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Steffy tells Hope that if she sleeps with Liam tonight then she is committing adultery. Hope says that’s not how she sees it. She says that she feels Liam and her are already married and they would be if Steffy would just sign the annulment papers. Steffy scoffs and says that that isn’t the point. She tells Hope that in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the state Liam isn’t Hope’s husband, he is her husband so her doing this tonight is adultery.

Brooke tells Ridge she knows he doesn’t want this but Hope and Liam do. Ridge says that Liam is still married to Steffy. Brooke firmly says that it’s over with them but Ridge asks her what if it’s not. He asks Brooke to think about what it would do to Hope if she gives herself to Liam and then the divorce doesn’t happen. Brooke looks slightly concerned.

Katie comes to see Liam. Katie expresses excitement for Liam and Hope’s upcoming night together. Liam smiles and tells her that he’s not sure he tells her this enough but he really appreciates her support. Katie smiles back at him and tells him she hopes his father felt that way. Liam says he will eventually. Katie says he will too but tonight is not about Bill or anyone else. She says tonight is about him and Hope only. Liam grins while Katie excitedly hugs him.

Brooke tells Ridge that Hope and Liam are ready for this. Noting that despite her words, Ridge is unable to look happy she says that she gets that he is sensitive to Steffy. Ridge sighs and says that it’s not even that. He says that Hope has made a very public statement about abstinence and that it means a lot to her. Brooke tries to tell Ridge that Hope isn’t compromising that.

She says that Hope feels married to Liam in every way that matters. Ridge turns around and asks Brooke if Hope honestly feels that way. Brooke smiles widely and says yes. Looking at her cynically, Ridge says then Hope isn’t the girl he thought she was all these years. Brooke appears very shocked at his words.

Hope asks Steffy is she of all people is trying to preach morality to her. She says that Steffy is being a hypocrite because she doesn’t believe in any of these principles but is preaching them to hang onto Liam. Steffy smirks and says she’s wrong. She tells Hope that they are not talking about her. She admits that yes she doesn’t believe in abstinence but Hope does. She says that Hope is the poster girl for it and now she’s going to go behind closed doors and betray that.

Hope falls silent for a long moment before trying to justify herself. She tells Steffy that her campaign is actually about being true to herself and not being pressured which she has and always will be. She tells Steffy that tonight she is going to be true to the love she has for Liam and there is nothing Steffy can do to control that. Looking triumphant, Hope leaves Steffy alone to go prepare for her night.

Liam tells Katie about how Stephanie was over earlier and how she thinks he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Katie tells Liam not to listen to her because if he wasn’t true to Hope then none of them would want them together. Liam smiles and says that he loves Hope so much. Katie says she knows and that’s the one thing she never doubted. Smiling at each other, Katie and Liam hug again.

Bill and Katie talk about Liam and Hope’s upcoming night. Katie tells him Hope is moving in with Liam but Bill says nothing is going to happen. Katie tries to tell him it will but Bill is firm on the fact that it won’t. Katie again tells him that this time it’s going to happen because Hope is ready. She says that she’s sorry because she knows how much Bill hates to loose but this is going to happen. Bill says he’s not loosing anything and in fact that this is the best news he’s had all day.

Brooke tells Ridge that Hope knows that she s doing. Ridge says he wishes he could be so certain but it’s very possible that this night may not go as perfectly as Hope and Liam are expecting. At Liam’s place, Hope is shown setting the place up for their night.

Liam comes to visit Steffy to tell her about the decision Hope and him have made. Steffy tells him she already knows because Hope told her. Steffy turns away from him and Liam starts to say how he feels about her and how he doesn’t regret any time they had but Steffy stops him. She tells him they both know how much they mean to each other and tonight is not about that. She says that she has one question for Liam though. Turning to him she asks him if he’s really ready for this because after tonight nothing will ever be the same for them again. Liam falls silent.

Bill reveals to Katie that he is just being sarcastic. He tells her that his son is just eager to sleep with a sweet, little virgin and says that when Liam wakes up tomorrow it won’t be so bright as he’ll have learned his lesson about what it’s like to be with a little girl compared to a woman.

Katie says that Hope isn’t going to disappoint but Bill says he’ll bet his Ferrari she will as he is always right about these things. Katie says that not this time, Hope and Liam are crazy about each other and are in for a night they will remember. Bill says no they are in for a nightmare they will remember. Bill says Liam is going to be completely disappointed and she can take that to the bank.

Liam says he is ready. Steffy turns away from him as he tells her what a beautiful, wonderful woman she is. Steffy says but not enough to save their marriage. Liam says no. They talk about their time together and Steffy describes it as short and sweet. She firmly says that Liam is going to come back to her because she’s in his heart and warns him that if he goes through with tonight then he is just going to hurt Hope. She tells him not to do this to her and not to do this to them.

Bill tells Katie that there is still time for her to call off tonight. He tells her to call Hope and save her the disappointment but Katie says that’s not going to happen and tells him to accept it. She tells Bill that he is going to have a beautiful new daughter and law. Bill doesn’t look pleased despite his wife’s enthusiasm.

Ridge says he wonders if Steffy knows. Brooke says about tonight? She hopes not. Ridge says Steffy is going to be crushed. Brooke says that Steffy had her chance and now it’s Hope’s turn. She says tonight is the first time Hope is going to be with a man and that’s a significant time in her life. She says she just wants it to be beautiful for her. Ridge looks at her in understanding.

Hope is shown preparing for her night again and thinking of Liam at his place.

Liam tells Steffy that part of him will always love her and that is why this is so hard. He tells her that he is starting a new life tonight and he wishes she’d do the same. Steffy asks Liam if that is what he really wants, for her to take all her love for him and just give it to someone else. Steffy reminds him how he reacted when she was with Rick. Liam tells her it’s over but Steffy says that love doesn’t end. Liam says that he needs to set a course for his life.

Through tears, Steffy asks him what about all their memories. Liam says she needs to let go of that and both of them do. Steffy says she won’t give up the most important time of her life. Crying, Steffy asks him to please stay. She reminds him that Hope made him miserable and she helped. She says that Hope is still the same person. Liam says things have changed but Steffy says it won’t be the same as it was for them because they had passion. A passion for life.

Steffy tells him she loves him and kisses him. She says that he knows she loves him. She says she made mistakes but she’s sorry. She tells him she doesn’t want him to leave her and he doesn’t have to go to Hope. Holding her face, Liam tells her he does. Steffy says he doesn’t have to do anything. She tells him he is her husband and she is his wife and he doesn’t have to go to Hope. She tells him to just stay.

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