B&B Wednesday Update 2/15/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/15/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Katie discuss Hopes wedding gown being ruined and how they spent there valentines days after the wedding fiasco. Brooke asks Katie if she thinks it was wrong for Hope and Liam to ask Steffy for an annulment. Katie explains that it was not completely wrong but Steffy would never sign.

Steffy walks into Ridge’s office and Ridge wants to know how she is doing. Ridge explains that he and Brooke are very happy and that he does love Steffy but do not date Bill. Steffy explains that will never happen. Eric walks in asking what they are talking about and Steffy explains nothing.

Brooke explains that Hope and Liam went away for the day. Katie does not think that it was a good idea for Hope to have press conferences and they both agree that Steffy is only making them go through a divorce because Liam will never be able to abstain from sex for six months while they get divorced and that is how Steffy plans to keep her marriage.

Rick explains that his father will be in on the meeting soon explains that Hope is not coming in today because of Steffy. Steffy does not think she is the reason. Ridge explains that the designs they are working on they have too many people working on them and they need to get rid of one. Rick thinks Ridge is trying to get Rick to get his father off the project.

Katie explains to Brooke that Hope needs to stop being emotionally on the run. Brooke does not know what do to do. Katie says she will talk to Hope if it will help. Brooke tells Katie that she has to be careful of what she says because of Steffy.

Ridge tells Rick that he is giving his designs a chance but they are just experimental and they are not what the line is used to looking like. Rick refuses to get his father fired. Ridge does not think there is room for him in the one line. Rick tells Ridge that he is a team with his father and that will never work apart. Rick and Steffy decide to work together.

Rick runs into Katie and the two discuss what Steffy did to Hope and Rick explains he is going to make sure Hope gets the happy ending she deserves.

Steffy wonders if she is being punished for working with Rick. Ridge explains that it is because Rick is impossible to work with and she can handle him. Steffy agrees and explains that everyone thinks that she is being a jerk and sneaky for not signing the annulment papers but Liam knows why she did the things she did. Ridge explains he understands but he knows Steffy is trying to keep Liam. Steffy says that she does still want Liam but knows it may not happen. Steffy thinks she will always care about Liam. Ridge thinks she will love again.

Rick explains that Hope needs to be happy because she has always been great full for what she has. Rick thinks that Steffy has been being a jerk for doing what she is doing and will get Steffy to sign the papers. Rick explains that he used to date Steffy and he has plans to get back with Steffy so that she will sign the annulment papers so Hope and Liam can be happy together.

Steffy does not think that she should have to work with Rick and that no one will ever measure up to Ridge in her life when it comes to men. Brooke walks in and Steffy tells her she does not want to listen to anything she has to say and leaves. Ridge explains that he tried to explain to Steffy she needs to get over Liam and they hug.

Katie thinks the idea will work and wants to help get this underway. Steffy walks in and discovers Katie who tells Rick that she is the boss and that is how it will go. Rick says he understands. Steffy says that this is very important to her. Rick says that he also has important goals so they should get started right away.

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