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Written By Rachna
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Hope and Liam talk about their big night. Hope asks if Liam thinks they are moving too fast but Liam says they are long overdue for this. Hope tells Liam that she agrees. She says that they don’t need a legal document to start their marriage. Liam says exactly and says that they can start it tonight. Hope says yes and says that there is nothing Steffy can do to stop them.

Ridge comes in to check on his daughter. He asks Steffy is she’s sure about her decision. Steffy says yes. She says if Liam wants to marry Hope in six months then she’ll find a way to be gracious and let him go but until then she is still Mrs. Steffy Forester Spencer.

Brooke tells Bridget she is proud of her for letting Owen go. Stephanie enters and Brooke tells her how Bridget let Owen go because his heart was still with Jackie. Stephanie expresses frustration at Jackie getting away with stealing their designs and now getting her husband back. Brooke cuts to the chase and asks Stephanie what she can do for her. Stephanie says that she had a talk with Liam and told him if he let go of Steffy then he’d regret it for the rest of his life. Brooke doesn’t look pleased.

Steffy tells Ridge that Liam loves her but Hope confuses him. Ridge says Liam is a big boy but Steffy says that Hope seems to have a blinding effect on him. She says that for some reason Liam can’t see Hope for what she truly is. Steffy says that Liam just feels guilty to be honest, because he promised a future with Hope to her and didn’t deliver. Ridge tells her that he hopes she is right but asks her what if it doesn’t play out that way?

Brooke tries to chastise Stephanie for taking Steffy’s side but Stephanie informs her that if she has the right to defend her daughter then she has the right to defend her granddaughter. Brooke says because she is such a believer of the sanctity of marriage. Stephanie says she was until Brooke came along.

Brooke says that Liam made his choice by sticking with Hope but Stephanie says that she told Liam he made the right choice when he married Steffy. Brooke says of course Stephanie would defend Steffy because she is a Forrester while Hope is just a poor Logan. Stephanie says yes but says that she is looking out for Hope though. Brooke laughs and says oh really. Stephanie says she is because she doesn’t want Hope to turn out like a common home wrecker like Brooke and her sisters. Brooke looks shocked at Stephanie’s words about her.

Hope gets Liam all hyper about tonight. She then goes after Steffy and says that Steffy loved to hold this waiting period over them but it will no longer work. She tells Liam that tomorrow morning when they wake up, Liam says in each others arms. Hope smiles and says yes, then she will be all his. Liam and Hope share a passionate kiss, completely excited about the night to come.

Steffy tells her dad that she loves Liam like crazy. Ridge says that unfortunately loving someone doesn’t make them the right choice. He tells her that Liam made his choice and he picked Hope. Steffy crosses her arms over her chest and says that’s only because Liam thinks he owes her. Ridge decides to give it to Steffy straight and asks her if she’s really willing to waste the next six months of her life to just be rejected again. Steffy firmly says that that won’t happen but Ridge asks her what if it does? Steffy asks her dad why he is assuming the worst and asks if it’s impossible to believe that Liam would ultimately choose her over Hope.

Ridge says no but the doesn’t want to see her hurt again. He tells her that he is not trying to bring her down, he really wants her to have what makes her happy even if it is Liam but tells Steffy that Liam has caused her so much heartache. Steffy tells Ridge that she adores him for caring but Liam is what makes her happy. She says when it’s just Liam and her it’s absolutely amazing. Steffy firmly says that it will be like that and she knows it, smiling at her father as she says the words with certainty.

Stephanie asks Brooke if it isn’t just possible for her to give Hope some nice, maternal advice and tell her to stay away from Liam. Brooke smiles and says nice try to Stephanie. Stephanie asks Brooke if she doesn’t think Hope should be dating someone who is more eligible.

Brooke says that Liam and Hope are perfectly clear about their future. She lets it slip that Hope is planning something tonight and Stephanie fast catches on that Hope is planning on sleeping with Liam. Brooke tries to say that isn’t what she said but Stephanie doesn’t buy it and leaves. Brooke asks her where she is going but Stephanie says it’s none of her business and slams the door on her leaving Brooke horrified.

Hope talks to Liam about tonight again before saying she has to go. She kisses Liam on the cheek and bounces off. Liam asks her where she is going and Hope says she has to pick up a few things from her mother’s house and then she’ll meet him tonight. She gives Liam a kiss and says that is for tonight and all the nights that will come after that. When Hope leaves, Liam smiles and shakes his head as if to let all of this catch up to him.

Ridge learns that Hope is moving in with Liam from Brooke. Ridge reminds Brooke that Steffy and Liam are married. Brooke says they are divorcing but Ridge stands his ground and says that they are still married.

Frustrated, Ridge says that he doesn’t get why everything has to be in such a rush here. When Brooke says that Liam and Hope have waited a long time for this night, Ridge asks what the hell happened to abstinence. Brooke defends her daughter by saying that Hope loves Liam. She tells Ridge that Steffy wants to wait for6 months to let go of Liam and that’s her prerogative but Hope doesn’t want to wait anymore. She smiles triumphantly and turns away while Ridge shakes his head in annoyance.

Liam finds Stephanie at Spencer. He tells her that he finds it odd to find her here but guesses this is about Steffy. Stephanie says this is about Hope. Liam says that this means she has heard about the fact that they are moving in together. Stephanie sighs and tells Liam that he can’t do this.

Hope puts some papers on Steffy’s desk. Steffy asks what they are and Hope says this is her last shot at getting her to sign the annulment papers. Steffy tells her she won’t sign them. Hope asks if that is her final answer and Steffy says yes. Hope says okay and chirpily moves to go catching Steffy’s attention. Steffy asks Hope what is going on here. Hope smirks and tells her it’s very simple. She tells Steffy that she isn’t in control anymore.

Ridge asks Brooke what if she is wrong about all this and the unthinkable happens. Ridge asks what if Liam finds that life with Hope doesn’t compare to life with Steffy. Brooke tries to manipulate Ridge by saying that Liam and Hope are like Ridge and her, playing on his love for her.

She says just like them Hope and Liam are soul mates, that they have destiny and no one will ever keep them apart. Ridge and her share a kiss before Ridge warns Brooke about how Hope may get her heart broken. Brooke says that regardless, at least Liam and her would have had their chance. Looking at Brooke quizzically, Ridge tells her that she makes a quirky sense of things. Brooke smiles and tells him it’s a gift. Ridge says yes she is, yes she is and kisses her before they share a loving smile.

Stephanie tells Liam that he is marries to Steffy and so he can’t move in with Hope. Liam tells Stephanie that she can’t tell him how to live life. Stephanie says that Hope is a wonderful girl who is going to make some man very happy one of these days but just not him. Stephanie goes as far as saying Hope isn’t suited for him.

She says that Hope is a Logan and Steffy is a Forrester who is ambitious and smart and even hot. Liam laughs and Stephanie tells him that there isn’t any woman better for him than the one he is married to. Stephanie tells Liam to talk to Hope and end this. She pleads with Liam to let Hope get on with her own life and for him to get on with his own too, with Steffy.

Steffy asks Hope why she is so calm. Hope says that she is just accepting her decision. She says that besides, the papers won’t change anything. Steffy asks what she means and Hope smirks before revealing that she is going to move in with Liam tonight. Steffy listens on in shock as Hope says that Liam and her are going to be together in every way. Steffy asks if Liam is on board with this. Hope says what does she think? Steffy says wow while Hope cocks and eyebrow looking all satisfied with herself.

Steffy tells Hope that she is really something and asks what about Hope for the Future and her precious message? Hope tells her to not even pretend that she cares about that. Steffy says that she is so typical a Logan; Brooke with her sexuality and her with her purity, different sides of the same coin by using their bodies as a weapon. Hope scoffs and says that’s funny coming from her.

Steffy says at least you can see her coming as she doesn’t dress things up in pretty words like fate. Steffy tells Hope that she is stealing her husband and that there is nothing beautiful or pure about it. She says it’s immoral and it’s adultery. She tells Hope that she is committing adultery. Hope looks really caught off guard.

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