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Steffy tells Rick he’s free to join her for a drink. Rick asks her how come she’s staying at her own place and if things didn’t work out with her mom. Steffy says no, it’s just that she never ended up putting her own apartment on the market so she moved back in. Rick says it’s better this way. Popping the cork of the bottle of alcohol he suggestively says now it’ll be much less awkward when guys want to spend the night.

Bill asks Liam if he still remembers what it was like being with Hope and tells him all the cold showers and frustration is going to bother him again. Liam tells his dad that he will always love Steffy but he is with Hope now and asks him to stop with the pushing and lying. Bill doesn’t look pleased.

Brooke says it’s a formality, a piece of paper. Brooke reminds Hope that she was ready to take it to the next level with Liam that night when she broke up with him. Hope says she doesn’t want to relive that night and turns away but Brooke tells her to live it the way she originally planned it to now. Hope says she gets what Brooke is trying to do but she is proud of her decision. She says that she said she was going to wait until marriage and she’s sticking to it.

Bill asks Liam if they can be done with this tension between them. He says he thinks that is how it’s supposed to go with fathers and sons and that they are supposed to be able to forgive and move on. He asks Liam to put his sword necklace back on and hands it to him but Liam says he may wear that some day but not now. Bill looks upset but says he’ll wait until he’s ready. Liam tells his dad that they are going to be okay and he know he still loves him. Bill admits to that and says that is why can’t shut up about the two women in his life. Liam gets frustrated again but Bill says he just wants what’s best for him and Steffy and he’s not going to stop saying it until he believes it.

Steffy thanks Rick for dinner and gets into a discussion about how he tried to con her into signing the annulment papers. Rick tries to change the subject by asking if Steffy wants another drink but Steffy pulls away the bottle saying that she wants to sleep and he needs to drive home. Rick wants to say for a while but Steffy tells him it’s late. Rick says just because their names are Eric and Stephanie it doesn’t mean they need to turn in early like they do. Steffy smiles and tells Rick that she had fun today but he should leave her wanting more. Rick looks happy with what she’s saying and the suggestive smile on her lips.

Liam asks Bill if he knows that they are very different people. He tells Bill that he chose Hope while he chose Steffy. Bill admits that they are different people and says that Hope is not ready while Steffy is ready and rearing to go. Bill tells Liam that he knows he’s tempted by his wife. Liam says no he wants Hope but Bill says he’s lying and says he can see right through him. Liam tells his dad to stop with this discussion but Bill tells him to live out his fantasies while he can because Hope isn’t going to live up to his expectations when he has her on his marriage bed.

Alone in her apartment, the place where Steffy first kissed Liam, Steffy has flashbacks about Liam and her life together with tears in her eyes.

Hope tells her mother that she doesn’t seem convinced. Hope tells her mother that she thought Brooke was proud of her decision. Brooke says she is but continues to push Hope to sleep with Liam. When Rick arrives he notices the tension between his mother and sister and asks what’s wrong. Brooke reveals they were talking about Hope having to wait 6 months.

Rick says she might not have to wait that long if he can still convince Steffy to sign. Brooke says Steffy knows what he wants from her but Rick says he thinks Steffy is genuinely seeing she has options now. Hope asks if she really does and Brooke says nothing is going to really happen between Rick and Steffy. Rick doesn’t reply to that. Brooke tells her daughter she wishes they say eye to eye on this issue but tells Hope maybe she won’t have to wait so long. She tells her though, to consider her advice if she does have to wait 6 months. Hope nods in response.

Liam tells Bill about how he saw Rick with Steffy on a date and expresses that Rick is the last person she should be with. Bill says he is jealous, something that Liam tries to deny but Bill tells him to stop the divorce. Bill tells Liam that this fantasy he has of the married life with Hope is wrong and once they are married Hope isn’t going to sleep with him the way he wants. He tells Liam to go over to Steffy’s now and be with her. He tells him he is a Spencer and he needs to act like one.

Just like his mother, Rick tries to tell Hope to be with Liam now. Hope finally snaps and tells Rick she’s going to stay true to her principles. She says that girls look up to her and she has earned their trust by telling them it’s okay to wait until marriage. She says that she can’t let them down and says she may be being foolish but she’s going to stick with her ideals and hope that her mother is wrong and she is not going to lose Liam because of her decision to wait for marriage for them to have sex.

With his father’s words on mind, Liam fantasizes about Steffy. He is interrupted by a phone call and when he picks up he finds it’s Steffy. Steffy asks him if he is busy. Liam says not really and asks if Rick took her home. Steffy tells him nothing happened and tells him that she is alone in her loft and asks him to come over. Liam says he can’t. She tells him not to worry about Hope because she won’t tell her. She tells him she is waiting for him and hangs up. Soon after Liam quickly grabs his jacket and heads out of his home.

Rick tells Hope if she sticks with her principles then she won’t lose Liam. Hope says she won’t especially if she has him romancing Steffy. Hope asks Rick to get Steffy off the market and divert her mind off Liam. She tells him if he can do that then she’ll love him forever. Hope hugs her brother while Rick smiles.

Brooke calls Bill and talks to him about how she tried talking to Hope about not waiting until marriage. Bill asks how it went and Brooke tells him that Hope is going to stick to her decision. Brooke tells him that Hope doesn’t want to disappoint her fans. Bill dismissively says that no, she’d rather disappoint Liam instead and hangs up on a flustered Brooke.

Steffy and Hope are shown thinking about Liam. The episode ends with a knock sounding on both their doors and both of them smiling and thinking that it’s Liam here to see them.

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