B&B Wednesday Update 3/7/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/7/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Fireworks go off while Hope and Liam kiss each other and tell each other they love each other.

Steffy walks around her office and picks up her wedding picture. Steffy has a flashback to all the good times she has had with Liam. Steffy walks out of her office.

Brooke is shown putting on lotion and Ridge comes in as they talk about Hope and Steffy and their love lives. Ridge is afraid that Hope is talking herself into something that she is not ready for and it will back fire on them all.

Stephanie and Taylor discuss Hope and Liam. Taylor thinks it is very distasteful for Hope to be talking about this around anyone including Steffy.

Brooke thinks that Hope is smart enough to make a good decision. Ridge agrees reluctantly but knows that Hope knows that she is not really married to Liam.

Hope and Liam continue to kiss each other. Hope stops kissing and Liam starts to talk Hopes shirt off and kisses her on the neck.

Brooke gets into bed with a sad face and Ridge comes out and gets in bed next to her. Brooke tells Ridge she is lucky to have Ridge looking out for Hope unlike her own father. Brooke tells Ridge she is so proud of how Hope has become so differently than Brooke did.

Taylor tells Stephanie that maybe Liam and Hope moving in together will make Steffy figure out that the marriage is over. Stephanie does not agree and thinks that Steffy should still fight for her man.

Hope and Liam continue to kiss. Hope starts to hear Steffy in her head telling her she is stealing her husband and she is immoral. Hope gets a little less close for a minute but soon gets back into it. Hope has a flashback to Steffy telling her she is committing adultery. Hope tells Liam she is ready to have sex and tonight is there night. Liam gets on top of Hope and they continue to kiss…

Stephanie thinks that Liam is in love with Hope but it won’t work out. Stephanie thinks that Liam is like Eric. And that is why they are still together.

Brooke thinks that Hope is the way she is because of how Brooke acts in life. Brooke thinks it has to do with what almost happened to Hope, however she can now focus on her own life with Liam.

Hope continues to have flashbacks from past events which freak her out.

Stephanie feels sorry for Hope and thinks she needs help and the whole family is filled with problems. Stephanie thinks that if Hope and Liam play house that Liam will figure out Hope is a Logan and has some big problems.

Brooke tells Ridge that she was in love with Ridge her whole life but she kept going after different men whereas Hope keeps the same one for the rest of her life.

Hope and Liam sit in bed naked. Hope tells Liam she was just to nerves. Liam tells Hope what they did was beautiful and was just there first time. Liam kisses Hope all over and Hope looks off in a distance with a confused look.

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