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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/13/12


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Liam and Hope’s wedding begins at Ridge and Brooke’s home. Hope stares at Liam from atop the landing. Ridge walks in the room. Brooke demands to know if Ridge got through to Steffy. From the altar, Liam sneaks glances at Ridge, wondering if Steffy signed the annulment papers. Hope begins walking toward Liam. Brooke comments how happy Hope looks. Ridge tells Brooke that the wedding needs to be stopped. Ridge approaches Liam and Hope, and announces there’s a problem. Ridge says he is “sorry” but the wedding will not happen today. Rick stands up and escorts Donna and Katie to a different room. Hope wants to know why she can’t marry Liam. Hope yells at Ridge to come clean. Brooke wishes Hope would sit down, but Hope won’t budge from Liam’s side. Ridge says he visited Steffy. Hope understands that Steffy is having a hard time with losing Liam, but believes Steffy should move on. Liam tells Hope that he couldn’t get Steffy to sign the annulment papers. Hope is speechless. Ridge says he was unsuccessful in changing Steffy’s mind before the wedding. Hope says Steffy has to sign the papers because she is getting married today. Hope looks heartbroken as tears stream down her face. Hope is adamant that the wedding will proceed as planned. Liam says he can sympathize with Steffy’s reluctance to sign the annulment papers. Brooke suggests Hope and Liam say their vows in front of family, but get officially married at City Hall in six months. Hope refuses to “go to bed alone” without Liam tonight. Hope makes the decision to confront Steffy in person. Before Liam can stop Hope, she is out the door. Ridge urges Liam to let Hope have her say.

Katie, Donna and Rick wait in Hope’s dressing room. They discuss Ridge’s departure right before the wedding began. Katie is convinced Steffy has something to do with it. Katie wonders what Steffy did to stop the wedding. Rick takes Steffy’s side, saying he is pretty sure Steffy is giving Liam space. Donna and Katie think Steffy won’t move on from her marriage. The three continue to wait impatiently, wondering what’s holding up the nuptials. Donna says Brooke seemed tense all day. Katie wants to check out what happened, but Donna and Rick convince her to wait. They talk about how beautiful Hope looks in her wedding gown. All three agree that Hope’s morals are something to be admired. After some waiting, Donna, Katie, and Rick decide to see what happened.

Taylor returns home to find Steffy beside herself. Steffy talks about Ridge’s visit and how he wanted her to sign the annulment papers. Steffy refuses to consider her marriage to Liam a “mistake”. Taylor hugs her daughter and says she’s proud of Steffy for not giving in to Ridge’s wishes. Taylor is glad that Steffy didn’t allow herself to be swayed by Ridge. The doorbell rings; Taylor answers it. There is a delivery man with a chocolate basket. The man instructs Taylor to put the mousse in the fridge, then says he’ll bring in the fondue from the van. Steffy figures the gift is from Thorne. Taylor reads the card and confirms Steffy’s conclusion. Steffy thinks it is sweet that Thorne sent a Valentine’s Day present to her mom. Steffy feels depressed that she can’t celebrate the holiday with Liam. Once the fondue set is in place in the living room, Taylor and Steffy dip some strawberries in chocolate. Taylor advises Steffy to not eat too many sweets. Steffy brings up Hope’s audacity in thinking she would sign the annulment papers so soon. Steffy believes Liam doesn’t regret marrying her. Steffy says Liam needs time to realize that he’s meant to be with his wife. Taylor wonders how Hope will deal with waiting six months before Liam and Steffy’s divorce is final. Taylor is proud that Steffy has stayed true to herself. Taylor says she is going to thank Thorne in person. They share a hug.

Ridge thanks the reverend for waiting. Rick, Donna, and Katie inquire about Hope’s whereabouts. Liam announces the fact that Steffy didn’t sign the annulment papers. Brooke isn’t sure whether or not Liam and Hope will marry today. Ridge talks to Liam about Steffy refusing to sign the papers. Ridge tells Liam that it’s Steffy’s “right” to wait. Liam admits he still loves Steffy. Ridge takes this as a good reason for Steffy to wait on signing the papers. Ridge thinks there’s still a chance Steffy and Liam might reunite.

Steffy is staring at the annulment papers when Hope barges into her home. Hope walks up to Steffy and demands that she sign the papers. Steffy laughs in Hope’s face. Steffy says there is no way she’s signing them. Steffy thinks Hope is Liam’s “rebound”. Hope slaps Steffy’s face. Steffy throws chocolate all over Hope and her wedding dress. Hope gets Steffy dirty with chocolate too. Hope begs Steffy to sign the papers. Hope is shocked when Steffy rips up the annulment papers.

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