B&B Tuesday Update 1/24/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/24/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope is shown taking pictures. For a fashion shoot that Brooke and Eric are involved in.

Steffy walks in and starts to talk to Liam about the current events in their lives and talks about her illness. Liam insures her she will be fine. Steffy tells Liam he is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Katie tries to get out the room she is being locked in.

Hope explains that Hope of the Future has been pulled. Eric does not believe that she would do this. Hope tells him that nothing her life is going as planned and she can’t handle it anymore. They tell her that she should focus on it and not Liam. Hope tells Oliver that the only thing not to change is her love for Liam. Rick thinks Hope is having a bad day and tries to convince her to change her mind over the company. Hope explains it is done.

Liam wonders if Steffy has the MRI results. Steffy says no and wants to know as much as he does. Liam tells her that he is impressed over the handling that Steffy has done in order to be stable. Steffy hugs him again. Bill walks in wondering how long Steffy and Liam have been there.

Katie remains stuck in the room.

Hope tells Brooke and Eric that she needs to be more normal and get away from her fantasy. Hope tells them that her virginity is still intact and Liam is with Steffy. Oliver does not like Hope’s attitude but supports whatever she chooses to do. Hope wonders what will happen next. Brooke tells everyone she needs to talk to Hope alone.

Katie finds a split in the carpet.

Steffy hears a noise in the walls and Bill tells her to ignore it. Bill then tells Liam and Steffy that her clot is gone. Steffy starts to cry and explains she was terrified with everything. Liam comforts her.

Brooke feels Hope is being too hard on herself. Hope thinks she is being silly with her line. Brooke tells Hope that she is proud of her. Hope thinks that her message is no longer right to live by.

Steffy describes her pain she has felt. Liam tells her that he was scared. Bill decides they will toast the event. Katie continues to make noise from upstairs. Bill tells them to move on with their lives and wishes them along and happy life.

Katie pulls on the hatch in the attack which is being locked from down stairs. She then breaks the lock and is able to leave.

Brooke understands that Hope has been through a lot but Hope needs to get over Liam as he is no longer healthy for Hope. Hope says she loves him and that he loves her, but love is not enough in this case. She knows she can believe in love with Liam, and her heart is broken over not being with him.

Steffy wants to thank Bill. Bill tells her not to thank him. Liam hears the noise again and Bill tells him to let the noise go. Bill then pretends to leave and finds Katie walking down the stairs and Bill explains that Steffy is healthy again. Katie tells Liam that Steffy’s clot never existed and that Steffy and Liam made the whole thing up.

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