B&B Wednesday Update 3/14/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/14/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope has flashbacks once again to Steffy telling her she is committing adultery. Hope sits on her bed as Liam walks in wondering if she is ok. Hope explains that she is fine and nothing is going to get in the middle of them.

Steffy talks to Ridge about how nothing is making her feel better about herself and nothing is working. Brooke asks if she wants to be in private. Steffy tells Brooke to stay and Steffy tells both of them she can’t stay in LA anymore and she is leaving. Steffy explains nothing will stop her from leaving and she is going to Aspen to be away from Hope. Ridge needs her there for her new collection and Steffy cannot be gone for long and she should not go to Bill’s place. Steffy does not feel she needs to go anywhere as she can’t just run away.

Liam pours some wine. Hope and Liam toast to themselves and Liam asks about how she does not want anything to get to her. Liam wants to know if she is ok. Hope explains Steffy is jealous and that things will work out. Hope thinks everything will be enjoyable for them both.

Ridge wants to help Steffy and let Steffy lean on her family. Steffy wants to just be away from everyone and wants no press. Ridge says he will go with her to wherever she wants to go and he does not want her to be alone and if she does not take him to take her brother. Steffy explains that she wants to be alone and that she wants to remember the good times in Aspen. Ridge hugs Steffy and Steffy tells Ridge she has to get past this.

Liam tells Hope they will get past all this. Hope explains she was tired and stressed out. Hope and Liam kiss passionately near the fire place.

Steffy decides she wants to leave. Brooke tells her she does not have to leave and Brooke explains she is proud of her for doing the right thing as she has been there before. Brooke wants to know why she would go to Aspen though instead of somewhere with no memories for her. Steffy explains that it is none of her business. She wants to be somewhere where she was truly happy. Steffy thinks that she would be with Liam still if she were more truthful

Hope and Liam lay on the couch together. Liam tells Hope she can say anything. Hope kisses Liam and does not hear Steffy. The two continue to kiss passionately.

Steffy tells Brooke she is leaving. Brooke asks her if she has an extra copy of the annulment papers because she is going in the right direction. Steffy wants to know how things are going since the big night with Hope and Liam. Brooke thinks the two of them are very committed to each other. Steffy explains things will go right for them in the long run and Hope will be without Liam.

Hope and Liam lay on the couch naked and Hope explains she is right where she is supposed to be with the man she is supposed to love. She thinks things will be perfect and this is the first day of their lives together. They once again kiss and then stair into each other’s eyes.

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