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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/16/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope tells Rick that Steffy is not going to sign the annulment papers until the 6 months are up. Rick says she never knows, Steffy might change her might. Hope comments that Rick doesn’t know Steffy that well if he thinks that. Rick says Steffy is going to be busying with the Intimates Line. When Hope say she will be busy making a play at Liam too, Rick reveals he is working on Intimates now instead of Couture. As Hope is surprised about that, Katie comes in and Hope tells her about Rick’s change to Intimates. Katie smirks and asks Rick if that’s the only news he has told Hope.

Liam phones Steffy to tell her the divorce papers have been filed. Steffy makes a sarcastic remark on how great that is and if he celebrated with Hope yet.. Liam tells Steffy he is sorry and says that divorce isn’t easy on anyone. Steffy says it’s easy when you have a plan B. Liam sighs and asks if she’s going to be okay. Wiping away a tear, Steffy says she doesn’t want him to worry about her and how that’s not what either of them needs. She tells Liam goodbye. Bill enters at that point and seeing his son’s face he asks if he told Steffy about the divorce papers. Liam confirms that he has.

Katie asks Rick why he didn’t tell Hope. Rick says his sister has a lot on her plate. Katie says he thinks his plan isn’t going to work, this plan of getting Steffy interested in him but Rick says Steffy is going to fall head over heels in love with him. When Katie laughs he says that Steffy and him have a history. Rick says Steffy is going to sign those annulment papers and that is not going to take six months. Katie asks if it’ll be six weeks then. Rick boasts it will be half of that while Katie laughs.

Katie comments on Rick’s confidence and cockiness. Rick says he knows women. Katie warns him that he can’t be transparent around Steffy or she’ll catch on. Rick tells Katie to remember who she is talking to her. He say that he know Steffy is stuck on Liam and that needs to be broken. He says he will do that. Katie says perhaps Steffy and him are more alike than he thinks. Rick smirks.

Bill says so Liam filed the divorce papers. Liam says he did. Bill asks Liam if he blames Steffy for not wanting an annulment. Liam says that he doesn’t blame Steffy for any of this, him on the other hand. Bill defends himself again by saying nothing he did was for anything than his best interests. Liam puts Bill on the spot and asks if he was working for his interests or his own.

Marcus enters and Katie leaves after wishing Rick luck. Rick tells her to leave the door open. Marcus tells Rick he’s going to need more than luck if what he hears is true. Marcus asks Rick if he’s working on the Intimates line with Steffy in charge. Rick says yes. Marcus asks if he’s good with that. Rick says he’s more than good with that and talk about working with Steffy closely and lingerie when he sees her outside his door. When Marcus looks at him in confusion, Rick tells him to connect the dots and grins.

Rick continues trying to manipulate Steffy with his words and tells Marcus he wants Steffy to be comfortable while she works with him. He brings up Marcus’ and Steffy’s relationship and Marcus says yes they had something but that was long ago before he sent him to Paris and stole Steffy from him. Hearing her name, Steffy starts listening in. Rick says that doesn’t ring a bell and asks if Steffy and him are still close. Marcus says they are still friends. Rick asks him to put in a good word for him. Marcus says he’s interested in Steffy.

Rick explains why he is because Steffy is smart and cool and sexy. Marcus asks if he’s told Steffy how he feels yet but Rick says no, she’d laugh in his face. Marcus asks what he’s going to do then. He says he’s going to help her put out a great line and hope she starts seeing him differently. He tells Marcus he doesn’t want his feelings to get around the building though. Marcus says he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about and leaves, shutting the door as Rick tells him to know that Steffy has heard everything. Rick waits with a smirk on his face for Steffy to come in. When she does he acts surprised and is left wordless when Steffy asks if he even meant any of what he said.

Katie asks Hope is she wants to grab a bite to eat as she looks like she could use a break. Hope says she wishes Steffy would give her a break. Hope says how Liam and her should be married by now and how she doesn’t want to wait. Katie says she’ll sign the annulment papers in 6 months but in the meantime Liam and her can still have fun. Hope says it’s not the same and how they should be married. She says every time Liam and her are together, them not being married is the elephant in the room. She says it’s not the same as she wants to make love to her husband but Liam isn’t her husband yet.

Liam apologizes to someone on the phone about Hope’s wedding announcement as the wedding never happened. He hangs up and tells his dad it’s all over the internet. Bill says he’ll get to marry Hope but Liam says he doesn’t want to have to wait. Bill says well he hopes he knows he doesn’t have anything to do with Steffy’s decision to not sign. Liam asks if he didn’t. Bill says he didn’t. Liam says he’s still glad she didn’t though. Bill says that he is and if Liam is honest to himself, so is he. Liam throws Bill a tired glance.

Rick tells Steffy he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Steffy says yes he does and brings up his talk with Marcus. Rick denies and moves to leave, saying when she’s ready to work he’ll be back before he realizes he’s in his own office. Steffy asks him to tell her if he still has the hots for her. Rick asks her how much she heard and she says enough and asks him to just answer her. Rick says he doesn’t hate her and can they just leave it at that. He picks up a file and pretends to read it while smiling at how good his plan to get Steffy’s attention is working.

Katie tells Hope maybe she won’t have to wait as long as she is thinking. Hope tells Katie to be careful. When you start thinking like that you’re in trouble. Katie says to think of it this way, now she has so much time to plan the perfect wedding. Hope says she’s more concerned about the wedding night. Sighing, Hope says she wants to share something with Liam that she hasn’t with any man and she’s scared that special moment will just always elude her. Katie says in a lot of ways Hope is already married to Liam so she can love him right now as they don’t need a court document for that.

Liam tells his dad he is ready to get married Hope whenever so spare him the lecture. Bill asks if he’s ever going to forgive him. Liam says it would be a lot easier if he knew it was never going to happen again. Bill says he’ll stop pitching Steffy to him. He suggests Liam take this time to try out marriage with Hope and move in with her. Liam says he can’t do that. Bill asks why. Liam sighs before telling his dad about Hope renewed stance on abstinences. Bill laughs and says here we go again, reminding Liam of how Hope will never give him what he wants.

Steffy asks Rick if he still has some attraction to her. Rick tries to hide the issue. Steffy presses on by repeating what Marcus and him were talking about. Rick gives in and talks about their past, failed relationship. Steffy says it was complicated back then. Rick says he was full of himself and arrogant. Rick says he was. Steffy admits being attracted to him then. Rick asks her how much. Steffy says there were times he drove her crazy. When he says that means she was really attracted to him, Steffy tells him no she actually wanted to strangle him. Rick says it sounds like she still wants to and smiles making Steffy smile as well.

Liam tells his dad he could really use his support on this. Bill says he can’t. Liam says oh come on. Bill tells Liam that he has a heck of a life in front of him and to give that a lot of thought. He says he has said Hope is a good person a hundred times by eventually Liam is going to want more than a good person. He asks him what is better, a woman who is loyal to her principles or to his needs and wants? Bill gives him a knowing look before leaving after telling Liam to think about it in these six months.

Hope says she thinks about it a lot but as much as she’d like to pretend Liam is her husband she can’t do that without going against everything she believes in. Katie says he admires her for that and says it can’t be easy to make that decision when she loves her fiancée this much and when her competition is Steffy. Hope says Steffy shouldn’t even be her competition because Liam could have stayed in that marriage but he chose her. Hope says he just hopes she didn’t have to wait so long. Katie says she never knows. Hugging her niece she smirks and says miracles are known to have happened.

Rick tells Steffy to do him a favour and not to talk to anyone about this. Steffy asks if he can’t just admit he has feelings for her. Rick tells her to just pretend she didn’t hear anything. Steffy says okay and that means she should just treat him as the pain in the ass that he is. He nods. She asks how he’s going to treat her. Rick says like the spoiled brat that she is. Steffy says what a great match before saying but if he has feelings about her maybe she has some to.

Steffy leads him on until she lets him know she just got out of a marriage with a man she loves. Rick tries not to look disappointed and gears the conversation back onto them. Steffy says he looks like he really has feelings for her. Rick says no and asks her to stop analyzing every look he gives her.

Steffy says okay maybe they should just work then. They move to do that before Steffy says suddenly that they should call it a truce. She holds out her hand for him to shake but Rick says maybe they can do better than that. He hugs Steffy, getting closer and closer to her until he kisses her on the cheek. Steffy looks back at him in a stunned way.

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