B&B Monday Update 1/16/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/16/12


Written By Carrie
Pictures By Juanita

At Liam and Steffy’s beach house, Brooke defends her daughter Hope to Liam.  Brooke believes Liam isn’t being fair to Hope.  Brooke reminds Liam that Steffy lied to him yet again.  Brooke admits she knows that Hope and Liam kissed on the beach in Cabo.  Brooke demands to know if Liam was going to leave Steffy before she crashed.  Liam admits that he would have.  Brooke is taken aback by Liam’s confession.  Brooke begs Liam to end his marriage to Steffy.  Liam reminds Brooke that Steffy has a serious medical condition.  Even though Liam loves Hope, he will not jeopardize Steffy’s recovery.  Brooke says Liam and Steffy don’t belong together.  Liam says he cares about Steffy and won’t contemplate divorce.  Brooke worries what will happen to Hope.  Brooke tries to convince Liam to change his mind, but he won’t budge.  Liam is put off by Brooke’s lack of compassion toward Steffy’s situation.  Liam finishes his talk with Brooke by saying he will not leave Steffy. 

In Bill’s office, Justin asks his boss what happened in Cabo.  Bill is vague, saying that “drastic measures” were used to help his son.  Bill says Liam was contemplating leaving Steffy for Hope, so he stopped that from happening.  Justin asks Bill why he is so concerned about Steffy’s best interests.  Bill says Liam and Hope can’t be together so he changed Steffy’s CT scan at the hospital.  Justin can’t believe Bill’s latest antics.  Justin realizes the plan is for Liam to become totally committed to his wife while Steffy recovers.  Justin applauds Bill for his efforts, but wonders if Bill is helping Liam for his own benefit. 

Rick is patiently waiting in his office while Amber paces the floor, panicking that Ridge hates the fashion designs.  Rick thanks Amber for all her help in bringing his ideas to light.  Amber sits on Rick’s lap and raves about his creative flair, reminding him that he’ll be CEO soon.  After Rick leaves the office, Amber makes a call to Marcus to check on Rosie.  Amber praises Marcus on being a good dad.  Amber tells Marcus that she should be home soon.  Amber stares at her watch, then checks the hallway to look for Rick. 

At Forrester Creations, Eric is looking over Rick’s designs when Ridge walks in.  Ridge is looking for Brooke, but Eric says he hasn’t seen her.  Eric asks Ridge to take a glance at the designs.  Ridge’s opinion – “not bad”.  Eric calls them “wonderful”, then admits they came from Rick.  Ridge is floored by the announcement.  Ridge thinks the ideas could not have come from Rick.  Nevertheless, Eric is enamored with the fashion designs.  Eric says the ideas are simple and could help Forrester Creations become successful once again.  Rick interrupts their discussion.  Ridge can’t believe Rick had time to create these designs since his return from Paris.  Ridge admits he isn’t too happy with the designs since he’s certain Rick didn’t create them.  Ridge ignores Rick, then tells Eric that something is definitely off.  Rick tells Ridge that he can accuse him to his face.  Rick admits he hired a draftsman to draw the designs, but the ideas are all his.  Ridge thinks Rick should go to Jackie M with the designs.  Eric defends Rick, saying that he already approved the line.  Ridge says they have a problem because he’s CEO of the company.  Eric says there’s always an exception to the rule.   After some convincing, Ridge finally caves, but not after telling Eric that the failure of Rick’s line is on him.  Ridge makes a call to start production of Rick’s fashion designs. 

Rick returns to his office.  Rick throws the papers on the desk so Amber figures Ridge hated the ideas.  Amber says Ridge is threatened by Rick.  Rick smiles and says Ridge caved.  Amber hugs Rick, then they share a kiss. 

After Brooke leaves, Liam checks in on Steffy.  Steffy wakes from the bed and smiles at her husband.  Steffy says her head is feeling better.  Steffy admits she’s been thinking a lot since her recuperation.  Steffy feels terrible that she lied to Liam while they were in Cabo.  Liam doesn’t want to upset Steffy.  Steffy is adamant that she explain while she didn’t tell Liam that Hope was at the resort.  Steffy says she panicked when she saw Hope in Cabo since she’s fully aware Liam still cares about his ex.  Steffy brings up the fact that Liam did everything to try to protect Hope when she was in duress.  Liam begs Steffy to calm down.  Liam wishes Steffy would stop torturing herself.  Liam can’t understand why Steffy is so insecure.  Steffy talks about their mornings together and lying in Liam’s arms after making love.  Steffy asks Liam to not give up on their love.  Steffy asks Liam to stay with her, then kisses him on the lips. 

Brooke is leaving the beach house when Katie shows up looking for her cell phone.  Brooke relays she talked to Liam about Hope.  Brooke asks about Steffy’s medical condition.  Katie says Steffy is being a “trooper”.  Brooke senses something isn’t right.  Katie retrieves her phone, then asks Brooke why she doesn’t believe Steffy’s story.  Katie and Brooke admit it seems unbelievable how Steffy could die at any second without any major symptoms.  Brooke says Hope and Liam almost reunited at Cabo if it weren’t for Steffy’s crash.  Katie implies that the crash could have been intentional.  Brooke disagrees, saying “fate”  stopped Liam and Hope from being together.  Katie is thankful Bill didn’t have any part in what occurred in Cabo. 

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