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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Liam wake up after their night together. Liam asks her if she knows for how many nights he had fallen asleep hoping to wake up to this image. Hope covers herself up and Liam looks at her in confusion, not understanding why she did that.

Brooke tells Ridge that she hasn’t gotten anything ready for Stephanie and Eric’s anniversary. As Brooke tries to figure out what to do, Ridge tells her that his parents might not even want an anniversary because they aren’t married. Brooke asks him if they even realize that they aren’t married.

Eric and Stephanie spend the morning together talking about their past before they realize they would have had an anniversary coming up if they were married. Eric asks Stephanie is she wants to get married but she says no, he’s terrible. Eric smiles as the doorbell rings. He says he will get it. Eric opens the door to find the new landscaper has arrived. A little old lady.

When the lady leaves to survey the gardens Eric tells Stephanie that woman is old enough to be his grandmother. Stephanie tells him not to be so mean. He asks her why she can’t just take his word for anything. Stephanie says that’s because whenever she has it has only lead her to deep trouble. She says that’s another reason why she’s never going to marry him again.

Brooke and Ridge spend some time talking about their multiple weddings before Brooke says she has an idea for his parents anniversary. Ridge says no, they are not having a double wedding with his parents. Brooke giggles and tries to convince him.

Liam tells Hope to talk to him. She says hi and says she is right here and smiles but Liam says no and mentions her covering herself up. He kisses her before saying it’s a new day. Hope sighs and pauses before saying it’s not if she’s going to disappoint him again. Liam looks confused and concerned at her words.

Eric asks Stephanie what it is with him marrying her over and over again. Stephanie smiles as he reads off the card of the gardener. When he says Gladys Gardens, Stephanie asks why that name sounds so familiar. Eric says he thinks their years together deserve some kind of celebration because they have built great things together. Stephanie talks about the business but Eric says it isn’t just about that.

Stephanie puts down the paper she is reading and tells him if he needs to make a celebration about an anniversary why doesn’t he just celebrate with Donna or Brooke. Eric says those marriages didn’t last. Stephanie says neither did theirs. The gardener walks in and Stephanie immediately stands up, recognizing her as Gladys Pope, Sally Spectra’s old friend.

Brooke asks Ridge if she has his permission to plan this party. Ridge says that whatever she wants to do is fine. Excited, Brooke says that she has a second career as an event planner and mentions Hope and Liam’s upcoming wedding in six months. Ridge sighs and says they should wait a little longer for that. Brooke looks at him pointedly and asks if this means he has no faith in Liam.

Ridge pauses before saying that it’s just that Liam has shown himself to be somewhat changeable. Brooke comments that that was just a blip in time and Ridge gets annoyed and asks if she’s now calling his daughter’s married life a blip. Brooke sighs and says that she doesn’t want to argue. She says that she just wants her daughter to be happy. Brooke says she wonders what Liam and her are doing right now and wonders if they would notice if and trails off, getting up to go somewhere. Ridge asks her what she‘s up to but Brooke doesn’t answer.

Liam tells Hope he is not disappointed. Hope says she is. Liam sighs and tells her that sex is not the main event. He says that waking up next to her and having a life with her is the main event. Sitting next to him, Hope quietly mumbles that they can’t pretend it’s not important. Liam says nobody is doing that and explains to her that sometimes your first time with someone isn’t what you think it will be and won’t necessarily go as you imagined it in your head. Hope sighs heavily before saying that there was just this thought in her mind that she could not shut off.

Liam smiles and says it’s a new day and to forget about last night but Hope says that the thought is still here thought and explains that if feels like there is something inside her that's keeping her from being herself.

Liam asks if there is anything he can do to help. Hope explains to him about how she grew up and what ideas she raised with her and how she had always protected herself. Liam gets curious and asks her from what. Hope looks at him pleadingly before she asks him not to hate her for saying this but admits that one of the hardest things for her right now is to know that she just slept with a married man. Liam looks saddened.

Liam moves to leave for work. Before leaving he tells her that if last night wasn’t the peak experience of their lives then that just means that it’s still coming. Hope smiles and tells him she loves him. Liam tells her he loves her too as he kisses her twice before leaving. Hope looks as if she is deep in thought as she stands alone.

Stephanie tells Eric that this is Sally’s old hairdresser. Gladys says that these are difficult times and a girl has to diversify. She hands them her business cards. Eric and Stephanie sift through them before Eric finds one for "Gladys' Wedding Officiants." Eric asks her if that means that she can legally marry people.

Gladys asks if somebody in this house needs a ball and chain again. Looking at them she asks if they haven’t been married since the beginning of time. Stephanie says no. She tells her that she is not married and that Eric and her are just. She pauses before saying shacking up, leaving Eric to look at her quizzically.

Brooke comes over to make Liam and Hope breakfast but Hope tells her mother that Liam left for work. Brooke confusedly says Liam left her all alone. Hope laughs and says that they are adults and have jobs. She says this is her home now. Brooke smiles and says she guesses it is. Brooke tells Hope to give her a hug before she cries. They hug and Brooke pulls away a moment later and sneakily asks Hope if last night was wonderful. Hope says mom in a warning way. Brooke sighs and says okay that was the wrong question. Looking at Hope with a grin she asks if she’s happy.

Hope nods and emphatically says of course. She says that her dreams came true, just like Brooke said. She says that the man she loves, loves only her . She sighs and says that and they are starting a future together. Hope says this is the happiest day of her life before bursting into tears. Brooke goes in a state of shock at Hope‘s sudden mood change as she can’t understand why her daughter is crying.

Eric suggests they marry right now and says they could actually just wrap this whole thing up right now. Stephanie remarks that she thinks this is his most romantic proposal. Eric says that he could get down on one knee as long as she promises to help him up when it’s all over. Stephanie laughs at his words. Gladys asks if they are getting married or not. Eric says that neither of them are really prepared to get married today and says that they don’t even have a wedding license. Gladys says that she could print one out for them in her truck, she just needs their photo ID and thirty bucks.

Gladys leaves to do that while Eric turns to Stephanie and says that they could really just tie up all the loose ends quite legally right here. Stephanie says not with that lunatic. Eric says that there are crazier people than Gladys marrying people all over the world these days. Stephanie jokingly says that he knows every one of them and smiles at him. Eric says that the most important thing is what happens between them. He asks her to marry him. Stephanie sighs before reminiscing and she asks him if he remembers the first time they stood in front of a preacher. Eric says he remembers and begins to talk about what she was wearing but Stephanie cuts to the chase and asks him if he had known then what he knows now, would he say "I do" all over again?

Eric says probably not and asks her if she would. Stephanie says no. Eric sighs before saying that here is what he knows. He says that when a man asks a woman to marry him, it's the most outrageous request there is in the world because he doesn't know what he's getting. He says he is getting the future, the very definition of the unknown. He smiles at her and asks her if she knows what he wants from her.

He tells her he wants her criticism. Stephanie says oh and Eric says he wants her derisiveness. Stephanie lets out a laugh as Eric continues. He tells her he wants her sweetness and her cancer. Eric says he wants her dying if that's what it comes to. Stephanie looks back at Eric speechlessly as he smiles at her and says all she has to do is like him enough to say yes. He tells Stephanie to come on, let’s get married.

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