B&B Wednesday Update 2/22/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/22/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Hope argue about Liam and Steffy tells Hope that Liam is jealous.

Liam tells Rick not to do anything to Steffy because he does not want her to go through anything bad in her life again. Rick explains that Steffy and he both have been together before and that Liam sounds way too protective.

Katie and Brooke talk on the phone about a double date with her and Bill, she then hangs up and Ridge walks in and asks Brooke if the date is still on. Brook e explains yes and the two get ready to leave.

Bill walks into his room and Katie and he discuss their dinner plans with Ridge and Brooke the two decide it will work out.

Ridge does not think that dinner will work out between Bill and him. Ridge tries to get Brooke to go upstairs and have fun instead of go to dinner.

Rick tells Liam that he needs to stop looking at Steffy and that he is friends with benefits with Steffy or at least he hopes.

Steffy does not think that Hope and Liam will work out if they do not have sex and that they will get back together. Hope tells Steffy to accept that she is no longer with Liam and that Rick does like her and should give him a chance. Steffy tells Hope that she is Steffy Spencer and will remain with that name until the day she dies.

Ridge and Brooke kiss each other and Brooke tells Ridge that they are still going to dinner. Ridge begs Brooke to cancel the plans. Brooke says yes and promises to make it up to him when they get home and they leave.

Bill tries to get Katie to go without him. Katie tells him that he is still going and that he cannot play sick. Bill does not want to see Ridge. Katie tells Bill that when he goes to dinner they will have fun after they leave.

Liam and Rick walk up to the bar and talk to Hope and Steffy. Rick and Steffy decide to leave and Steffy tells everyone that she is going back to her old loft as she wants privacy. The two leave Hope and Liam alone.

Ridge and Brooke arrive first at the dinner. Ridge does not think they will show up but Brooke spots the two of them as they both come over. Bill and Katie sit down and they all complement each other. Bill and Ridge make sarcastic gestures to each other. Bill asks how Brooke’s children are doing and Brooke explains they are doing well. Ridge tells them that Steffy is miserable. Katie thinks she will get over it. Katie and Brooke think that Hope is doing so well with her life choices.

Hope back at home finds out that Bill, Brooke and everyone are at the restaurant they just left. Liam thinks that Rick is going to hurt Steffy and Hope does not agree claiming that Steffy will try to do something to get Liam back. Liam does not want Hope insecure about Steffy. Hope just wants to be married to Liam and the two kiss.

Katie makes a toast to Bill and Ridge and they all drink to that. Katie thinks that Hope is doing something very smart. Bill thinks that Hope should cool off. Brooke does not agree with how long Hope will have to wait. Bill thinks that Liam should wait and that Hope needs to understand what sex is going to be like with someone more experienced than her. They all start to get tense towards each other.

Liam and Hope kiss on the couch Hope wishes they were married and Liam wants Hope to start her life with him right now and move in with him.

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