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Brooke looks on as Hope asks Liam if this is really happening. Liam says yes. Brooke tells Liam not to do this as he is married but Liam says Steffy will be fine. He asks for a moment alone with Hope. Brooke looks hesitation but Hope tells her to leave. Brooke says she will be in Ridge’s office and leaves. Liam kisses Hope passionately.

Steffy twists her wedding ring on her finger. With teary eyes she says that her husband just walked out on her. She says he thinks she lied to him again. Katie says that she did but Steffy says the only one that has been lying is Bill. She says as far as she knew she has a blood clot in her brain. She says she was worried as were her mom and dad and Liam.

Bill tells her to go find Liam but Steffy goes on and says she didn’t feel in danger but she didn’t think to question it because two doctors confirmed it. She asks him how he did it and asks if he bought the doctors off. Crying, Steffy says he let her think she had a ticking time bomb inside her. She asks Bill if he knows what that does to a person. Steffy says it’s sick. She asks him if he knows what he did to her marriage and angrily demands him he answer her as Katie looks on.

Katie asks Steffy if she had absolutely no responsibility in this. Steffy says she is a victim. She says that she, Liam, her family were all victims of Bill’s lie. Turning to him she asks him why he did it. Bill says he did it because he’d do anything to protect the people he loves, his family and he tells Steffy that includes her. He says she is his daughter-in-law and he was trying to keep it that way. Katie asks if she had no part in this.

Steffy says she had no clue. Upset Katie asks Bill if it was all him. Bill says he saw a problem and tried to fix it. He tells Steffy she should be thanking him. Steffy blows up on Bill when he says he was trying to save her marriage but Bill tells her that Liam was going to leave her. When Steffy asks him how he even knows that, Bill tells her that he knew it for a fact as Liam was going to go into her hospital room and tell her he was leaving her for Hope. Steffy looks heartbroken.

Hope asks Liam what is happening. Liam says “us.” He says that they have been manipulated so many times and says that he should have known from Aspen that Steffy and his dad were never going to stop conspiring. Turning to Hope again he says what matters is that he is here now. He says he’s here. Excited, Hope asks him what is going on and looks at him hopefully while Liam smiles back at her.

Stroking Hope’s hair Liam says how could he have married Steffy when she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He says that he was hurt. He was torn up and he really convinced himself that she didn’t care, He chuckles bitterly and says it was just his father and his wife working behind the scenes and he didn’t see that. He says he saw a supportive dad who was trying to help him out.

Hope says yes he was making sure it was Steffy in his life and not her. Liam says he trusted his father really wanted what was best for him and he didn’t care. Liam says Bill just wanted to control his life. He says it was like he chose Steffy for him but Steffy wasn’t her. He says he admires her so much and it’s not just because he loves her but because of who she is and how she lives her life. He says he is never going to let her go again and pulls Hope into another kiss.

Bill tells Steffy he really thought he was doing what was best for Liam and her. He sighs and says in hindsight he sees what he did was problematic. Katie snickers and says he’s just saying that because it blew up in his face. Bill says that he’s saying that because they are both looking at him as if he’s despicable. Steffy says he took it too far. He says he did but this is how he operates.

He says he makes the impossible possible and pushes the limits. He says he made a deal here but Steffy says this is her life and not some corporate takeover. Bill says he doesn’t always remember that he’s working with human beings, or family. He says he hasn’t had a family for long and he’s still trying to work out what that means. He says what he’s clear about though his loyalty to all of them.

He says they might question his tactics but they can never question that. He says that he expects the same in return. Bill says that they are Spencers and they stick together. Steffy says that she is all for family loyalty but he has taken it too far. She says that she had told Liam that she would never lie to him again and he thinks she did. She says and now he has gone running back to Hope and she is now going to go find him and get through to him.

Bill says that’s exactly what she should do but adds in that this has to stay between them. He says that no one can know. Katie says he is worried Steffy is going to go to the press. Steffy says lucky for him she doesn’t give a damn about him. Bill looks hurt as she says he is the least of her worries right now.

She tells Bill that she is going to be telling her family that she is fine because her parents deserve to know their second daughter is not going to die anytime soon. She says that she is also going to find Liam and let him know this was all Bill’s doing and she says she prays she can save her marriage. Steffy leaves and after a moment of quiet Katie says so this was all Bill’s doing. She says Bill Spencer “the puppet master” and asks him how is her ever going to live with himself.

Katie says that he made Steffy believe she had a blood clot in her brain, that she was going to die and expresses disappointment. Bill says he did what he did to save Steffy and Liam’s marriage. He says he knows she doesn’t agree with him but he knows that Steffy is good for his son. She tells him to just keep telling himself that. Bill says he was protecting his family but Katie says it was stupid and dangerous and illegal.

Katie sits down on a couch and Bill goes over to her and tells her that he knows he is upset. He says he deserves it but he does not want this to bring their marriage down. He tells her loves her and needs her to trust him and keep this quiet because this kind of a scandal could bring down Spencer publications.

Brooke thinks about what Liam said to Hope about him being through with the lies and coming back to Hope. Steffy bursts in and asks her if she has seen Liam. Brooke asks her why he would be here. She asks Steffy why she isn’t resting but Steffy says she is fine and has to see Liam. She asks Brooke if she has seen him again. Brooke says she did and she got the impression that their marriage was over. Steffy asks if he said why but Brooke says no, he didn’t go into detail but she believes he finally sees her for the person she really is.

Liam mocks his relationship with Steffy to Hope saying that it was nothing but a series of manipulations. Hope says she tried to warn him about that. Liam admits that she did but he didn’t listen because he didn’t want to believe that his father and his wife could be so devious. He tells Hope that somehow he ended up married and she respected that because that’s the kind of person that she is.

Hope smiles while Liam says he tried to make his marriage work and tells him that’s because that’s the kind of person he is. She tells him that she respected his choice as much as it hurt. She says she was dying inside. Liam says he doesn’t know if she can forgive him but he feels as if a fog has lifted off him. He says he should have known better after Steffy lied in Aspen. He says she only got worse after that. He says his entire marriage was a series of schemes but that’s over now . He says he refuses to live his life that for even one more day and kisses Hope again while she smiles in glee.

Steffy says she is not discussing this with Brooke. Brooke continues jabbing at Steffy and asks her what she did this time. Steffy asks her why she always assumes she has done something. Brooke says it’s force of habit. Steffy tells her she is way off base with that because she did nothing wrong. Brooke says it didn’t sound like that the way Liam was talking. Steffy says he needs to speak with her husband she says she knows he is here with Hope. Brooke says even if he was she wouldn’t tell her where they are. Steffy says she’ll find him on her own and storms out.

Katie asks Bill what will happen when Steffy finds Liam and convinces him that this was all his doing. He says he hopes in time he forgives him but says he doesn’t care about that right now. He says right now she is all that matters to him. Katie says she can’t understand how he could do something like this. Bill says that he didn’t think it through. Katie asks him what it is with him and Steffy. She says he will risk everything for her, to keep her close. She asks him if it’s some kind of ego thing and tells him not to say this is all about his son because she’s not buying it. Katie says she doesn’t want to live like this. She says she doesn’t like feeling like this.

Bill says he screwed up. Katie says he locked her in a tower to shut her up and asks him who does that. He says he was trying to get her to cool down. Katie says that she doesn’t want to live with these lies and she needs a man who can be honest with her. She says she needs some time to think things through and says she’ll call him when she’s ready to talk and says until then he’ll be at his sisters. Katie walks out on him.

Hope tells Liam that she knew this day would come but tells him he can’t leave Steffy in her condition. Liam tells Hope there was no blood clot and stuns her when he says they just made it up to keep him by Steffy’s side. He says that somebody has a blood clot somewhere but it isn’t Steffy. He says his dad had the MRI switched. Hope asks him if this means this really is over. Liam says yes it’s over after Steffy did something that horrible.

Hope laughs in victory and hugs and kisses Liam until Steffy arrives. Steffy says she needs to talk to him. Liam says there is nothing left to say. Steffy says no she didn’t lie to him and says she wouldn’t do something like this. Liam screams what is she talking about when she has always lied to him. Steffy says she was a victim and this was all his dad. She says she thought she was going to die and so did he because of Bill’s lie. She says his father deceived them and says he has to believe her pleadingly but Liam looks doubtful of her.

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