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In Rick’s office, Liam, Hope, Brooke and Rick talk about Steffy finally signing the annulment papers. Hope is thrilled beyond belief. Liam asks Rick how he got through to Steffy. Rick says he convinced Steffy that there are other men that are available. Hope wants to go to the courthouse and get married immediately, but Liam wants to slow things down. Liam thinks it is best for them to make sure the annulment papers are legit. Rick looks over Steffy’s signature and frowns. Rick tells the group that Steffy “punked” him.

In the supply warehouse room, Steffy recalls kissing Rick. Steffy is pouring herself a glass of champagne when Stephanie walks in. Stephanie inquires about the celebration. Steffy says she made the “right choice”. Steffy brings up that Rick brought her new annulment papers to sign. Stephanie hopes Steffy tore them up. Steffy tells her grandmother that she signed the papers. Steffy says she signed “Loser” on the dotted line. Steffy thinks it’s funny that Rick hurried the papers to Hope. Steffy knows Rick was just playing her. Steffy tells Stephanie that she’s still in love with Liam. Stephanie worries that Liam will never pick her granddaughter over Hope. Rick hurries into the room, demanding to speak to Steffy. Stephanie scolds Rick for trying to manipulate Steffy. Rick relays how disappointed Hope is. Stephanie advises Steffy to be careful since Rick always has an “agenda”. Stephanie leaves the room. Rick admits to Steffy that he wanted to help Hope. Steffy makes it clear that she isn’t signing any annulment papers. Rick says he wasn’t playing Steffy. Steffy wants the truth. Steffy hates lies and thinks Rick’s kiss was a way to seduce her. Rick makes it clear that he’s still interested in Steffy.

In Rick’s office, Liam, Hope and Brooke are left dazed by what Steffy did. Hope refuses to wait six months to wed Liam. Hope rambles on about her frustrations. Liam tries to reassure Hope that the time will fly by. Hope isn’t listening to Liam. Hope wonders if Rick can get through to Steffy. Liam is convinced no one will be able to change Steffy’s mind. Liam wishes Rick would stay out of the situation. Hope senses Liam is taking Steffy’s side. Hope begs Liam to take care of the matter. Brooke leaves the room. Hope tells Liam that she can’t live like this anymore. Liam knows he can’t change Steffy’s mind and stresses the point that Rick can’t either. Hope says she wants to be with Liam in every way. Hope is frustrated that she and Liam can’t move on together. Liam reminds Hope that nothing can tear them apart.

Brooke is sitting in Ridge’s office when Stephanie walks in. Stephanie talks about Rick’s latest stunt. Stephanie knows Steffy still loves Liam. Brooke says that Liam and Steffy’s marriage is a sham. Stephanie fears that Rick will try another angle to woo Steffy. Brooke is adamant that Steffy and Liam are through.

In the warehouse supply room, Rick and Steffy continue to banter back and forth over Liam. Rick talks about adding a great line to Intimates. Steffy refuses to talk about her marriage anymore. Steffy tells Rick that his seduction tactics won’t work. Rick thinks it is pathetic how Steffy keeps pining for Liam when their marriage is clearly over. Rick asks Steffy to be with him.

In Rick’s office, Liam and Hope talk about their future. Hope says Steffy is treating them like “hostages”, making them wait six months to marry. Liam doesn’t like Hope calling Steffy selfish. Liam reminds Hope that Steffy has the upper hand. Hope wishes Steffy would stop manipulating their lives. Hope will not compromise her values. Liam tells Hope that no one can make Steffy change her mind. Liam pulls Hope in for a kiss. They both say “I love you”, then Liam hugs Hope.

Rick thinks it’s sad that Steffy will be all alone with her memories of Liam. Steffy says she will wait forever for Liam. Steffy raves about Liam, calling him “genuine” and trustworthy. Steffy mentions that she and Rick might have a hard time working together. Rick admits that he and Steffy still have chemistry. Steffy is up front with Rick by saying she’s changed. Steffy says she finally knows “true love”. Rick makes it clear he isn’t giving up on Steffy. Steffy walks out of the room just as Rick receives a phone call. It’s from Hope, asking her brother to do anything to change Steffy’s mind. Rick promises to get Steffy to sign the annulment papers. Once Steffy returns, Rick stares at her, wondering what his next move will be.

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