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Steffy tells Liam that she wishes he didn't have to go through this. Liam thanks her for being so supporting and understanding. Steffy says that it’s a pain in her ass sometimes making Liam laugh. She says that she’ll still always support him because she only wants his happiness whether it's with Hope or her. She tells him he knows what she is wishing for thought.

As Hope waits outside, a car pulls up. Noticing that it’s her mother, Hope asks her what she is doing here. Brooke asks if Steffy is inside. Hope says yes and asks her how she knew that. Brooke tells her that Taylor told her. Hope explains how Liam asked to see both of them but she got the feeling that he wanted a moment alone with Steffy so she stepped out.

Brooke turns to her and asks if he’s breaking up with Steffy. Hope quietly says that she doesn’t know. Brooke asks what else they could possibly be talking about and Hope says possibly how best to let her down. When Brooke gives her a dubious look she says that she knows Liam loves her but that he also loves his wife, too.

Ridge sees Taylor in his office and says hi. Taylor tells him that she has been waiting for him. Curious, Ridge asks her what is going on. Taylor tells him how Steffy got a phone call from Liam. Ridge says that maybe he finally got through to him and Taylor says she hopes so. Ridge asks where Liam and Steffy are and Taylor tells him that they are at their home talking. She admits that she is a little concerned though because he also asked Hope to meet him there as well. Confused, Ridge asks if Liam, Steffy and Hope are together and Taylor says yes and says she can only assume it’s because Liam is trying to find closure.

Ridge nods and says that has to be it and turns away to get to work but Taylor says that that doesn’t mean that Liam is necessarily going to stay in his marriage to Steffy. Ridge smiles and says that Steffy is going to have an incredible life ahead of her whether it's with Liam or not. Taylor says she knows. Ridge says it’s the same for Hope but that Brooke and her are caught up a romantic fantasy of Liam and her. He sighs and says that he thinks it’s going to be hard for Hope to get over this. Taylor looks concerned.

Hope admits to her mother that she wants Liam back and that it‘s hard for her to think of a life without him. Brooke assures her by saying that they don’t know what he's going to decide. Hope sighs and says she has to prepare to go on regardless of who he chooses. Sighing she says maybe her expectations were too high but that after everything that happened in Mexico she just really thought Liam and her would be back together. She remembers the kiss on the beach and says that she really thought that their time had finally come.

She says that she can't think about that right now because Liam is talking to his wife right now and she can’t fool herself. Going teary she says that this could be the end of Liam and her. Brooke hugs her daughter while Hope sighs sadly.

Steffy rests her head on Liam’s shoulder quietly. Liam turns to her and starts talking about what she’s been through with her accident but Steffy says they don’t need to talk about that takes his hand. Liam says that he knows but it still bothers him. Feeling he is guilty Steffy tells him that was all his father’s doing and not his.

Liam says that he’s still responsible for her accident. Steffy says he didn’t know but Liam looks down. Holding his face Steffy tells him to look at her. She tells him she just wants to put all this behind them. She says she just wants to be his wife, the one that he deserves and the one who adores him. Steffy ends her speech off with a hug to Liam as she holds him close.

Taylor says that she guesses that they’ll just have to let the chips fall where they may just like they did with Ridge and her. She says it’s out of their hands. Ridge quietly says that he can’t help thinking about the part he might have played in all this. Taylor tells him to not even go there as there isn’t any parent out there who doesn’t wish they could have done a few things a lot differently.

Ridge smiles and Taylor tells him that she knows that they can't protect Steffy from everything and every disappointment that she’ll face in life. She says that even if they did, that would hurt her as it wouldn't help her grow. She says that she just wishes that is a lesson that Brooke could learn. Ridge turns to Taylor and asks her if she thinks that Brooke is overly protective of Hope.

Taylor says yes and says it’s terrible what she is doing by encouraging her daughter to go after a married man. Taylor points out that if Hope does succeed then it’s Steffy who is going to pay the price. The look on Ridge’s face reveals that he knows she’s right.

Hope says that she has so many regrets with the way she overreacted and her walking out and not talking to him, her breaking off the engagement. Brooke says that she knows that now and so does Liam. Hope sighs and says but in the meantime Liam made a life with Steffy. Brooke quips in that they tried but it didn’t work. She says that Liam can’t stop thinking about her. Hope firmly says that he has to stop and she does too if he picks Steffy. Brooke says that she thinks that’s not going to happen but Hope tells her not to say that so surely.

Liam gets a phone call from the office and sounds frustrated. Steffy asks if there is a problem and suggests that maybe his dad can help. Liam firmly says that he’s not dealing with his dad at all. Steffy tells him not to give up on Bill because he would do just about anything for his forgiveness. Confused, Liam asks why she is so supportive of Bill and reminds her that what Bill did to her was cruel. Steffy tells him she know that but that it also changed her.

She says that it made her realize that she had so much to live for. She tells him that he has forgiven her so many times and then she makes another mistake and he forgives her again. Steffy says that he deserves so much more than what she’s given to him. Liam tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about that as they are both new to this marriage thing and they’re bound to have problems.

Steffy asks if he doesn’t regret marrying her then. Liam says that he doesn’t regret anything making Steffy smile. Liam says he learned from this experience too but that they do need to put this behind them because it's time for both of them to move on. Steffy quietly says that she couldn't love him more than she does at this moment and requests for him to please don‘t leave her. Liam holds Steffy close to him silently.

Sitting down, Taylor asks Ridge if Liam and Steffy work things out then how will he handle things with Hope. Ridge says he will by being there for her. Taylor nods her head in approval and says that Hope will need that. She says that Hope loves and respects him as he is the only father she’s had. Ridge says that Hope is going to be fine because he will make sure of that but asks what about Steffy. Taylor says that Steffy will be fine. Taking Ridge’s hand in hers she says that they will make sure of that. Ridge smiles at Taylor.

Looking at the door nervously, Hope says that Liam and Steffy have been talking for a while now. Sinking back in her seat she says that maybe they should go home and Liam can just call her when he's ready. Brooke asks her if she really wants to do that. Sighing, Hope says no she doesn’t and that she wants this resolved today.

Brooke says that she’s being so strong but Hope admits that she’s not and says that she’s dying inside. She says that the past few months have been hell and if she loses him now after being so close then she‘ll just have to move on. She says she’ll have to because she won’ have a choice. Brooke tells her not to anticipate the worst but Hope says she has to be prepared if he chooses Steffy.

She brings up how Brooke has gone through this in the past and asks what she would have done if Ridge hadn’t chosen her. Brooke says that she would have leaned on Hope, Hope smiles and says that she would have been there for her and says that if this doesn’t’ work out then she is going to seriously need her because she loves Liam so much. They hug and Hope pulls away saying that she doesn’t want to make Brooke think that she has to stay.

Hope tells her that she can go home but Brooke sighs and says that she doesn’t want to leave her. Hope says that it’s okay and that she can do this on her own. Brooke nods and Hope says that she’ll call her. Brooke nods and Hope moves to leave the car. Brooke stops her and kisses her cheek before letting Hope exit as she drives away.

Sitting together, Liam tells Steffy that he knows she loves him and says that he loves her too. He tells her that despite it all she has been a good wife. Smiling Steffy says that it’s going to get better and that they can get through this. Liam chuckles and says that his dad was right about her being intelligent, rebellious and crazy funny.

Steffy says she’s crazy anyway and laughs. Liam pauses for a moment and says that but as much as he loves her his life was on a path before he married Steffy and he says that Hope and him had their problems but they would have overcome them had it not been for a lot of manipulating and deception. He says that his dad was responsible for that but so was Steffy. He tells her that he has to go back to Hope.

Steffy gets up and goes outside where she cries her eyes out. Liam follows her. Steffy asks if it was what happened in Mexico that caused thus. Liam says that it was a lot of things but yes it was that too. Steffy continues crying and breathing shakily. Liam turns her to him and says that he is sorry but knowing what he knows now he has to go back to Hope because he has to see where it would have led.

As Steffy cries he tells her that he will always love her though. Liam takes off his wedding band and gives it to Steffy. Steffy speaks through her sobs and says that she only wants what’s best for him but that she will never stop loving him. Liam kisses Steffy softly as tears pour down her face.

Brooke enters Ridge’s office. Ridge tells her that he has been talking to Taylor. Brooke says that he knows then. Ridge asks her where she’s been and Brooke says she has been with Hope. Ridge says that he thought she was with Liam. Brooke explains that Liam was inside speaking to Steffy.

Ridge asks if Liam decided to stay with Steffy then but Brooke whispers that she doesn’t know. Ridge takes a deep breath before asking where Hope is. Brooke informs him that she is still with Liam and that she asked her to go because she thought she should dell with this on her own. Ridge exhales sharply before saying that one of their daughters is going to be ecstatic tonight. Brooke finishes off his statement saying that one will be devastated. Ridge hugs Brooke while she looks nervous.

Taylor sees Steffy enter and walks over to her curiously. Steffy looks distraught as she tells her mother that Liam loves her but that he is going back to Hope. Taylor hugs Steffy and cries with her saying oh my goodness and holding her daughter close to try and share in her misery.

Hope is waiting at the balcony when Liam walks over to her. Hope turns and asks him if this is goodbye. Smiling, he shows her his wedding band-less hand and Hope begins to breathe deeply and says oh Liam. She goes teary while Liam kisses her. Hope and Liam kiss over and over again, smiling and laughing with each other in joy.

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