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As Brooke overhears Marcus and Rick talking, she’s shocked to hear Marcus say that Rick is still interested in Steffy.

Madison tells Hope she has guests. Hope meets with girls and their mother who are here to tell her how much her campaign means to them. Hope smiles, touched by their words.

Thomas tells Steffy he’s glad she’s back at work because it’ll help her move on. Steffy frowns and noticing that, Thomas asks if she’s okay. Steffy tells Thomas she signed the divorce papers but it doesn’t mean that it’s over for Liam and her.

Brooke listens on in shock as she hears Rick say he wants to be with Steffy. When she can’t take what he’s saying anymore, Brooke bursts in and asks him what he’s thinking. She firmly says she is not going to let him be with Steffy again. Rick looks displeased.

Hope asks her visitors if it sounds like she’s preaching. They tell her that’s definitely not true and tell her she is just saying her values. One of the girls tells Hope she was feeling pressured to be ready to have sex by her boyfriend before Hope’s line but after it came out she was able to communicate better with her boyfriend and her parents too. She thanks Hope for that as Liam listens from outside, smiling.

Marcus leaves Brooke and Rick. As soon as Marcus leaves, Brooke tears into Rick. Rick listens for a while before telling his mother she has it all wrong. Brooke asks him what he means. Rick tells her he doesn’t want her to get involved as Steffy is Ridge’s daughter. Brooke asks him to tell her what’s going on. Rick sighs before showing Brooke annulment papers. When Brooke asks what they have to do with this, Rick reveals to her that he’s doing this for Hope. He says his sister has been hurt too many times and he can stop it by making Steffy fall for him and then she will let Liam go. Brooke looks touched.

Steffy asks Thomas if he’s given up on Hope. Thomas tells her Hope is getting back with Liam. Steffy tells him not to give up because a lot can happen in 6 months. She tells him Liam will come back to her. Thomas asks if she thinks that because hope is making him wait for sex. He says if Liam is that kind of man then why does she even want him. Steffy tells him she doesn’t think that’s the reason and says he’ll come back to her because Hope doesn’t care for his opinion. She tells her brother she doesn’t see what he sees in Hope but tells him not to give up. She says again that Liam will come back to her before whispering privately to herself that she hopes so.

Thomas tries to talk some sense into his sister. He tells her he’s not going to lie, he’s still in love with Hope but he’s not going to put his life on hold waiting for Liam and her to break up when that may never happen. He tells Steffy to do the same and let go of Liam because or else she might waste her whole life waiting for him. Steffy asks him if he’s telling her to just give up on Liam.

He says no and tells her he’s telling her to give up on being miserable. He tells her she deserves to be loved by someone who only loves her. Steffy tells him that someone has shown interest in her and tells him about how Rick told her he still liked her and kissed her on the cheek yesterday. Thomas tenses up and frowns at the mention of Rick but Steffy tells him the kiss was just on the cheek. She says she thinks Rick is just realizing how awesome things could have been between them if he hadn’t messed up. Thomas says he’s sure there is no doubt about that.

Hope invites Liam into the office when he knocks to meet her guests. Liam says hello to them. The guests tell him he’s lucky to be with Hope. Liam says he knows that and smiles. The guests move to go and Hope has Madison give them a tour of Forrester. Once they leave, Liam smiles at Hope, Hope asks him what that look is about. He tells her seeing what her message is doing for people makes him happy. He says if it’s even possible it makes him love her even more. Hope smiles as he strokes her cheek.

Rick gets Brooke to agree to turn a blind eye to his plan with Steffy. As she moves to go, Brooke underhandedly says that maybe this is good for Steffy too because it’ll teach her she can’t mess with other people’s lives. Spotting Steffy in the doorway, Brooke plays along with Rick’s plan and shouts that Ridge and her are not going to support his feelings for Steffy. She storms out after yelling at Steffy to keep the photo shoot professional and turns at the doorway giving a thumbs up to Liam in excitement before exiting. When she leaves, Steffy tells Rick that rule number one when you have a crush is not to tell mommy. Rick smiles sheepishly.

Hope and Liam share a few kisses. When Brooke enters Hope tells her mother she just met with a few guests and that her line is still having a positive impact. Brooke says good and then tells her she has some good news too. Unable to hold back on her gloating, Brooke tells them Steffy might sign the annulment papers. When Hope and Liam say she won’t as they have all tried talking to her she reveals a lot by saying but Rick hasn’t tried and he may be able to able to her in a way none of them can. She tells Liam that his marriage may be over today. Liam smiles in delight.

Rick pours Steffy champagne. She asks him why he is doing this and he tells her he wants her to be in the right mood. She asks the right mood for what and Rick says for modelling. He gives her more champagne but Steffy rejects it saying she doesn’t want to pass out. Rick says okay and tells her to take off her robe so they can take a few shots. When she does that, Rick says it couldn’t have been easy for Liam to let go of her. Steffy asks if he’s really the first person from his family to say Liam wanted her. Rick says he knows they had a bond.

Steffy remarks that his bond was stronger with Hope and if that’s what he’s trying to tell her then. Rick cuts her off and tells her he grew up watching his mother suffer because of a man that was in love with two women. He says he doesn’t want his sister to go through that and he doesn’t want her to go through that either. He tells Steffy that he’s starting to think Liam is just a boy with the choices he makes and maybe he should be with Hope because then it’ll give her the chance to be with a man. Steffy looks back at him in a touched way.

Rick tells Steffy she’s too smart for this, for letting Liam make her desperate and look like a fool and that Liam is the idiot that walked out on her. Steffy whispers that she loves Liam. Rick tells her that she can’t tell him that someone as smart and that strong as her wants to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate her.

He tells her that she needs a man, somebody who challenges her. He asks her if Liam does that and says no he doesn’t. Steffy sighs as Rick says Liam just thinks of another woman while he lies in her bed. He picks up a file and comes over to her. Steffy asks him what he is doing. He says that it’s something he should have done a long time ago but he was just too blind to see it. He gives her the annulment papers. Steffy pulls back and says she didn‘t say she was going to do this.

Rick presses on and asks her where her pride is. He tells her he can't stand here watching her waste your time with a guy who doesn't appreciate her. Steffy sighs as he asks her if she really loves the boy and says because the moment that she has a man that holds her and kisses her she’s going to know what that feels like. He tells her to sign the stupid annulment papers and move on.

He tells her to move on with him. Rick kisses Steffy passionately. He asks her if she sees what that feels like to have someone kiss her who's not thinking about another woman. Rick asks if she can feel what it’s like to be with him.

Steffy asks if he has a pen. He says yes and Steffy signs the papers. She asks how fast he can have them filed. He says as fast as he can get to Liam. Steffy tells him to do it. Rick says he won’t be long and Steffy tells him she’ll be waiting for him.

Liam asks Brooke if Rick is going to intimidate Steffy. Brooke laughs and says Steffy doesn’t get intimidated. Liam is more sensitive to Steffy and says that this whole process has been pretty rough on her. Brooke assures Liam that Rick knows just how to talk to Steffy and says that they have a very complicated history. Brooke says Rick knows what he needs to do to persuade her. Hope grins and asks what it could be like if Rick got her to agree. She says they could marry right away.

Right then, Rick bursts in and tells Hope she’s free. Liam says what in alarm. Rick shows off the papers and says Steffy signed. Hope and Liam break out into oh my gods and Hope hugs her bother before jumping on Liam. She squeals that they did it. She says that they can get married and gasps that she is going to be his wife. Hope laughs and clings to Liam while Liam laughs back but looks confused and shocked at the news.

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