B&B Tuesday Update 1/17/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/17/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge are shown kissing in his office, Ridge asks if there plan will work. Brooke says yes. Ridge does not understand why Brooke would go to the people she did to try to get help. Ridge does not believe that Eric’s designs are his. Brooke explains the concepts are his but the drawings are not. Ridge thinks Amber is the one helping Eric out.

Amber gets very excited over her designs being used for a whole line. Eric explains to her that it is not a safe thing for her to be at Forrester right now. Amber does not believe anyone will know that she is the one drawing the pictures and won’t get caught. Amber says that no one will believe that the person drawing the pictures is hot. The door is knocked and Amber goes and hides, Pam walks in introducing Tiffany Coin to Eric. Pam gets over excited over this explaining she has always wanted to be on “Let’s Make a Deal”. Tiffany offers to have Pam come to a taping. Pam then leaves. Eric and Tiffany go over to Ridges office.

Jackie walks in on Nick who explains to her that they are on a role; Jackie agrees but is worried about how much longer Pam is going to want to help them out.

Ridge tells Brooke he is sure that Rick is working with Amber. Pam walks in introducing Tiffany, Tiffany introduces herself to Ridge. Pam explains where Tiffany is from and how the game show works. Brooke explains she knows what the show is about. Eric tells Ridge that they are going to hire famous models to be in there ad campaigns. Eric asks if Tiffany will be part of the ad campaign and Tiffany agrees. Tiffany then says she must get back to the show as they are taping an episode today. Pam explains again how much she loves the show. Eric then walks Tiffany out. Brooke explains she is looking forward to working with her before she leaves. Ridge is not happy with Eric operating behind his back.

Jackie tells Nick that Pam is not going to want to be around them much longer because of Donna, as Pam hates Donna. Nick understands what she is saying.

Donna comes in to Forrester and Pam asks if she wants a lemon bar. Donna says she does not want one. Pam tells Donna that Tiffany Coin was just there, the two then reminisce of the time they were on the “Price is Right” together. Donna starts scratching a lot from the itching powder Pam put on all her clothes.

Ridge does not think it is fair that Eric is making all these good sketches without actually drawing them. Ridge is completely convinced that Amber is helping him. Brooke explains to Ridge that there is no way that Eric would be working with Amber after last time.

Eric walks back into his office to find Amber is there. Amber says that the girl that was just there was cute. She then starts to kiss Eric. Eric says that Tiffany was just business, Amber then kisses him again. Amber thinks that Tiffany would be a good model for the line she than asks what Brooke and Ridge think of her. Rick tells Amber that they think it is a good idea however Ridge is not happy with Eric coming up with the idea. Amber feels that this is not fair and that one day Eric will be the new CEO of Forrester and that no one can stop the two of them from it happening.

Brooke tells Ridge that Amber is not drawing for Eric. Donna walks in still scratching herself, she explains that a bunch of crazy things happening to her lately. Donna says the last time that things like this happened to her it was because of Pam. Brooke thinks that maybe Pam is jealous for some reason. Donna does not think this is the case because Donna is dating Nick and last time this happened she was dating Eric.

Nick pours a drink for himself. Pam then walks in dressed like Sally; Nick thinks it is actually her until Pam takes off the wig. Nick asks if Pam is actually considering leaving him and Jackie. Pam explains that she thinks he is spending too much time with Donna. Nick apologizes and asks if Pam wants anything to make her feel better. Pam says there is one thing and she wants him to come on “Let’s make a Deal” together. Nick tells Pam that they can’t do that because people will see them on TV; Pam says they will be in costume. Nick tells her no. Pam then threatens that if he does not go on with her that she will just stop giving them designs. Nick then agrees to go with her. Pam is very excited over him coming with her and explains that she might get a little flirty with Wayne Brady but not to get jealous. She then starts to hug him.

Brooke asks Donna other than the rash if everything is going ok for her. Donna explains that for the most part yes everything is going well. Donna says she is sorry that she does not know who stole the designs. Brooke asks if she has asked Nick, Donna says no but every time she sees him she thinks he could be part of her life a little more.

Eric tells Amber that they still have a lot to work on if he is going to be running Forrester. Eric tells Amber that she better stop hanging around before someone catches her. Amber again says she does not think she will be caught.

Brooke tells Donna to go get some rash lotion so that she will get over it better. Donna then leaves and Brooke walks up to Eric’s door where she overhears Amber explaining her plans, Brooke then walks in on them and Brooke is shocked over this. Eric thinks it is ok. Brooke thinks this is terrible. Eric tells her that she has to keep this a secret until everything is ready, he begs her.

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