B&B Wednesday Update 1/25/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/25/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie tells Liam that Steffy and Bill were lying the whole time about everything. Katie tries to get Bill to admit to it.

Hope and Brooke discuss Hope’s decision over ending her clothing line as she cannot deal with the things it involves anymore. Brooke hugs Hope to comfort her. Brooke tells Hope she has been doing so much good for people. Hope thinks she has been a fraud. Brooke knows Hope has made a difference. Hope feels her principles do not work as Liam married Steffy. Brooke does not think that Liam is worth it anymore.

Katie explains that Bill’s doctor was involved in the MRI fraud. Steffy denies being involved with the MIR fraud. Katie tells Liam that Steffy and Bill came up with the lie to keep them together. Steffy tries to get Bill to say she had nothing to do with it.

Brooke does not understand what happened. Hope tells Brooke that Liam the man she loved left her. Brooke thinks that Hope needs to think about her message and not her love life. Hope explains that Liam understood her values. Brooke thinks that her message has nothing to do with Liam, and that if Hope was around when she was growing up her life would have been very different. She tells Hope to be strong.

Steffy wants to know if Katie is making it all up. Katie refuses to think that Steffy has nothing to do with it. Katie tells Steffy that the MRI does not match a previous with that. Bill confirms that it was not her MRI. Liam wants to know if he did this. Bill says yes.

Hope decides that Liam has nothing to do with her morals or what she believes in and she needs to stop living life as it might have been, she thanks Brooke for helping her relies her wrongs. Hope decides to make keep doing her clothing line. Brooke is proud that she is standing up for what she believes in and that she is everything that others can’t be. Hope and Brooke hug in joy.

Liam is disgusted at Steffy and refuses to listen to Steffy. Steffy pleads that she did not do anything wrong. Liam yells at her and tells her that he is done with her lies and runs out to go be with Hope. Bill tells Steffy to go after him. Steffy ignores him and wants to know why Bill would do what he did. Bill explains that he needed Liam. Steffy gets madder that Bill would lie to her and Liam and assumes that Katie and Bill’s marriage is also over.

Hope looks outside and thinks about her relationship with Liam having flashbacks to the past and when he asked her to marry her. Brooke walks outside and asks why she wanted to come up here. Hope explains it is where Liam proposed and she wants to get over it now. Brooke wishes things had worked out differently for her. Hope wishes she could hear the words “will you marry me” one more time from Liam. Liam appears and explains that he loves her and the two kiss long and passionately.

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