is asking this.

Stephanie tells them that she is not happy about Hope and Liam being together as Steffy is still his wife.

Katie tells Brooke Hope came to her for advice. Brooke says she knows and tells Katie that Hope’s first night did not turn out how she had vision it would be. Brooke explains things will be fine between them.

Hope does not think Marcus is leaving Hope then spots a paper and she does not know how things will go with her blog. Hope thinks that Liam and her need to be mindful while in public but behind closed doors they can kiss passionately while in public they can’t touch each other. Liam and Hope start to kiss passionately.

Hope spots Marcus at the coffee shop and gives him a hug she then asks how Stephanie is doing she wants to know where Liam is. Liam then walks in and two people wonder what Hope and Liam are doing together.

Katie is happy that Brooke was able to be with Hope at the doctor. Brooke tells Katie about all the things Hope does not like about her past and how it mostly has to do with her. Brooke says that the doctor gave Hope pills to help her feel better. Katie does not think it is a good thing that Hope is not telling Liam any of this. Katie thinks that Hope needs to tell Liam. Brooke tells Katie that they will be fine and that this is just between them.

Marcus tells them all that he has news and he wanted them all to be there for him. Marcus then tells them that Dayzee has changed his life and that everyone is better for everyone. Marcus takes out a ring box and opens it to reveal an engagement ring. He gets down on one knee and tells her he loves her and to marry him. Dayzee is shocked that this is happening and gets teary eyed. Dayzee says yes to being his wife and thinks the diamond is big. The two kiss and as well as Hope and Liam who get photographed by someone else.

Katie thinks that maybe it would have been better if Hope and Liam were to wait. Katie is scared about what is happening.

Stephanie and everyone have a celebration over the engagement. Dayzee apologizes to Hope who tells her this is her day and not her own. The woman comes over to the table and tells her she is mad over what has happened with Hope and Liam. The woman thinks that she needs to have more self-respect and to wait until the divorce. The girl tells her mother to leave she tells Hope she is committing adultery. She makes Hope start to cry and she walks out. Stephanie looks angry.

Hope crying in the back room hears the voice of the woman in her head saying she is an adulteress. Hope takes another pill while under stress.

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