B&B Tuesday Update 2/28/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/28/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bridget and Owen walk in to see Brooke and want to talk about Jackie. Brooke and Eric sigh.

Jackie has a flashback to when talking to Owen about their child and their memories together.

Hope in her office looks distressed and Katie walks in wondering what is wrong. Hope wants advice on her blog not knowing what to write. Katie wants to know if she has writer's block. Hope wants to be married very badly.

Nick walks down the stairs and asks about a T-shirt Jackie grabs a shirt out of his hand and explains it is Owen's. She enjoys the smell of the shirt because it reminds her of him. She explains family is what is important.

Brooke and Eric wonder what is going on with Jackie. Bridget explains that Owen misses Jackie and Jackie misses him. Owen tells everyone he is going back to Jackie. Bridget thinks it is a good thing that Owen is going back as he has sacrificed a lot and the two are great friends but Bridget and Owen are not meant for each other. Owen tells Eric and Brooke that he adores Bridget but loves Jackie. Eric warns Owen that Jackie might not love him any more.

Jackie continues to have flashbacks of her and Owen. Nick wants to know if she regrets not being with Owen. She thinks it is important to be with Logan so it is ok.

Katie wants to know if Hope can still wait for sex. Hope wants to be with Liam but Steffy will not allow it. Hope loves Liam, but if she does have sex with him, then she is a hypocrite to the whole world.

Brooke is worried over Bridget’s break up. Eric is shocked they were living together as just friends. Brooke did not know that Owen and Jackie were still so close.

Nick wants to know if there is anything he can do to help Jackie. Jackie tells him no because Owen is with his family and she is not ever going to ask him to come back to her as he is where he belongs. Bridget shows up at the house. Nick wants to know what she is doing there. Bridget wants to talk to Jackie about Owen.

Hope wonders if it is cruel to make Liam wait for sex. Hope thinks that she is messed up in her relationship. Katie explains that if Liam loves her that he will wait for Hope. Hope decides to live her life for herself and no one but herself however she is scared. Katie tells Hope her life is more important than her career, and her campaign is about choice not about being sexual. Hope thinks that her relationship is too public in order to do anything and the thing was so stupid to tell everyone. Katie explains it is not fair but it is the truth and that her image is not her. Hope does not think it should be that hard and she thinks she is ready. Katie explains that it is her life and her choice and she supports whatever she does. Hope thinks she is ready and hugs Katie thinking she is the best.

Nick thinks that Bridget is here because Owen is still in love with Jackie. Jackie refuses to allow Nick to even suggest that. Bridget explains that is the truth and that she is thankful for what Jackie has done for them. Even though Owen is part of their lives, he is also Jackie’s. Owen walks in and explains that he is coming home.

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