B&B Tuesday Update 3/20/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/20/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill walks in and tells Liam that Steffy landed and Liam wonders if Steffy is ok. Bill tells him to call on his own. Katie walks in and asks what is going on and Liam tells everyone to drop it. Katie asks if Hope is ok.

Hope tells Stacy that she can’t get Steffy out of her head and that she wants to be everything for Liam unlike on their first night. Hope says she feels disappointed in herself but not anymore because the pills worked.

Brooke and Ridge kiss and Brooke thinks that Ridge misses Steffy but she also thinks Steffy needs to accept Liam is over Steffy. Ridge explains that Liam still love each other. Stephanie and Eric walk in and Eric tell them that they are engaged again.

Stacy asks if Steffy is any better about any of this. Hope explains Steffy is out of town for a couple weeks and Hope, hopes that Steffy will be gone for a while as she thinks it will work out better for her.

Ridge tells Stephanie he is happy but then has to leave with Eric to go, and they both leave. Brooke gives Stephanie a big hug.

Stacy tells Hope she thinks she and Brooke have a very unique relationship. Hope tells her she is used to her mother putting herself out there. Stacy asks what it was like having her as a mother. Hope says it was hard having her mother half naked hanging in photos on boys' lockers at school but this was all in the past. Stacy asks if Hope has dated anyone else. Hope explains she dated a boy named Oliver and was very much in love. Hope has a flashback to the graduation party.

Brooke explains that she wants to cook the dinner for Stephanie’s wedding and begs for her to let her do this.

Liam tells Bill to mind his own business. Katie asks where Steffy is staying in Aspen and is mad that Steffy is staying in their own house. Bill tells both of them that they need to stop talking about Steffy, but Hope has a lot of issues that Liam won’t be able to hide.

Hope explains that at her high school graduation party that Oliver and Brooke were the issue of the party. Hope explains Brooke and Ridge were chaperones, but Oliver and Brooke were on the terrace at one point during the night and she could never be with Oliver after that. Stacy thinks the reason Hope has waited to have sex is because of this problem. Liam sends her a video chat request, but Hope does not want to take the call. Stacy questions if Liam knows she is in therapy. Liam picks up and Hope claims to be at an appointment. They confirm plans for later and they hang up. Stacy asks if Liam knows about the pills either. Stacy thinks that the two of them need some more time together to discuss other aspects of her life.

Stephanie thinks that Brooke just wants her approval. Brooke assumed she had Stephanie’s approval. Stephanie claims that it was a lie. Brooke thinks that Stephanie is an amazing woman who she greatly appreciates. Brooke has flashbacks of moments with Stephanie together. Brooke asks once again to allow her to plan the wedding. Stephanie agrees but Brooke is not to cook. Brooke hugs Stephanie.

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