B&B Wednesday Update 2/8/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/8/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy is shocked over the annulment papers and Hope has to explain it to her. Steffy does not think that she is over with Liam yet.

Rick walks into Liam’s office and the two of them have a conversation. Rick explains to Liam that he wants things to go well between Hope and him and to make sure he has no feelings for Steffy anymore making sure he no longer has feelings for Steffy.

Taylor tells Brooke she does not think that Liam would be the one asking for the annulment. Ridge walks in explaining that he just talked to Liam and that he still loves his wife.

Hope tells Steffy she needs to move on even though she still loves him but it will take some time as Hope and Liam were meant to be together. Steffy says she will respect whatever Liam wants to do once the marriage is over. Hope says thank you and walks out.

Rick makes sure that Liam knows why he is concerned. Liam tells him yes and tells him that Hope and him can finally be together once Steffy signs the papers. Rick is shocked over the annulment papers and wonders how fast the papers go through. Liam tells him very fast and that he is doing it for Steffy as well so she can get over it faster. Liam explains that he is thankful for Rick coming over. Rick says that as long as he is good to Hope then they are all right.

Brooke tells Ridge that they must respect Liam’s decision and Taylor does not think that it is ok. Brooke explains that fraud is part of an annulment and Steffy has done a lot of that. Brooke hopes that they encourage Steffy to move on from this. Taylor does not think things are going on well.

Steffy is shocked at how disorganized her business is going. Liam then walks in and looks at the annulment papers and Steffy explains that she is not signing the papers.

Rick tells Ridge that Liam and Hope plan to get married as soon as possible. Hope then walks in and she knows Ridge and Taylor know. Taylor tells Hope she cannot believe that she would have done this to Steffy.

Liam notices that Steffy is still wearing the ring. Steffy says she knows Liam will wear his once again as well. Liam tells Steffy that he is trying not to drag things out and hurt her even more. Steffy thinks it is Hope who is at fault for the annulment. Steffy explains that Liam is still in love and will never stop. Liam wonders if Steffy knows he still loves her. Steffy says yes and tells Liam that he will let her go for now but she will not erase something that meant so much to her.

Hope tells Ridge and Taylor she is sorry that Steffy is hurting but she is not sorry she is happy. Ridge understands this, and Taylor thinks that everyone needs some time to think about everything. Hope tells everyone she is having a press conference and that they are getting married tomorrow. Ridge thinks that Steffy will be devastated.

Liam wants to know what Steffy wants to do. Steffy wants Liam to think about what they are doing. Liam does not listen well. Steffy tries to convince Liam to do what he wants but that Hope is and will always be immature unlike her as she is flawed but with passion and that he will get bored with Hope and when he does Steffy will be waiting. Steffy explains that only he can make the choice over his life. Steffy thinks that they were interesting together. Steffy explains that this is not the end and that they will be back together before the end of the divorce Liam then hugs Steffy.

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