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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/23/12


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Outside of Liam and Steffy’s beach house, Bill and Katie argue over Steffy’s MRI. Bill believes the doctor Katie consulted with is wrong, whereas Katie is sticking to her guns about the fake results. Bill and Katie agree to talk about their disagreement. Bill and Katie return to the beach house. Katie announces that she has proof of Bill’s lies. Katie wants Steffy to see a different doctor. Bill disagrees, saying that Steffy’s condition is dire. Katie can’t understand why Bill can’t let go of Steffy. Bill thinks Katie’s obsession with Steffy is crazy. Katie says she is looking at the truth and refuses to turn a blind eye anymore. Katie feels Bill can buy anyone he wants – Ramon, Justin, you name it. Katie worries how Liam looks at his dad. Katie says Liam’s great opinion of Bill will change once he finds out the truth. Bill finally admits he switched the MRIs, claiming he was protecting his son. Katie says she sees everything clearly now. Bill wants Katie to know how much he loves her, but she’s not listening. Bill says he was saving Liam from making a big mistake – ending his marriage to Steffy. Katie believes Liam and Hope are meant to be together. Katie brings up the fact that Bill is still attracted to Steffy. Bill begs Katie to stop talking. Katie says she is the only person who isn’t swayed by Bill’s money. Bill disagrees, saying Katie doesn’t take his money and status for granted. Katie begins crying as she goes on about saving Bill. Katie agrees to continue to “play the part”, but makes it clear all the lies end today. Katie inquires about Liam’s whereabouts. Bill wonders why Katie can’t be loyal to him. Katie assumes their marriage means nothing to Bill. Katie wants Bill to tell Liam the truth. Katie threatens to tell everyone if Bill doesn’t come clean. Bill won’t allow Katie to leave the beach house. Bill grabs Katie and carries her up the stairs. Bill has Katie trapped on the second floor.

Steffy and Liam are in Ramon’s office talking about the MRI. Ramon instructs Steffy to leave all jewelry behind before heading to the MRI room. Liam is bummed that he can’t go with Steffy. Ramon insists on walking Steffy to the area, but she’s determined to go there herself. Steffy refuses to accept any special treatment because she’s a Spencer. Once Ramon and Steffy leave the office, Liam catches up on some business calls. Liam calls Allison and offers to send some pictures he has stored on his cell phone. After retrieving the pictures, Liam finds some old photos of Hope.

Thomas barges into Hope’s office. Thomas notices that Hope is distracted. Hope says she just finished writing a letter about Hope For The Future. Hope contemplates cancelling the line, but wonders if she has the authority to do so. Thomas hates the idea and voices his concern. Thomas reminds Hope that her line is the “best-selling” one at Forrester Creations. Hope believes her line can’t work because she is dealing with personal issues right now. Thomas raves about Hope’s accomplishments. Thomas tells Hope that he can be her confidant. Hope laughs at Thomas’s remark, then admits she doesn’t trust him anymore. Thomas figures Hope is still mad about Cabo. Thomas says his intentions were good while they were in Mexico. Hope says Thomas and Steffy’s lies ended up making things worse. Thomas is adamant that he wanted to help Steffy but he isn’t her “puppet”. Thomas says Liam will always be a distraction for Hope. Hope asks Thomas if he was planning on getting her into bed in Cabo. Thomas says he hopes to someday. Hope reminds Thomas that he flirts with all the female staff at Forrester Creations. Hope implies she wants nothing to do with Thomas, so he walks out.

While waiting for Steffy to return, Liam thinks about Hope. Liam remembers the night of their engagement and their romantic kiss on the beach in Cabo. From her office, Hope is daydreaming about Liam too. Liam receives a phone call. It’s Hope, wanting to inquire about Steffy’s condition. Liam says Steffy is not feeling any different. Liam brings up having his tonsils removed. Liam confides to Hope about a childhood memory when he let his goldfish die because he didn’t feed it. Steffy walks in, causing Liam to forget about his phone call. Hope hangs up when she hears Steffy’s voice. Ramon reassures Steffy that the MRI caused her no damage. Steffy hugs her husband. Ramon suggests Steffy take things easy, then says he’ll call with the MRI results. Steffy signs some forms, then asks the nurse when she can resume normal activities. Liam wants Steffy to rest some more. Liam says Hope called to see how Steffy is doing. Steffy smiles at Liam and says she feels “amazing”. At the same time, Hope can’t stop thinking about Liam. Hope looks at a fashion magazine cover and begins crying.

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