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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/23/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Liam asks Hope to move in with him. Hope says he makes it sound like it’s so simple. Liam says it is simple and kisses Hope before asking her to move in with him again.

Katie and Brooke get confused over who ordered soup. Bill offers them advice on how to decide who should have it. When Katie and Brooke remain confused about his advice, Bill says it’s simple and suddenly says that Hope needs to back off.

Katie asks Bills if he’s comparing his son to a bowl of soup. Sensing the conversation is heading in the wrong direction, Ridge orders wine for the table. Bill tells Ridge he is seeing a whole new side to him tonight while Ridge comments that he is seeing the same annoying side of Bill’s.

Bill puts Ridge on the spot by asking him if he doesn’t agree that Steffy and Liam are well-matched. Ridge stands up for his daughter and tells Bill that he thinks everyone needs to leave Steffy alone and cut her some slack. Brooke blames Steffy for making Liam and Hope wait for 6 months. Bill says that he has a theory as to why their wives are so dead set on making Liam and Hope happen now. He asks Ridge what his theory is on the subject.

Liam kisses Hope. They share a string of kisses before Liam tells Hope she’s beautiful. He flatters Hope by talking about her looks before telling her to come with him. Hope says she trust shim completely. Liam asks if she really does. When Hope nods, he tells her to take his hand then and holds it out for her to take. Hope takes his hand and Liam tells her that they should get out of here and he kisses her again passionately as he tries to convince her to leave with him tonight.

Bill tells Brooke that he thinks the reason is that because Hope is going to remain abstinent until marriage. Katie tells Bill he’s being extremely patronizing about all this as Hope and Liam have been through hell together. Brooke reveals how she feels on the subject and admits that she doesn’t think it’s fair that Hope and Liam have to wait 6 months to be together because of Steffy.

Bill however says that Steffy is not making them wait for being together and neither is the state of California. He says that if they want, Liam and Hope can be together right now. Katie reminds Bill of Hope’s principles on abstinence and Bill makes fun of Liam and Hope’s relationship. He calls what they have puppy dog love and jabs that Hope has done everything in her power not to get in a full-fledged relationship with Liam.

Hope tells Liam she wants to go with him but she has her principles. Liam says he knows that and tells her he gets how people look up to her for her message. Hope tells him she’s not hanging this over him and that this is about her and not him. She tells him yes they could probably sneak around people’s backs but she’d rather wait. She tells Liam about how she grew up with all lies and deceptions and if she compromises her values, she tells him she wouldn’t feel right. As she says that Liam draws her close and kisses her. Pulling away, Liam tells her that he loves her for exactly who she is. Hope smiles back at him at his words.

As Brooke asks for the bill at the restaurant, wine is knocked over on her shirt. As she wipes it off bill fantasizes, oddly about her unbuttoning her shirt. When he realizes what he is doing, Bill puts down his wine and tells Katie he’s going to go get the car ready and leaves. Once he leaves Ridge tells Katie that there is no reason for them to do this kind of double-date again.

Katie calls him a spoiled sport but Ridge firmly says that while it has been a scintillating evening, enough is enough. Katie says she thinks the evening went pretty well but Ridge doesn’t agree. Bill comes back and tells Katie they are ready to leave now but Katie tells Bill that Ridge was just telling her how much he’d like to do this again despite what Ridge really said. Bill, Brooke and Ridge don’t look happy at the suggestion of repeating this evening anytime soon.

Hope asks Liam if he thinks she’s old-fashioned. Liam says she’s definitely in fashion. Hope tries to explain her stance to Liam again but Liam tells her he is right where he wants to be in this relationship right now. Hope and him share a kiss right before Brooke and Ridge come back home. Brooke says hello to Liam and says maybe they should have knocked. Ridge says it’s their house.

Liam says he should move. Brooke tells him not to rush but Liam says he was thinking of calling it a night anyway. Hope says aww and Liam gets up to go. Ridge says it is pretty late. Brooke tells him to go upstairs and wait for her. Brooke tells Liam about the dinner they had with Bill. She calls the dinner nice and Liam casts doubt on that before moving to leave. At the doorway Hope tells him that one day soon they are going to be going to their home together. Hope and Liam share a kiss before he exits.

Liam gets home to find his father there. Liam asks what he’s doing here. Bill says he missed his son. He begins to insult Hope and her ideals about abstinence so Liam asks him to go but Bill asks him what the most important thing in a man’s life is. Liam guess money and power or respect but Bill stuns him by saying it’s that a man never go to be alone.

Bill then proceeds to give his son a speech about sex and how women think men only want them for one thing and it’s heir duty to make sure they don’t find out they are right. He tells Liam that sex is what connects men to their primal nature. Bill tells Liam that he knows he thinks Hope is worth waiting for. Liam says she is and tells his dad he doesn’t need him to look out for his future.

Bill tells him he’s not and that he is looking out for his present and in his present he is married to Steffy. He picks up the phone and tells Liam to call Steffy and tell her that if she wants to drag her feet about the divorce then she better get her ass over here and be a wife to him then. Liam is at a loss for words with what his father is saying to him.

Brooke tells Hope that dinner with Bill and Ridge went really well. Hope asks her mother if she saw Steffy at the restaurant by any chance because before Steffy was their with Rick. Brooke says that’s not going anywhere but Hope says she thinks that Steffy was trying to make Liam jealous and it was working. Brooke tells her Liam probably wasn’t jealous as he seems like a man who has everything he wants in life right now. Hope says not really and tells her mother that he wants to start a life with her now. Brooke asks if Liam is pressuring her.

Hope says no and says that Liam is great and just can’t wait. She says the issue is that he can’t wait and he’s doing it just for her. Brooke says that’s sweet. Hope says it just makes her want him more. Brooke asks her what she means by that and Hope tells her mother that Liam and her just want to be together. Brooke tries to talk around the issue and tells Hope that she thinks she’s mature enough to start a relationship with Liam if they love each other so much, without getting married. Hope though, stays firm on her stance and tells her mother that Liam isn’t going to push her to have sex. She says he wouldn’t do that because he respects her too much.

Liam is shown walking around his home looking outside with a troubled and longing look on his face. It isn’t revealed what is on his mind as he stares into the darkness.

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