B&B Wednesday Update 2/29/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/29/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Owen kisses Jackie on the hand and wonders the last time this happened. Bridget tells Nick that they belong together and it is what is best for Owen.

Liam explains to his staff that they are up in before their first quarter. The staff find this very impressive.

Hope calls Liam and tells him that she has something that will change their lives. Brooke walks in and asks what it is.

Jackie is shocked and Bridget explains that she knows Owen will always be there for their child. Bridget then hugs Jackie and leaves quietly.

Liam asks if anyone has any questions which they do not and they leave. Allison explains to Bill that Liam is very good at his job and then leaves. Bill tells Liam that he has something to say.

Brooke is shocked that Hope talked to Katie before talking to Brooke about having sex. Hope tells Brooke that she wants to be able to have sex and Katie was able to help her make a choice. Her life with Liam will start tonight.

Bill tells Liam that he thought that Steffy should have been there and that he does not want them to get divorced. Liam tells Bill that he never has to worry about Hope because she keeps her values and he wants a family with her.

Owen tells a priest off on the phone unaware of who it is. Jackie finds it sweet that he would literally do anything for her.

Bill thinks that Liam is miserable without Steffy. Liam says he is done with Steffy.

Hope tells Broke she is committed to Liam and in her heart she is already married.

Jackie and Owen kiss each other and discuss the what they want to do next. Owen wants to have a bubble bath but Jackie tells him she is all out ever since he left. Owen explains that he wants to get back together. Owen tries to tell Jackie that he loved how they were together but he was mad when he was sent away and now they have been months apart and it will never happen again. Owen tells Jackie that she will continue to wear the pants and he can wear whatever she wants him to but when it comes to their relationship they will it run it together. Jackie is shocked that she is being spoken to like this but she will except this because she never wants it to be over. Owen assures her that it will never be over for them and calls them “Jowen”. The two then kiss passionately.

Hope walks into Liam’s office and tells him she sent him a message the two then kiss. Hope has Liam guess what they can do to be happy. Liam relies she means sex and tells him that she is ready to be his wife in every way. As she is tired of waiting and is ready to give herself to him as tonight is there wedding night. The two kiss passionately and look into each other’s eyes.

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