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Brooke asks Hope if Liam and her had a fight. Hope tells her mother that Liam is wonderful and loving. Brooke says but she is really unhappy and maybe she should talk to someone. Hope offhandedly says she doesn’t think talking will work. Brooke looks taken back and Hope continues to look heartbroken.

Bill sees his son at the office and says that he didn’t expect to see him here. He says he thought Liam would be at home with the fair maiden that has stolen his heart and in conjugal bliss. Liam asks his dad if he knows he speaks as if to be quoted. Bill says he’s been told he’s not the most sensitive man out there but he’s sensitive enough to know Liam isn’t happy. Liam falls silent.

Stephanie asks Eric if he’s seriously considering getting married again. Eric says absolutely. Stephanie says why not consider celebrating their divorces as there are more of them and laughs as Gladys comes in. She tells them she has their marriage license and all they have to do is sign. She looks at Stephanie outfit, a normal everyday getup and asks if she’s seriously going to wear that.

Eric tells Gladys he doesn’t think they are getting married. She asks them how much time they seriously have to think things over at their age and asks them to come on. Eric sighs and tells her that actually Stephanie isn’t all that enthusiastic about marrying him again. Gladys says well she still needs the money and coaxes Stephanie to agree who just laughs awkwardly.

Liam tells his dad if he seems a little off it’s because of lack of sleep. Bill takes a long look at Liam before he says he’s not buying it. Liam tries to deny but Bill says when you wait so long for something and it leaves you unfulfilled you die a little on the inside, with a knowing look on his face. Liam falls silent.

Brooke and Hope talk about last night. Hope tells her mother about everything that happened and how wonderful it was because Liam couldn’t take his eyes off her and they didn’t need any words between them. But when Brooke asks her then what, Hope goes teary and says then it became not what she was looking for and looks away from her mother breathing in shallow breaths to control her need to cry again.

Bill asks Liam if he wants to talk to him about it. Liam says that Hope and him had their first night together. He admits that it wasn’t perfect but says it was magical. Bill asks him why he came in to work then. Liam says that Hope needed time to adjust. Bill asks to what, her new home? Liam nods and turns away. Bill puts him on the spot by asking what he needed time to adjust to.

Brooke says then her night wasn’t as she wanted. Hope says it was her that wasn’t how she wanted. She asks Brooke how someone is supposed to let go and feel okay when someone is touching parts of you that have never been touched. Brooke says that for her intimacy is a good feeling. Hope asks what if it doesn’t feel good?

Going teary she says there were things she wanted to say to Liam but couldn’t. Brooke tells Hope that she just has to talk to Liam like she normally would and just be comfortable with him like always. Brooke sighs and asks her what it was that Hope wanted to say to Liam. Hope shocks Brooke by saying she wanted to tell him to stop.

Gladys tells Stephanie that she’s not one to be living in sin. Stephanie looks reluctant so Eric tries to convince her but she just says he wants to get married to have a big fat anniversary number. She says she is not getting married just to have a party. Eric tells her that he wants to celebrate all that they have had together. The good, the bad and the ugly. He says there is no life of his on Earth without her.

Stephanie tells Gladys to ask Eric how many other women he has been married to. Eric tells her to asks why he went to other women. Stephanie turns to him and he says it was because he was a boy then. He says he is a man now and he wants her. Stephanie becomes speechless.

Stephanie tells Eric that they have been husband and wife already and raised their kids so what is the point of this? She says she is not going anywhere. She says though, she can’t be sure about his assurances to her. Eric says that he has said it before and he’s meant it every time. He says “I do” and turns to Stephanie and asks her if she does. Stephanie sighs before saying okay and says “I do” as well. Gladys pronounces them husband and wife and congratulates them as they kiss. She tells them they owe her thirty dollars now and Stephanie breaks out into a laugh as she buries her head in Eric’s shoulder.

Bill tells Liam it’s obvious his time with Hope wasn’t what he wanted. Liam defends Hope by saying it was just her first time. Liam says that she’s trying and Bill says maybe that is the problem-- that she is trying too hard.

Brooke tells Hope she doesn’t understand and asks her why she wanted to stop. Still crying, Hope says that it didn’t feel right and still doesn’t. Brooke asks what and Hope says Liam is married to someone else. Brooke says they filed divorce but Hope says she thought that would let her overlook his marriage yet she realized how wrong it was after last night. Brooke looks confused and Hope says that she knew talking to her about this was wrong because they don’t see this in the same way.

Brooke asks if she would like to someone else. Hope asks who and Brooke tells her she has a friend who is a psychiatrist and a relationship counselor. Hope is reluctant about talking to a total stranger but Brooke tells her sometimes it’s easier to do that. She tells Hope that she wants to make this right for Liam, doesn’t she? Hope nods her head rigorously.

Eric says now that they are married they are legit and no longer just shacking up. Stephanie laughs before asking Eric why did it matter to him so much that they got married again. Eric says it didn’t matter to her did it? He says she was so reluctant. Stephanie says she’s sorry for that but Eric says she doesn’t really mean that. Stephanie smiles before handing him his martini. They clink glasses and Stephanie says “I do,” as they smile.

Stephanie and Eric talk about their past before she says he still hasn’t answered her why it was important to him. She says it didn’t matter to anyone else but Eric says it mattered to him. Stephanie says well here they are and Eric says yes, newlyweds. He turns to Stephanie and tells her he loves her. Stephanie tells him she has always loved him. They share a kiss before looking at each other fondly, looking happier than ever.

Liam tells his dad he likes it when he doesn’t say everything he is doing in his personal life is wrong. Bill smiles and moves to talk about work. Liam reaches into his drawer and puts on his sword necklace. Looking up from his file, Bill sees it and asks Liam “Just like that?” Liam says just like that and Bill smiles at him happily.

Brooke takes Hope to the psychiatrist. Hope talks to her about Liam and tells her that she can’t lose him. She says she wants him to be happy and wants to be happy with him. The doctor tells her that intimacy doesn’t come easily to everyone. Hope asks if that means she’s not some freak.

The doctor says she’s not a freak and promises her that whatever issues she’s having, they’ll work through them and she’ll have a fulfilling life with Liam just like she wants. Hope smiles looking enthusiastic as she says okay.

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