B&B Monday Update 3/5/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/5/12


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Hope lights a gazillion candles and smiles to herself that she is ready. Steffy begs Liam not to go. She knows that he still loves her and doesn’t have to go. She is still his wife. He declares that his future is with Hope as he hugs Steffy goodbye. She thinks back on their good times.

Despite Bill having locked Katie away in the tower recently, they play lovey-dovey and he explains again that Liam still loves Steffy and he should not be rushing into this with Hope. He still thinks the right woman for Liam is Steffy. Just wait and see; Hope is not the kind of girl that can just let go. She is going to drag all that baggage into the bedroom tonight.

Brooke walks into Steffy’s office and says she knows this must have been very difficult for her, but Hope and Liam do not intend to wait any longer. Steffy says she is not having this conversation with Brooke. This is not right. Brooke knows it, Steffy knows it and deep down so do Liam and Hope. This is pure adultery. Brooke says she should not have told Hope that. They are going to have a good life and no one is going to ruin that. Steffy tells someone on the phone that she will be there in just a few minutes. Liam arrives home and is amazed at the romantic setting, with fireplace burning, candles all aglow and Hope in her sexy, white see-through teddy. She welcomes him home. He says he loves it and he is sure she decorated their bedroom too. He kisses her and she beams that this is their future; going to bed in his arms and waking up in his arms every morning. She coos that she loves him so much. Steffy tells Brooke that she made mistakes, but she can still make it right. She reminds Brooke that her divorce is not final yet and she is not giving up.

Liam guides Hope into the bedroom and she giggles that her heart is beating so fast. She can remember the first time that he told her that he loved her and it was too good to be true. He leads her to the bed and says he will ask her a third time to marry him. She can count on that. In his heart and in his mind, Hope is his wife. She will always be there for him. And he promises that from this day forward, he will always be there for her too. She is his wife in every way that counts. She agrees that no piece of paper or minister can make their commitment stronger than it is now. And he adds they have all the time in the world. As he kisses her, fireworks go off outside. She wants to stay where they are.

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