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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/19/12


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From his office, Liam calls Hope and implies that he should rush home so they can have a repeat of last night’s romance. Hope informs Liam that she’s at Brooke’s home to have a chat with her mom. Steffy stands by Liam’s office door and listens to him talk to Hope. Hope says to Liam about Marcus texting her about meeting up at Dayzee’s later. Liam agrees to the suggestion, then ends the call by saying he loves Hope. When Liam turns, he sees Steffy enter his office. Liam says hello to Steffy but it’s obvious she’s sad about something. Steffy comments about Liam’s happy phone call to Hope. Liam tells Steffy that everything is going great with him and Hope. Steffy turns away from Liam. Liam apologizes for his callous behavior. Steffy brings up the fact that last time she talked to Liam, he was going through a rough patch with Hope. Liam says he and Hope are great now. Steffy asks about the compatibility factor. Liam says Steffy sounds just like Bill. Liam asserts Hope is not unstable and uptight like his father likes to claim. Steffy announces her intentions of leaving Los Angeles. Liam is speechless. After a minute, Liam asks if Steffy is going on a business trip. Steffy informs Liam that she’s leaving for personal reasons. Steffy doesn’t want to be the person standing in Liam and Hope’s way. Liam looks glum. Liam wonders about Steffy’s decision to return to Aspen, the start of their marriage. Steffy is adamant the decision wasn’t made in haste, that she needs time to reflect on her commitment to Liam. Liam professes that he still cares for Steffy. Steffy thinks she needs some space away from Liam. Liam tells Steffy that she can’t leave because she is his best friend. Steffy reminds Liam that she is his wife. Steffy wants to get away from all the drama, and even hints that she might meet a hot guy in Colorado. Liam begs Steffy to come back. Through tears, Steffy promises to return. Steffy believes Liam will want to be with her when she returns from Aspen. Steffy leaves Liam with a goodbye kiss on the mouth. Liam is visibly bummed when Steffy exits the office. Outside in the lobby, Steffy starts sobbing and quickly wipes the tears away.

Hope is waiting at the Forrester mansion when Brooke returns from dropping off R.J. at an undisclosed location. Hope rambles on about feeling tense again last night. Brook figures Hope and Liam didn’t make love, but Hope says she took an anti-anxiety pill and it worked great. Hope raves about her romantic night with Liam, claiming that it was everything she wanted it to be. Brook is thankful Hope was able to relax with Liam last night. Hope tells her mother that Liam has no clue she had to take a pill to sleep with him. Hope hates the fact that she took the pill. Brooke reminds Hope that she only takes the medication if she’s stressed or anxious. Brooke lessens Hope’s tension by saying Dr. Barton is going to help her through the anxiety attacks. Brooke and Hope share a hug. Hope stares at the pill bottle in her hands. Brooke can’t stop smiling at Hope. Brooke thinks it is finally time for Hope and Liam to start their life together. Sadly, Hope disagrees, saying that she can’t truly enjoy being with Liam. Brooke says Dr. Barton will help Hope with her intimacy issues. Brooke tells Hope that Steffy is leaving town. Hope can’t believe it. Both want to celebrate the good news, even though Brooke has some reservations because she’s married to Ridge, and Steffy is his daughter. Brooke says Steffy is going to Aspen. Before Hope can answer Brooke, the doorbell rings. Taylor overhears Steffy’s name being said and immediately starts defending her daughter. Taylor wants to see Ridge to discuss Steffy’s retreat to Aspen. Taylor comments how superficial Brooke and Hope can be when it comes to Steffy. Taylor wishes Hope and Brooke could show Steffy some compassion right now. Arms crossed, Hope says Steffy needs to go to Aspen to get over Liam. Brooke thinks it’s ironic Steffy will be staying at Bill’s Aspen retreat. Taylor takes Steffy’s side and goes on about the hurt she’s going through. Hope announces her plans to get to work. Hope hugs Brooke goodbye, then leaves through the front door. Brooke appears to be gloating, then comments to Taylor that Steffy getting away could be beneficial for her. Brooke says she respects Steffy’s decision to leave. Taylor and Brooke continue to bicker with each other. Taylor says Liam still loves Steffy and that a divorce would upset Liam.

Bill barges into Liam’s office and demands to know if his son is done with the cover layout. Liam says he’s still working on it. Bill senses Liam is preoccupied about something. Bill figures Liam’s romantic night with “Snow White” aka Hope went horribly wrong. Liam laughs and says the night was full of passion. Bill realizes Liam is sad about Steffy leaving Los Angeles. Liam says he couldn’t beg Steffy to stay since he would be betraying Hope. Bill wants Liam to work out things with Steffy. Bill knows Liam secretly loves Steffy.

Steffy starts packing in her office. Hope shows up and asks about Steffy’s flight to Aspen. Steffy doesn’t want to talk to Hope but she won’t budge from the office. Hope inquires about Steffy’s destination. Steffy says all her good memories with Liam started in Aspen. Hope jokes that the gondola view was nice. Steffy reiterates Aspen is a sentimental place for her. Steffy wishes Hope would stop harassing her. Hope claims to understand what Steffy is going through. Steffy reminds Hope that Liam is still married to her, that Hope and Liam are committing adultery. Hope admits Steffy’s first attempt at making her feel guilty succeeded, but she’s not going to be guilt-tripped anymore. Hope says she has help this time – the unyielding support from Liam and her family. Steffy tries to change the subject and resumes packing. Hope rambles on about how powerless Steffy is now. Steffy tells Hope that she must leave now. Steffy makes it known she will not be signing any annulment papers. Hope doesn’t mind waiting for the divorce since it was a sham to begin with. Hope thinks Steffy is “prolonging the pain” by not getting an annulment. Hope drops her purse, spilling the contents on the floor. Hope grabs the pill bottle and grasps it in her hand. Steffy teases Hope, sending Hope to almost lose it. Hope screams at Steffy to go to Aspen and pine for Liam. Hope warns that nothing will come between her and Liam. Without a word, Steffy leaves her office. Anxious and uptight, Hope stares at the pill bottle, contemplating taking another one.

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