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Hope is looking out at the ocean from the patio of Liam’s Malibu home. Liam catches Hope’s attention and says he loves her. Hope thinks she’s dreaming because she can’t believe what Liam is saying. Liam is through with Steffy and wants to begin his new life with Hope – starting now. They share a passionate kiss, then Liam carries Hope into his house. Liam twirls Hope around in the living room. Hope is visibly ecstatic. Hope can’t believe Liam stopped wearing his wedding ring. Hope kisses Liam, then breathes a sigh of relief that they’re finally back together. Hope is thankful she didn’t move on without Liam. Hope jokes about getting married today. Liam laughs, then says he needs a divorce first. Liam prepares two cups of coffee for himself and Hope. They sit on the couch, and then Hope inquires about Steffy. Liam admits Steffy didn’t take the news well, that he felt terrible ending his marriage. Hope knows Steffy really loves Liam. Liam reminds Hope that if it weren’t for Steffy’s manipulations, he and Hope would have been married by now. Liam apologizes to Hope for putting her through hell during their breakup. Hope brings up their interrupted reunion in Cabo. Hope admits she started to have doubts about her feelings for Liam. Liam and Hope share another kiss.

Steffy shows up at Taylor’s house and announces Liam’s plans to go back to Hope. Taylor hugs her daughter. Steffy talks about proclaiming her love to Liam, then how he said he was done with their marriage. Taylor is shocked that Liam and Steffy are through. Steffy says Liam loves Hope more. Steffy knows she made a lot of mistakes and realizes Liam needs to try with Hope. However, Steffy tells Taylor that she’s not giving up on Liam. Taylor tells Steffy that her marriage is over, but Steffy isn’t listening. Steffy shows Taylor that she has Liam’s ring. Steffy says she regrets trying to control the situation in Aspen and Cabo, that she should have allowed Liam and Hope’s relationship to fizzle out on its own. Steffy believes Liam will not stay with Hope. Steffy asserts she is done with interference and games on her part. Taylor isn’t convinced that Liam will leave Hope, but keeps her thoughts to herself. Steffy wants to pick up the pieces when Liam comes back to her. Steffy figures that once Hope is out of the way, Liam will love her (Steffy) unconditionally. Steffy says this is a “painful chapter” in her life, but “it’s not the end”. Taylor says Steffy shouldn’t wait for Liam. Steffy feels regret that she didn’t trust enough in their love. Steffy is willing to give Liam time to come back to her. Taylor advises Steffy to be “prepared” in case this doesn’t happen. Steffy badmouths Hope, calling her “prissy” and “boring”, then says she will never give up on Liam. Taylor compares Liam to Ridge, which Steffy doesn’t like. Steffy asks her mom for a box to store Liam’s ring in. Steffy wants to keep it safe until Liam wants to wear it again. Steffy tells Taylor that she’s going to keep wearing hers because she wants Liam to see it. Taylor thinks that Steffy is in denial. Taylor tells her daughter that she shouldn’t hang around for Liam. Steffy believes Liam and Hope won’t want to get married for a while. Steffy adds that Liam will never sign the divorce papers.

In Ridge’s office, Brooke is checking her phone while Ridge browses at some work papers. Brooke is worried that she hasn’t heard from Hope. Brooke and Ridge wonder which of their daughters will be devastated when Liam makes his choice. Ridge tells Brooke that they will support Steffy and Hope no matter the outcome. Brooke and Ridge talk about Liam’s plan to speak to both Steffy and Hope at his Malibu home. Both agree that this situation is awful. Brooke gets a comforting hug from Ridge. Brooke wants to call Taylor to see if she’s heard anything. Ridge hopes Liam is going to stay with Steffy. Brooke thinks Liam and Hope are destined to be together. Brooke’s phone rings – it’s Hope. While Liam kisses Hope’s neck, she gives Brooke the latest update – she is back with Liam. Brooke is relieved to hear Liam broke things off with Steffy. Hope thanks her mom for all the support. Brooke wishes Hope well, then Hope says she will go over the details of her reunion with Liam tomorrow. Brooke tells Ridge about Liam and Hope. Speechless, Ridge stares at the fireplace. Brooke rests a hand on Ridge’s shoulder and asks if he’s okay. Ridge says he was pretty confident Liam would have made the “right” decision. Brooke says Liam did. Ridge believes Steffy deserves better. Brooke is certain Steffy will be fine. Brooke thinks it is finally time for everyone to move on.

After the phone call, Hope tells Liam that her mother is happy that they’re back together. Hope talks about Brooke’s love and support. Liam thinks that he and Hope both knew on a deeper level that they were meant to be together despite he being married to Steffy. Hope brings up wedding preparations. Liam reminds Hope that he is still married to Steffy. Hope suggests asking Justin about getting an annulment, claiming that Steffy “trapped” Liam into this sham of a marriage. Hope says she doesn’t want to have a huge wedding ceremony. In fact, all Hope wants is to be married to Liam. Liam feels lucky and blessed that Hope still wants him. Liam professes his love to Hope, then they kiss.

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