B&B Tuesday Update 2/7/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/7/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope has a flashback of Liam professing his love again for her. She smiles and Brooke walks in and notices Hope’s happiness. Hope tells Brooke she is so happy.

Ridge walks into Steffy’s office and the two hug each other. Steffy knows that Ridge knows of what has happened. Ridge wants to know how Steffy is doing; Steffy tells him that it is a complicated situation. Ridge wants to know what Steffy is not telling him.

Liam gets the annulment papers from Justin who tells him all he has to do is sign the papers. Liam signs the papers and wants to know when it is official. Taylor walks in shocked over Liam having the papers sent to Steffy.

Hope tells Brooke that Liam is defiantly in love with her and that she knew it was right to stay true to her and she now has everything she ever wanted.

Steffy explains to Ridge that she things are not great but she has to deal with things for a while. Ridge does not want her to wait for a man who may never return. Steffy explains that Liam is only taking a break and that he will return to her eventually.

Liam explains to Taylor that he chose Hope and that his marriage is over with Steffy and she must get over it. Taylor thinks that the two of them should get counseling for their problems instead of just ending it and breaking Steffy’s heart.

Brooke wonders if anyone has talked to Steffy. Hope says no but she does not know what she would say especially since all that has happened. Hope explains that she wants to get married as soon as possible to Liam at Brooke’s house if she agrees to it. Brooke says yes of course and the two are happy over this.

Steffy tells Ridge he still loves Liam. Ridge thinks that there are more people than just Liam in the world. Steffy thinks that Liam should not be blamed and that she had abandonment issues that she could not figure out she also does not think Hope and Liam will ever be able to get through their problems.

Liam tells Taylor that he needs to be with Hope now and Taylor walks out and closes the door.

Taylor walks into Brooke’s office asking where Ridge is and explains that Liam is going to give Steffy annulment papers. Brooke explains that Hope was with Liam first and that Steffy just sort of popped up. Taylor says that it is similar to what has happened between Ridge and the two of them. They both agree that this may not turn out good for anyone.

Ridge walks into Liam’s office and Liam tells him to do whatever he wants. Ridge asks if he is with Hope now and if this is his final decision. Liam says yes and Ridge explains that he has to respect this or he would be a hypocrite.

Hope walks past Steffy’s office door and walks in noting she is here. Steffy explains she works here Hope tells Steffy that she is happy that Liam is with her again but she feels sorry for her. Steffy explains that Liam and she are still in love. Hope tells Steffy it is time the two of them let go. Justin walks in and hands Steffy the annulment papers.

Liam explains that he loved being married to Steffy but Hope and her deserve a chance and if it does not work then they will deal with it. Ridge thinks this is understandable and he feels this is all to the same for him.

Steffy cannot understand why Liam wants an annulment as it would mean the marriage is over. Justin gives her time. Steffy figures out that Hope is the reason for this and that their marriage was not a mistake and she refuses to sign the papers. Hope tells Steffy to sign the papers as that is what Liam has already done.

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