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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Katie shadows Liam as he tries to work. Liam tells Katie that he’s busy and Katie says so is she. Not convinced, Liam says to him it looks like she has a lot of time on her hands but Katie says she is just trying to get to the truth. Liam asks Katie if she had seen the MRI scans. He tells her what Steffy is going through is serious and his father isn’t making this up. Bill enters and finds his wife and son looking tense. He tells them not to chatting on his account and asks them what is going on.

Steffy answers the door to find Hope. Sighing she tells her this is not what she needs right now but Hope says she’s only here to check up on her. Hope says that if seeing her makes her upset then she’ll leave but Steffy stops her by saying it’s not seeing her, but seeing her pursue Liam that upsets her. She asks her if this is why she’s here.

Nick calls Donna and asks her how things are on the water. When Donna tells him it’s lonely he asks her if she wants some company. Donna says that she would love some but she thinks she’s getting a cold. She sneezes and Nick tells her to get some rest. She says she is and she’s catching up on some daytime TV Nick says he’ll check in with her later and hangs up only to remember how Pam and him were on a daytime show and he panics. Realizing he can’t let Dona see the show Nick rushes out to stop her.

Hope says she can see this was a bad idea and just gives Steffy the reports she brought. Steffy takes them and invites Hope in. Steffy asks Hope how everything is going at the office. Hope says they are still trying to figure out who stole their designs.

Steffy asks if they have any leads yet and Hope says no, not yet. Steffy says if she was at Forrester she would have caught the culprit by now. Laughing, Hope says she knows. Suddenly Steffy asks Hope if she looks sick to her. She admits that she doesn’t even have headaches anymore. Steffy says she doesn’t get it, if her condition is so serious why doesn’t she have any symptoms? Hope looks surprised.

Bill asks Katie what she is doing here. Katie says she is talking to Liam to which Bill says he can see that but he can tell it’s not business related. Katie gets to the point and asks Bill if he doesn’t find it strange that Steffy gets a clean bill of health but as soon as Liam is going to end the marriage and go back to Hope she gets a sudden blood clot in her brain. Bill says so what.

Katie says she can’t believe it’s all coincidence, Liam intercedes and says that the doctors prove his wife has a injury but Bill tells him to stop talking about this and tells him to go home to Steffy because she needs him. Once Liam leaves Bill turns to Katie as angrily asks her why she is doing this. He tells her she is on a witch hunt here and it needs to stop. Katie doesn’t listen to him and just leaves the office leaving Bill aggravated behind her.

Donna notices that Nick has arrived. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to catch her cold but Nick says he doesn’t catch cold and knows how to get rid of them. He suggests being outdoor and Vitamin D. Donna says okay but she was thinking if they could watch some TV first. Nick says okay and suggests a movie but Donna says that her favorite show “Let’s Make a Deal” is about to start and says they can watch that. Nick tries to keep his urge to panic under control as he agrees to cuddle up and watch the show he knows Pam and him were on.

Bill tells Allison he wants Steffy’s MRI file soon from his desk. Katie listens in and thinks of stealing the file to take a look at it.

Nick tries to interrupt Donna’s viewing of the show by jumping in front of her TV screen and asking her if she wants to hear a song. He leafs through her CDS while Donna tells him to move because she really wants to see the screen.

Eventually she manages to catch a glimpse of the lady and she comments on what a funny-looking couple they picked. Hearing the woman talk about lemon bars, Donna gets curious and leans over Nick to see if she is Pam as the voice sounds familiar. A moment later she realizes that it is Pam and not too long after she realizes the man with her is Nick. Donna looks at Nick in confusion and shock while Nick looks unhappy at being caught.

Hope brings Steffy coffee. Steffy thanks her and looks at the sales information. She says the stolen collection really hit them hard and Hope says that yes, they lost their spring collection. Steffy begins to stress over who could have done this as Hope tells her she didn’t bring this over to make her upset. Steffy looks at her knowingly and says no, she just came to see Liam.

Sighing, Hope says she is not pursuing him but Steffy says she is making herself available though. Hope stands up and turns away and Steffy asks Hope what happened in Mexico. Hope says that she was there with Thomas and she was with Liam. Steffy asks if when she was unconscious did Liam and her talk. Hope tells her of course they did as they were worried sick about her. Hope tells Steffy that her relationship with Liam though is an unresolved issue. Steffy says that something did happen in Mexico then and asks Hope if she wants to tell her about it. Just then Liam enters and finds Steffy and Hope together. He looks at them curiously while Steffy looks back looking unhappy.

Katie takes the MRI results to a doctor. She asks the doctor to confirm if her daughter-in-law’s situation is really as serious as she thinks it is, pretending to be concerned. The doctor begins to study the scan and Katie smirks to herself.

Donna asks Nick if he went on the show with Pam with heavy confusion in her tone. Nick says he did. Donna says it’s almost funny but it’s not because he looks miserable. She asks Nick why he is associating with Pam when him and his mother are nothing like her and also he knows everything Pam has done to her in the past. Nick looks guilty and sighs. Donna asks him what is going on here and Nick says it’s not what she thinks. Donna says she’s not thinking anything and says she just finds it strange he is hanging out with Pam. She says it would make sense if she was at Jackie M maybe but she works at Forrester.

Suddenly seeing the guilty look on Nick’s face, Donna realizes Pam stole the designs and that Pam is in love with Nick. He says it’s not like that but Donna says it is. She tells him if Pam sees her as an enemy then. She pauses and remembers the recent accidents she has had and realizes Pam was behind them. Donna begins to tear up and asks Nick how he could do this to her. Crying, she asks if he kissed Pam and so on but Nick tries to deny it, Donna says he could go to jail and so could his mother and asks him why he did this. Nick tries to use the company’s status as a scapegoat but Donna isn’t satisfied. Feeling betrayed, she asks him again why he had to do this to her and keeps crying.

Alison frantically searches for the MRI report that Bill asked her for but is unable to find it. She tells Bill who says she must have misplaced it but she says she doesn’t misplace things. Listening to the situation Justin says he wonders where it could be. Bill looks as if he almost knows Katie has it.

The doctor returns after inspecting the scan and Katie asks her what she can tell her.

Steffy smiles and kisses her husband. Liam asks if Hope and her were arguing but Steffy says no and tells him that Hope was just dropping some things off from work. Liam says that she’s not supposed to be working though. Hope tells him it’s just a little bit of light reading. Steffy tells Liam that she was just telling Hope how well she was doing thanks to her amazing husband. Liam tells her to get some rest but Steffy says she wants them to go for a walk on the beach.

Liam says she’s not supposed to even leave the house though. Steffy asks him what could possibly happen to her when he’s there but Liam tells her to rest. He makes Steffy go to bed and Steffy asks him if he’ll be okay with Hope being here with him. She then says of course he will and kisses him before leaving for bed. Once she is gone, Hope asks Liam if he is worried about Steffy. He says he can’t make her upset at all and Hope says he won’t. Hope tells him Steffy was asking her about Mexico though. Liam remembers the kiss and asks her what she said. Hope says nothing but says Steffy seemed suspicious though. Liam comments that even Katie has some suspicions of her own,. When Hope gets curious he tells her that Katie suspects Steffy’s condition may not be real.

Donna says she can’t believe this. Nick tells her there is no him and Pam. Donna disgustedly says he conspired with Pam to steal Forrester designs and in return he let her touch him. Nick says it was a kiss or two nothing more and tries to justify himself by saying Pam is just lonely and wanted a little affection.

Donna asks him if he knows how disgusting that sounds to her. Nick says he’s sorry this has hurt her so bad because she means so much to him. Nick says he loves her. Donna cries again and says that so many nights she dreamt of him saying those words to her but his changes everything. She says he’s just not who she thought he was. Crying she leaves the boat, Nick calls after her but Donna doesn’t listen leaving him alone and miserable.

Hope says so Katie thinks Steffy doesn’t even have a blood clot. Liam says she thinks it’s too coincidental. Hope brings up Aspen and tries to tell Liam it’s possible but Liam says he doesn’t think Steffy would stoop that low to fake a life-threatening condition. Hope sighs but lets him be. She says there is a lot she doesn’t like about Steffy but she can’t blame her for loving him. She smiles and tells Liam that his wife needs him now more than ever, They share a hug while Hope smiles sadly.

Bill, Allison and Justin realize Katie probably has the scan. Justin asks him what he is going to do now but Bill isn’t worried. He tells them any doctor she takes it to will tell her that there is a clot on Steffy’s brain and she will die if her husband doesn’t look after her which he will.

The doctor asks Katie how she got this MRI. Katie says it was done by a reputable doctor but the doctor says that doesn’t answer her question. She asks if Bill knows she has this. Katie cuts to the chase and tells her there are some things that she needs to get to the bottom of. She asks the doctor if Steffy really has a life-threatening condition or are they all being duped. Again.

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