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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/27/12


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Rick shows up at Steffy’s loft wanting to talk. Steffy is drinking some champagne when she answers the door. Steffy is hoping it was Liam instead. Rick asks Steffy what she needs. Steffy says she was expecting Liam to stop by. Rick wishes Steffy would let go of Liam once and for all. Rick confesses that he can’t stop thinking of Steffy. Rick claims he is giving “full disclosure” and says Hope asked him to drop by Steffy’s place. Steffy thanks for the head’s up, but doesn’t trust Rick. Rick says he is through with lies and manipulations. Rick calls Steffy “sexy” and the “complete package.” Rick is adamant that he wants to be with Steffy. Steffy thinks Rick is living in the past and feels their previous history has clouded his judgment.

Amber is working on sketches in Rick’s office when she begins reminiscing about her past with Rick. Amber thinks about meeting Rick for the first time, kissing him, and having a pillow fight. Marcus walks in and comments on Amber’s cheerful demeanor. Amber admits she was daydreaming about Rick. Amber can’t stop thinking about Rick. Amber shows Marcus some photos of Rosie on her cell phone. Marcus comments on Amber’s sketches. Amber says they are only rough drafts. Marcus wonders if the designs are Rick’s ideas. Amber says Rick “inspires” her every day. Amber makes it clear to Marcus that she wants Rick back. Amber asks Marcus to put in a good word for her with Steffy and Brooke. Amber thinks Steffy would be a good person to work with. Marcus realizes he forgot to drop off a package for Steffy. Amber sees it as divine intervention and offers to bring it to the loft. Marcus scoffs at the idea, but Amber agrees to drop it off on her way. Amber gives Marcus a quick hug.

Hope answers the doorbell, thinking it is Liam but it’s a deliveryman. Hope signs for the package just as Brooke returns to the room. Brooke inquires about Rick. Hope informs her mom that Rick went to see Steffy. Hope brings up the annulment papers. Brooke cringes when Hope implies Steffy and Rick would be perfect together. Brooke can’t believe Hope would respect Rick’s decision to be with Steffy. Hope wonders what Rick’s own agenda is. Hope thinks Rick is starting to have real feelings for Steffy. Brooke isn’t convinced Rick likes Steffy again. Hope doesn’t care as long as she and Liam can move on. Brooke fears that Steffy could hurt Rick if they get involved.

Liam returns home to find Stephanie waiting in the living room. Stephanie says the door was unlocked. Liam tells Stephanie that he went for a walk on the beach. Liam senses Stephanie wants to give him relationship advice. Stephanie says she came by on Steffy’s behalf, hoping that Liam will take time with his decision to end the marriage. Stephanie believes Liam feels obligated to Hope in some way. Liam says he is committed to Hope. Stephanie thinks Hope is bringing a lot of baggage to their relationship. Liam reminds Stephanie that Steffy has flaws too. Stephanie brings up the fact that Liam knew about Steffy’s weaknesses before he proposed marriage to her. Stephanie talks about Rick and the annulment papers. Stephanie asks Liam how he felt when he thought there was a chance Steffy had signed them. Liam admits he thought it was “classic Steffy” to write ‘loser’ on the annulment paper. Stephanie says Hope and Steffy are completely different. Liam agrees, but he is still determined to be with Hope. Stephanie acknowledges the chemistry between Steffy and Liam. Stephanie advises Liam to make the right decision because any man would want to be with Steffy.

Steffy and Rick continue to talk about their semi-flirtation. Rick can’t believe Steffy wants to be with Liam because he’s boring. Rick opens the door and stops to say a few last words to Steffy. Rick talks about their date tonight. Rick tries to kiss Steffy but she backs away. Rick says he’ll be waiting for Steffy. They share a hug just as Amber arrives. Amber hides in the hallway until Rick leaves. Steffy is trying to process Rick’s words when there’s a knock at her door. Thinking it’s Rick, Steffy is shocked to see Amber. Amber barges in with the package and makes it known that Rick is her man. Steffy is flabbergasted and says Rick and Amber don’t appear to be a couple. Amber says she is helping Rick with his designs. Amber warns Steffy to stay away from Rick. Steffy tells Amber that she still loves Liam. Amber doesn’t look convinced.

Brooke and Hope are talking about Steffy when Rick returns. Rick appears solemn for some reason. Brooke scolds Rick for going after Steffy. Rick announces to Brooke and Hope that Steffy isn’t giving up on Liam. Hope is disappointed. Rick hugs his sister.

At Liam’s house, Stephanie continues to paint Steffy in a good light. Stephanie thinks Liam is jealous of Steffy and Rick’s budding relationship. Stephanie brings up her marriage with Eric, saying that they have weathered storms and remained together after all this time. Stephanie begs Liam not to give up on Steffy.

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