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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/12/12


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Hope tells Dr. Barton that she was there but it was like she was just going through the motions and couldn’t make love. Liam was very sensitive about it and said there wouldn’t be a problem, but that is why she is here now. She can’t let it be a problem. Her mother had been a sex symbol and she could have chosen that or be someone else and she chose the someone else. But it may be coming back to haunt her. They had one difficult first night but that is not the way she wants it to be in the future. Liam deserves more than that and she has to learn to give that to him.

Bill grills Liam more. He says Steffy is strong, but this has to hurt that he is shacking up with Hope at Malibu. Steffy finds out that Liam is at work but Hope isn’t. She drops in on Liam and pointblank asks how last night was. He hems and haws and doesn’t want to answer the question.

Hope wants to know how to fix it. Brooke keeps answering for her and Dr. Barton has to remind her she wants Hope to answer the questions. Hope says she felt she was being controlled by Steffy, the wife. She may not be calling the shots anymore but something is. Steffy is disappointed when she keeps questioning Liam and finds out that he and Hope did do the deed. Hope changed her mind and did not hold out for marriage. Steffy was hoping she would. Steffy wipes her sniffles and says she misses that house, the walks on the beach and waking up in Liam’s arms every morning. He admits they had some good times. She brings out the annulment papers and says she can cut the ties now that they are a couple. She kisses him and says she has one request – that he not forget her. Left alone, Steffy starts to sign the papers when Bill waltzes in and advises her not to. He knows last night was not the greatest in the world. Steffy needs to stick to the plan, the six month plan for a divorce and give Liam time to realize what he has done and will come back to her.

Dr. Barton learns more details and gives Hope a bottle of anti-anxiety pills. Hope isn’t sure she wants to do that, but Dr. Barton says they won’t knock her out or make her crazy. They will just ease the tension when she needs it. Brooke advises her to just get Steffy’s words out of her head. Hope says that is just the problem; she can’t and she can’t relax and be herself with Liam in bed.

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