B&B Tuesday Update 1/31/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/31/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie confronts Pam over her portraying Forester over her crush on Nick. Pam explains that she was very upset over what happened with her previous relation. Stephanie claims it has nothing to do with that and did not like Steven but it is not her problem.

Steffy goes into Ridge’s office and the two discuss Liam. Ridge tells Steffy that today feels like a miracle to him and Steffy could care less. Steffy tells Ridge she moved out.

Katie tells Liam that it will take time to make up with Liam’s father. Katie tells Liam she is sorry about Steffy but he has to remember she constantly lies to him. Liam knows Steffy lies and that she moved out for space. Katie tells Liam that just because she did not do this that the other things did not happen and need to be remembered. Katie tells Liam she wants a man who won’t lie to her and she cries. Katie does not think Steffy will ever change.

Steffy tells Ridge a misunderstanding happened and she is giving Liam time. Ridge does not think he deserves time and storms out to go talk to him. Hope walks into the room and Steffy tells her she is not in the mood. Hope wants to know if she is ok, Steffy gets an attitude with Hope.

Pam tries to get Stephanie to understand. Stephanie asks Donna and Brooke to leave so she can talk to Pam alone. Stephanie is amazed Pam would do something like this and does not know who she is.

Hope wants to know if Steffy told Ridge about what Bill did. Steffy says no and tells Hope she is actually a likable person. Steffy tells Brooke that now is Liam’s chance to do what he wants with Hope.

Ridge walks into Liam’s house and tells Ridge to call Steffy. Ridge says he knows Steffy moved out and can’t believe it happened. Liam explains he forgave her for what happened but she lied still and nothing can be changed about that. Ridge thinks that Liam needs to stay true to Steffy no matter what.

Brooke is shocked over the news. Steffy refuses to accept that Liam is leaving her. Brooke knows that Hope and Liam are meant for each other and Steffy should not move back Brooke then leaves the room.

Ridge tells Liam that Steffy is insecure. Liam does not understand how Steffy can feel insecure. Ridge explains that she feels this way because Ridge walked out on her, then tells Liam he is not leaving her.

Stephanie explains that she won’t be around forever to take care of Pam. Pam tells Stephanie that she never had the same advantages as she did. Pam says she misses Steven. Stephanie says Steven was beneath Pam. Pam want’s Stephanie to forgive her and tells her she is very sorry. Stephanie knows Pam is sorry but explains she can’t just pass this off as nothing and the others won’t just forgive her. Pam thinks she can get them to change their mind and can’t put her back on her. Stephanie says she does not care about the company but she betrayed her so she needs to leave.

Hope tells Steffy that she thinks that the two of them belong together. Steffy tells Hope she is giving Liam space but only to remember where he belongs.

Ridge tells Liam that he enjoys being Liam’s father in law, and that Bill also supports the marriage. Ridge wonders what is going on with Bill and assumes he had something to do with everything. Ridge tells Liam to call Steffy and leaves. Liam gets a phone call from Hope who just wanted to talk. Hope tells Liam not to feel pressured and that they will talk in the morning. Liam tells Hope that he loves her and she does the same they then both hang up.

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