B&B Tuesday Update 2/14/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/14/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope stands next to Steffy and both are covered in chocolate. Steffy refuses to sign the papers ever.

Ridge and Liam discuss why the wedding might not be a good idea, Liam decides to go find out what is going on with Hope.

Steffy explains that she is going to make Liam wait the six months for a divorce to keep her marriage.

Ridge walks into the house and the group wonders where Liam and Hope are. Ridge explains that Liam does not know what he wants.

Steffy explains that they belonged together. Hope tells Steffy that this is all pathetic and she needs to get over it. Liam walks in and sees the two of them covered in the chocolate.

Rick explains that he does not know if Hope should be getting married. Katie tells that Steffy takes advantage of things. Ridge tells everyone that Steffy makes her own decisions. Rick knows that Hope got a bad deal when Steffy did what she did but hopes Liam is the right man. Brook wonders if Ridge is ok with everything going on. Ridge says yes but does not want him and Brooke getting into a fight over all of this. The two decide to have romantic plans later that night. Brooke tells Ridge she has to go see what Hope is doing and leaves.

Liam wants to know what is going on between the two girls. Hope explains she attacked Steffy with the chocolate and that Steffy did all this on her own part. Liam explains that his marriage to Hope was not forced and on his own decision and that Steffy is allowed to wait to get divorced. Steffy does not think this will work out. Liam explains that he has divorce papers coming over for them to sign and maybe if Steffy sees things are going ok that she will sign an annulment. Hope does not believe that Steffy could ever do that.

Katie tells Ridge she owes him an apology and she knows he knows why, but he should care about Hope as well. Ridge says he does care about Hope but Liam did love Steffy.

Hope explains to Liam that Steffy will trick Liam into not getting divorced. Steffy says that she will fight. Brooke walks in and does not believe Hope would have started a fight. Hope tells Brooke that Steffy is going to make them wait. Brooke also thinks that Steffy is going manipulate the issue at hand.

Back at Brooke's house Hope and Brooke come home and Eric walks in. Hope explains that Steffy would not sign. Eric asks if she really loves Liam. Hope says yes and that Liam and she are stronger than ever and nothing will change that she then decides to take a shower and walks up stairs. Eric asks Brooke what will happen. Brooke thinks that Steffy will never be able to get back to Liam.

Steffy opens the door and gets the divorce papers and asks Liam if they are really going to get divorced. Liam and Steffy reminisce over old photos and if anything will come of their marriage. Liam has Steffy sign the papers, but Steffy starts to cry and tells Liam that she thinks they need time and that Hope is just rushing things too fast. Steffy thinks they need to know if they really should be divorced. Liam signs the papers even after what Steffy said and Steffy does as well. The two then hug.

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