B&B Tuesday Update 2/21/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/21/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick and Steffy talk about their past relationship and how Liam ruined it. Rick tells Steffy that he will have her back. Steffy tells Rick that she will go out to dinner with him.

Hope stairs at the annulment papers she thought Steffy signed. Liam walks in with coffee and the two discuss their marriage and why Steffy should yet again not be blamed. Hope thinks that Steffy is messing with their lives.

Brooke and Stephanie talk about Rick. Stephanie wants to know why Rick is back from Europe and why he would try to do what he did to Steffy. Brooke does not think that things should be the way they are. Stephanie tells Brooke she is being a hypocrite.

Liam tells Hope he wants to marry her but does not want anyone else involved in their lives as the two of them know what they want and when they want it. Liam does not think Rick should be involved as he will just anger Steffy.

Steffy and Liam go to dinner and discuss Steffy’s driving skills. They banter amongst themselves over not liking each other and Steffy tells Rick he has payback coming to him.

Stephanie does not think that six months is a bad wait and that Steffy just does not want Liam getting hurt. Brooke thinks it is just part of Steffy’s plotting. Stephanie explains that Steffy is smart and is way ahead of Rick in his plan.

Steffy tells Rick that she drank the wine that he gave her and she explains their relationship is strictly business. Rick makes a remark which makes him sound full of himself.

Liam and Hope walk into the restaurant and Liam catches his eyes on Steffy and Rick sitting together.

Brooke thinks that Hope and Liam will be together. Stephanie thinks that Liam not having sex will be the reason it does not work out and that Steffy is more compatible then Hope is to Liam.

Hope and Liam talk about how Rick and Steffy were once in love and how Phoebe was involved in their relationship. Liam cannot believe that goes together after the events that happened.

Rick tells Steffy that it must still hurt and goes to get more beer. Liam tells Steffy that he is sorry for what Rick did to her and he now knows of their past. Steffy thinks that Liam is jealous of Steffy and Rick being together at the restaurant.

Rick sits down at Hopes table and Hope wants to know if Rick’s plan is working. Hope begs Rick to come through for her. Liam comes back to the table and Rick leaves, Liam wants to know what was going on. Rick walks back to the bar and Steffy wants to leave the bar. Steffy starts crying and does not want to be divorced as she now has a special connection she does not want to lose as she has never been in love like she is with Liam. Rick notices that Steffy has not been this upset since Phoebe’s death and says sorry for messing with her emotions. The two then hug and Liam sees.

Stephanie does not think that any of this will work out and Liam does not owe Hope anything. She then tells Brook to call off Rick or she will.

Hope walks over to Steffy and asks if she is feeling guilty. Steffy tells her she does not. Hope is trying to do something good for the company with her campaign. Steffy does not think she has done anything wrong as Hope is the one who hurt him originally and she owes her nothing and Liam should give this all some thought as they never will be over.

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