B&B Wednesday Update 2/1/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/1/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick enters Ridge’s office and everyone in charge at Forrester discusses Pam and how they are not going to arrest her.

Hope talks to Katie about her fashions.

Liam is shown putting a bunch of things in a box. Bill walks in and asks where he has been and tells him to call Steffy to come back. Liam tells Bill he is done with his demanding relation with him and is done with it unless he changes his attitude.

Eric asks why Pam would do this. Ridge explains that Pam missed Steven. Ridge then looks to see how bad the damage will be.

Hope and Katie talk about Steffy’s blood clot being fake and how Hope does not want to tell anyone as she does not know what to do unless Katie knows what to do.

Liam asks what Bill would do if he were him he then tells Bill to start talking to him as if he were Liam’s son.

Katie wonders where Hope’s head has been. Hope explains that she tries not to take what happened personal. Katie does not think that Bill should have done what he did. Hope thinks she will be with Liam and wonders what Katie will do.

Bill does not understand Liam and wants him to just blame him; Bill wants to know what Liam wants. Liam explains less of what he has been giving him and tells him to stop coming over until he can do better for Liam and his life. Bill says he is sorry but then takes it back he explains that he does not like the feeling he has right now.

Ridge explains that the company can survive but they cannot have any more screw ups or the company is down under. He tells everyone that only people who are trusted are allowed through the doors of Forrester anymore. Amber walks in look for Rick. Ridge says that this is the sort of thing they cannot have anymore (meaning Amber). Stephanie said no one should have ever let Amber in, Brooke notes that the designs that Amber made are outselling all others. Ridge congratulates Rick and tells him to get rid of Amber. Rick tells everyone to make a decision about what to do with Amber.

Katie discusses how she can’t be sure of anything anymore due to Bill. Hope wonders if Katie has talked to Bill. Katie says no and that she thinks the marriage can be saved but does not know what.

Liam wants to know why Bill came over. Bill claims for Steffy to be back in the Liam’s life. Liam tells him that he does not want him involved in his personal life. Liam say’s that nothing Bill does or has interests Liam at all. Bill explains his life does not suck and neither does Liam’s. Liam explains all the faults in Bill’s life that he claims is so perfect and that he can keep his supposed perfect life. Bill explains that his father felt the same way that Liam felt but it skipped a generation, he then tells Liam about all the things Bill had to do all by himself and why he is so screwed up. Bill then explains all he wants to do is protect Liam and that he is the only good reason that he exists. Liam tells Bill that he can’t be that and he won’t deal with his messed up protection and he can’t be part of it. Bill asks if Liam could ever forgive him. Liam says he does not know as he now knows what Bill is capable of and will never see him the same way again.

Ridge explains to Rick they need an understanding that Rick works for him. Rick tells Ridge that the sales tell where they stand. Ridge say’s he understands but that Amber should not be part of his plans. Rick explains that he is a Forrester by blood and deserves to be there more than Ridge and that he maybe CEO or right now but only for now.

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