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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/30/12


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It is nighttime in Los Angeles as Bill, Liam, Steffy and Hope congregate in Bill’s office. Liam calls out his dad regarding his latest lie – switching Steffy’s MRI. Bill asks Liam if he told the truth when he said his wedding vows to Steffy. Bill says Liam made a commitment to Steffy, so he needs to stand by it. Liam tells Bill that he has every right to be mad. Hope pipes in and says Bill protected Liam because he is still attracted to Steffy. Hope wishes Bill would stop speaking for his son. Hope wants Bill to give his full support for any decision Liam makes. Liam asks Bill to only speak the truth from now on. Liam agrees to keep Bill’s secret about the MRI, but insists he’ll be making his own decisions starting today. Hope and Steffy bicker amongst themselves. Bill believes Liam still cares about his wife. Liam says Steffy is innocent of this latest stunt, but is definitely not free from guilt. Liam reminds Bill and Steffy that they both betrayed him. Liam raves about Hope’s integrity, saying that she is the only honest one in the room. Hope begins crying as Liam speaks warmly about her. Hope smiles at Liam for standing up to his father. Liam is sickened by the fact Bill let Steffy believe she was dying from a blood clot. Steffy interjects that her family knows the supposed blood clot is gone. Liam agrees to keep quiet about the MRI switch, but implies he no longer trusts Bill. Liam takes off his choker and sets it on Bill’s desk. Bill tries to plead with Liam, but he won’t listen. Steffy reminds Liam that she’s still his wife. Liam doesn’t blame Steffy for Bill’s actions concerning the MRI, but says they had marriage problems long before Cabo. Liam announces that he wants a separation. Teary-eyed, Steffy agrees to move in with Taylor, then says she’ll give Liam the time and space he needs. Steffy tells Liam that she believes they will be back together again.

Brooke and Donna are eating Chinese food in Ridge’s office when Donna inquires about Hope and Liam’s future. Brooke confides about the two’s interrupted reunion in Cabo. Brooke wonders about Steffy’s true medical condition. Donna is acting fidgety, which makes Brooke think her sister is having trouble with Nick. Donna blurts out that she knows who stole the Forrester designs. Brooke is started by the news. Brooke can’t believe Nick told Donna the truth. Donna admits she is falling for Nick. Donna can’t believe Nick would do such a “desperate” act to save Jackie M. Donna rambles on about Nick and Pam’s appearance on “Let’s Make a Deal”. Donna tells Brooke that the two acted like a couple on-screen. Brooke can’t believe Nick would be involved with someone like Pam. Interrupting their conversation, Stephanie demands to know why the two are talking about Pam.

At Jackie M, Pam tells Nick that she wants to come clean about her involvement in stealing the Forrester designs. Pam feels awful that she betrayed her sister. Pam makes it clear to Nick that she’ll never hurt Stephanie again. Pam wants to confess to Stephanie but Nick hates the idea. In fact, Nick thinks Pam is making a mountain out of a mole hill, claiming that designs are stolen every day in the fashion world. Nick lets slip that Donna knows the truth about Pam. Pam worries Donna will run to Stephanie with the information. Nick offers Pam a glass of water, but what she really needs is a shot of alcohol. Pam continues to analyze the situation, panicking about what Donna might say. Pam tells Nick that Donna has been waiting to make her (Pam) pay. Pam wishes she had confessed earlier. Nick tries to convince Pam to stay quiet, but she’s out the door before Nick can change her mind.

In Ridge’s office, Donna tells Stephanie that Nick and Pam are romantically involved. Stephanie scoffs at the idea, then says Donna must be mistaken. Donna implies Pam stole the designs from Eric. Before Stephanie can answer, Pam knocks on the door and asks to speak to her sister in private. Stephanie wants Donna and Brooke as her witnesses, so she instructs Pam to close the door, leaving the four women to speak candidly. Stephanie asks Pam if she had anything to do with stealing from Forrester Creations. Pam admits she was the thief. Stephanie shakes her head in disbelief. Pam justifies her actions because Stephen had just left and Stephanie doesn’t like Stephen. Stephanie can’t understand how this gave Pam “permission” to steal. Pam says she wanted to help Nick. Pam knows she made a terrible mistake. Pam begs Stephanie for her forgiveness.

Bill follows Steffy out of his office. Bill confronts Steffy about what she said to Liam. Steffy believes she’s lost Liam for good. Bill reminds Steffy that she’ll always be a Spencer. Steffy is mad at Bill because his lies ruined her marriage to Liam. Bill thinks Liam will be miserable with Hope. Steffy asks Bill to stop badmouthing Hope. Steffy says she agreed to leave because she didn’t want Liam to move out. Steffy breaks down as she tells Bill that all the men in her life have eventually walked out on her. Steffy proclaims her love for Liam, which makes Bill cringe a little.

In Bill’s office, Hope and Liam talk about his father’s lies. Hope feels Bill didn’t want to intentionally hurt Liam. Liam wonders how he can work side-by-side with his father now. Liam says he was convinced Steffy was in cahoots with Bill regarding the MRI, but sees the anguish Bill put Steffy through. Hope says Steffy is hurting because she thinks she has lost Liam. Hope doesn’t want to put pressure on Liam to make a decision about their relationship. Liam says he has loved Hope since the moment they met and will continue to do so. Through tears, Hope tells Liam that she loves him, and then they share a passionate kiss.

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