B&B Tuesday Update 3/13/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/13/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Bill argue together about Hope and Liam living together. Bill thinks that Liam still is in love and refuses to let Steffy cave in yet.

Liam gets his house ready for Hope.

Hope looks at her pills and Brooke tells her there is nothing to worry about and things will be easy soon. Brooke explains that things will work out in the long run and all she needs to do is relax.

Bill takes the annulment papers away from Steffy because he won’t let her go out without a fight. Steffy thinks it is over between her and Liam now that Hope is in a relationship with Liam. Bill does not think this is true and thinks that things will get better between Steffy and Liam. Bill’s lawyer comes in and tells him that Steffy will not be signing the papers.

Liam turns on music and looks at a picture of Hope.

Hope tells Brooke she will keep the pills but won’t take them unless she needs them. Hope then tells Brooke she is sorry for what she said to the doctor. Brooke says it is fine as what she said was all true. Hope asks Brooke not to tell Liam about the therapist also not Ridge as she wants this to be a secret.

Brooke sits in her living as Ridge walks in from the front door. Ridge gives Brooke a kiss and Brooke kisses back. Ridge asks Brooke what is wrong and Brooke explains Hope is. Ridge wants to know what happened with Hope’s first night with Liam and Brooke explains that it did not go as planned. Brooke and Ridge then kiss each other passionately.

Steffy wants to know why no one knows about Hope and Liam. Steffy then gets a video call from Ramona and the two talk about how Steffy’s marriage is in shambles but Steffy says she will survive as she always does.

Hope walks in to find Liam still making the living room look nice. The two talk about how they now live together and how it will be fun. Liam is afraid that things are not going well for them as things did not go as planned. Hope explains things are going well now and that is all that matters.

Ridge and Brooke are shown in bed kissing and talking about Hope. Ridge wonders if Hope is blaming herself or thinks she did something wrong. Brooke explains that she did not do anything wrong but that Brooke did and she wishes she had raised her children better and thinks they deserve a better mother. Ridge thinks they have a wonderful mother. The two of them then kiss again.

Bill shreds the annulment papers and tells Steffy that all she has to do is wait this out until Liam gets bored with Hope.

Hope and Liam sit on the couch and kiss each other. Liam tells Hope that things take time and that he has all the time in the world for her. The two then kiss again.

Steffy explains she is not happy with Hope and Liam and feels she cannot deal with it anymore. Bill tells Steffy she should go back to Aspen for a while and take some time for herself.

Hope and Liam kiss passionately. Hope again hears Steffy in her head telling her she is committing adultery and steeling her husband. Hope tells Liam that she is hearing Steffy in her head telling Liam that they are committing adultery. Liam explains they are getting a divorce and it is only Liam and Hope from now on. Hope then tells Liam she will be right back. Hope goes into the bedroom and looks at the pills. She tells herself she will not let Steffy control her and takes one of the pills. Hope then looks into the mirror.

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