B&B Wednesday Update 1/18/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/18/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Eric that Ridge knows Amber is working with him. Eric says that is impossible and that he has to keep this a secret for now.

Pam walks into Nick’s office with a box full of costumes. Nick assumes it is something from Forrester. Nick explains he is not dressing up a caveman. Pam tells him not to worry but to hurry up because they have to get down to the “Let’s Make a Deal” studio.

Katie tells Bill that Brooke told Liam that he was going to leave Steffy. Bill does not believe that this can be true. Bill says that Liam never told him that he wanted to leave Steffy. Katie explains that the reason Liam did not tell Bill is because Steffy has been very sick.

Brooke tells Eric that Ridge is her husband and she can’t keep this a secret from him. Eric pleads that his designs are good and that people won’t care who made the designs. Brookes explains that if that is the case then he should just tell ridge and have Amber leave because has never done anything in her past to prove herself before.

Katie talks on the phone asking for a Mexican number. She then hangs up the phone and fins Allison standing behind her. She asks Allison if she knows anything about what happened in Mexico, she then decides to just ask Liam herself. Allison walks out and Liam walks in asking what Katie wants to know.

At let’s make a deal Nick dresses as a lobster and Pam dresses as a fisherman. Pam tries to get Nick to get happy over this. Nick says it is not a smart idea for them to be seen on national TV together. The two then go to get there seats.

Wayne Brady is shown hosting “Let’s Make a Deal” Pam and Nick are picked to be on the show. Pam introduces Nick as Dominick. Pam then hugs Wayne. Wayne asks how long they have been together but Pam explains they are a catch.

Amber says she does not want to hold Eric back and does not want to make problems for the family. Brooke tells Eric to listen to her. Amber says she admits to being a bad person but explains that is not the case anymore. Brooke asks if Amber still has feelings for Eric. Amber explains she does not. Ridge walks in and asks Eric if he thinks he could really fool him. Eric says no. Ridge tells Amber to leave and that as long as she is in Eric’s life his line will not be involved at Forrester.

Liam comes back to Katie. Katie asks if he still has feelings for Hope. Liam explains he is not leaving his wife because Steffy is sick and could get sicker.

Wayne Brady gives Pam a thousand dollars but tells Pam she can keep it or have a box that says Foreign on it. Pam chooses the box and the two of them win a trip to Paris for a six day stay along with many deals. They also get nine thousand dollars. Pam explains she loves to bake and gives Wayne Brady one of her lemon bars that she has in her bate box.

Eric does not understand why he is being turned down just for Amber. Ridge says he does not work with people he can’t trust. Eric tells everyone he wants to talk to Amber alone.

Katie discuses if Steffy could be making up her illness. Liam tells her that there is no way that could happen and does not believe that she would even bring it up.

Eric tells Amber he is sorry and that he hates Ridge. Amber tells Eric not to let him stop him from going all the way to the top but he will not being doing it with her. But she will be cheering him from the sidelines. Eric tells Amber that he wants her to stay with her and help him.

Wayne Brady explains that Pam can either keep the trip to Paris or pick what is behind the curtain. The clue given is the 7 seas. Pam assumes this means there is a boat involved. Pam chooses to give up the trip for a ship wrecked boat, they end up losing everything. Pam and Nick hug.

Allison explains that Katie has been making phone calls to people. Justin tells Bill that Katie is on to what is going on.

Liam explains that Bill would not have done anything to help Steffy. Katie tells Liam that Steffy and Liam’s marriage is an obsession to him. Katie says that the MRI were both from people Bill had control over. Liam tells Katie to just stay out of it. Katie leaves. While in the hallway she notices an envelope that says confidential MRI. She takes the envelope and goes onto the elevator.

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