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Written By Rachna
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Liam asks Bill to tell him that even one word he said wasn’t true. Bill says he can’t and says he is the bastard Liam says he is. Liam says he’s not even sorry. He says Bill would do it again and that he has learned nothing. Bill says he has learned what it’s like to have a son who loves him look at him the way Liam is now. He says he has learned what it feels like to learn that he could lose Liam if he doesn’t fall on his sword. Liam crosses his arms over his chest and says which the mighty Bill Spencer never does. Bill say not until today, not until this. Liam turns and looks at his father.

Brooke comes into her office talking about Katie. She notices Hope looking dazed so she asks her if she is okay. Hope says she will be once Liam makes up his mind about his marriage. Walking over to her Brooke says that she wonders why he hasn’t done that already. She says that Liam and Steffy are separated as she has moved back in with her mother. Brooke says so whatever it was that Steffy did but Hope cuts her off and says it wasn’t just Steffy. Brooke asks her what that means and when Hope falls silent Brooke says that she’s not telling her the whole story.

Taylor hugs her daughter and says she can’t believe she got better so fast. Steffy pulls away from her mother and says it is gone, MRI’s don’t lie and tells her mother it’s like the clot never existed. She says her marriage does though. Steffy says even though Liam and her aren’t living together right now he knows she didn’t do what he thinks she did. She says he knows other forces were at play. Looking at her mother she asks her if that has to make a difference and says it just has to.

Taylor says that she knows Steffy didn’t want to talk about this to her dad but does Bill Spencer have anything to do with this. Steffy says that Bill is always involved when it comes to his son. Taylor asks if that is her way of saying yes. She says that it’s her way of saying it’s complicated and says what matters is what happens now. Steffy says that Liam has committed to Hope yet and says that as much as Brooke and Hope want him to, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Steffy sighs and says she has to admit though that the longer Liam and her are apart the more it concerns her.

Hope tells Brooke she doesn’t want her to worry about this. Brooke reminds her that she was there on the rooftop that night and she saw how Liam kissed her. Brooke says that there is no doubt in her mind that Liam loves her and wants her. Hope says she knows that too but Liam cares about Steffy and he respects marriage. Brooke asks if she thinks he’s going to stay with Steffy. Hope firmly says no he won’t. She says there have been too many deceptions. Hope says that Liam and Steffy’s marriage was based on a lie and now it’s her turn.

Liam says he didn’t do this and pins the blame for this situation on Bill. Bill defends himself by saying he didn’t want him to make the biggest mistake of his life by giving up on his marriage to be with Hope. He proceeds to say Hope isn’t good for him but Liam screams at him to stop it and says he is not doing this ever again. He says if he had told him to just butt the hell out of his life then none of this would have happened. Liam says but there they are now and he’s not sure he can ever trust Bill again.

Bill asks Liam what he wants and he says he’ll do it to fix this. Liam tells him life isn’t a business deal. Bill says he knows, he knows and says he is aware it is going to take some time. Liam says a lot of time and not just for him. He says Bill is lucky that the people he hurt most are staying quiet. Liam questions why Steffy is even helping him as he made her feel like she had a ticking time bomb in her head. Liam says of course he tried to make it better but Bill says that’s because he cares about her.

Liam admits that he does and says he never stopped loving her despite their issues. Bill tells him to go to her then and tells him she is his wife but Liam adamantly says no. He says that this is his decision. Bill says he’s just trying to give him some perspective. Liam says yes his perspective and maybe that is what he has seen all along. He says that whether or not he stays with Steffy that is his decision and if he chooses to go to Hope then Bill will respect that. He says that if he doesn’t then he is going to risk ruining their relationship forever.

Steffy tells her mother not to pamper her as Taylor is bringing her food but Taylor tells her she might as well because she’s not going to be here for long. Steffy says yes. She says that she doesn’t know what Liam is thinking right now but she has to believe in her heart that Liam is thinking of commitment and loyalty. Her phone rings and when she picks up Liam asks her to come over. Steffy smiles and says she is on her way. Hanging up she tells her mother she thinks this is going to be the shortest separation ever. Taylor says she really hopes so and hugs her daughter.

Hope says the waiting is just killing her. Brooke says she has been there with Ridge and Taylor. Hope says but Ridge chose her. Brooke gloats about her life and how it’s just how she has always wanted it now. She says she believe in them even through the darkest times. Hope says but she never gave up. Brooke says neither has she. She says there is one difference though, Hope’s life doesn’t revolve around Liam like hers did around Ridge. She says if need be Hope could pick up the pieces and move on.

She says Hope has always been stronger than her and she’s so proud of that. Hope smiles and is about to return her mother’s hug when her phone rings. Liam tells her to come over to the beach house. Hope says she’ll be there soon. Brooke asks if Liam has made a decision. Excited, Hope says she thinks he has. Brooke tells her to just remember that whatever happens she will be okay. Hope nods nervously.

Brooke is looking at Hope’s picture when Taylor arrives. Brooke asks her if she’s looking for Ridge and Taylor says yes. Brooke says he was around earlier and asks if there is something she needs. Taylor says yes they will be having a conversation about Steffy. Brooke looks up in interest and Taylor says that she may be aware that Steffy moved back in with her for some time. Brooke laughs and says she doesn’t know what she wants her to say and that she’s not surprised.

Taylor cuts to the chase and tells Brooke that Liam and Steffy may be getting back together. Brooke asks why and if something has changed. Taylor says yes and informs Brooke that just before she left Liam asks Steffy to meet him. She says if all goes as planned they will be living together again and moving on with their lives. Brooke tells Taylor that she hates to burst her bubble but Liam asked to see Hope too. Taylor looks confused.

Liam paces around the room and thinks about Hope and all the times he shared with her. Liam then thinks of Steffy and all the times he shared with her. The montages end and Steffy enters. She tells Liam that nothing has changed. She says that has got to be a good sign. She says that she she’s been only gone for a day but it feels longer. She tells Liam that she moved out with her mother because she knew he needed time to think then takes it back and admits that she did that because she knew if she didn’t then he would have.

She says that she didn't want to feel the way she did when her father walked out on her. Liam looks down and Steffy sighs saying that that's just something that seems like another excuse for all the hurtful, stupid things she has done in the past. She firmly says that she is through with excuses. Steffy says that she has to deal with all her insecurities and she is. She admits to him that being here with him feels like home. Liam smiles and Steffy tells him that he means so much to her and that she loves him so much. Steffy moves to kiss him but the door opens and Hope walks in.

Steffy’s face falls and she tells Liam to please tell her this is some kind of crazy coincidence. Liam says it’s not and that he called both of them here. Hope asks if this means he has made a decision. Looking at Liam fiercely, Steffy asks what happens to all of their futures.

Taylor clarifies if Brooke means that Liam has asked to see both of their daughters at the same time. Brooke says that only Hope and Steffy don’t know that. Taylor says that doesn’t matter and what matters is what Liam is thinking. Brooke says she’s sure Liam will be very sensitive in letting Steffy down but Taylor says he‘ll be sensitive letting Hope down.

Brooke sighs and Taylor laughs and says she doesn’t know where this fantasy world of hers ends. Taylor says that Brooke really ought to be concerned about Hope because Liam takes his vows very seriously and he has already forgiven Steffy. Brooke firmly asks how many mistakes Liam should be expected to forgive and adds in especially when he is still in love with Hope. Taylor doesn’t look convinced.

Seeing Hope and Steffy looking at him hopefully Liam says he knew this would be hard.

Hope says it’s been difficult for them too with waiting but wondering. Liam says he knows that. Steffy says that they knew he needed time. She takes a deep breath before saying that whatever Liam decides, it will change everything or she. Steffy trails off sighing and Hope says or Steffy will move back in and says unless she already had. Hope asks her if she has and Steffy looks at Liam in shock.

Liam takes a breath and sighs before saying to Steffy that with her every day with her is an adventure and how she taught him to be spontaneous. He tells her that she has added twists and turns to his life. Liam says that he loves her energy and her fearlessness. Liam admits that with her he never quite knows what's coming next. Steffy smiles at that until he says that is altogether exciting and terrifying at which Steffy’s face falls.

Turning to Hope Liam laughs and asks her where to start. He tells her that she is first woman he ever loved. Hope smiles as Liam tells her that she taught me what true love is and what it can conquer and what it can't. Steffy listens on with tears in her eyes and sadness on her face. Sighing, Liam says that so much has happened recently, what happened in Mexico and his father’s lie. Steffy sighs and Liam says tells Steffy that seeing how brave she was throughout what Bill put her though really helped him appreciate the woman he married. Steffy smiles tightly as Liam tells her that he doesn’t take marriage lightly.

Hope turns Liam’s attention back on her by asking if he wants a moment to talk to Steffy.

Liam asks her if she would understand. Hope nods and steps out after looking back at Liam for one long moment.

Steffy turns Liam towards her. Holding his face she says that she loves him and says that she loves him more than she ever thought she could love any man. She takes a deep breath before twisting her ring on her finger and saying that she doesn’t want to take it off. Looking back at him she tells him to tell her that is what he feels too. She asks if he does really feel that. She asks if that was what he was going to tell her. Liam stares back at her quietly. With tears in her Steffy asks if they are staying married or not.

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