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Brooke is surprised that Thomas knew that Liam was in Mexico. Hope says he did know. Brooke says but he didn’t tell her, suggesting his wrongdoing. Hope sighs but says she doesn’t blame him though because Thomas took her on this vacation to get over Liam. Brooke asks if eventually Hope saw Liam. Hope says she did and smiles saying it was actually very romantic. Hope has a flashback of that moment and says that she will never forget it.

Ridge and Taylor come over to Bill’s place to see Steffy. Katie tells them Steffy is in the bedroom. Ridge says he wants a second opinion on Steffy’s scan. Bill says so does he and tells them that she is getting one. He tells them she is being examined right now. The doctor tells Liam that Steffy look normal.

Liam says that’s great news and asks Steffy how her headache is. Steffy tells him that it is still there but it isn’t terrible. The doctor says that if the headaches get worse he needs to be told right away. Ridge and Taylor enter the room and ask Steffy how she is. Steffy says that she has been asked that already but Ridge tells her to expect to be asked that a lot. Steffy says she is fine but Bill says no she is not fine. He says that she is in serious condition and urges the doctor to tell her about her diagnosis.

Brooke pours some coffee for Hope and her and tells her daughter to hold on for a moment because she didn’t get the whole story yet. Hope tells her mother how Liam saw her and so Thomas took her on an ATV ride on which Liam followed her with his own ATV.

Hearing how Liam had raced after Thomas and they were both speeding Brooke says it’s a miracle that they were all not injured. Hope says it is kind of scary. Brooke says that she is disappointed in Thomas as she can’t believe he would drink and drive. Hope says no Thomas was not drunk but Brooke says still she was on the back of an ATV and she wasn’t in any condition to be there. Hope says that she did some crazy things during her trip, some that she regrets but also some that she will never forget.

Liam sits by the window as Taylor tells Steffy to take her diagnosis seriously as this is no joke. The doctor agrees and tells Steffy that she can’t be under any stress at all. Noticing that Liam isn’t even paying attention Bill tells him keeping Steffy stress free is his job. Liam starts listening.

The doctor talks about another scan but Steffy says she doesn’t want another MRI. Bill asks if one will be necessary and the doctor says he doesn’t know as it has only been a couple of days. Bill says that all Steffy needs is a huge dose of TLC from everyone especially her husband. Katie says what she doesn’t understand is how the doctor in Mexico misread Steffy’s CAT scan as Steffy was normal before. Bill says but that was before the MRI. Katie says so then the blood clot showed up in the MRI but not the CAT scan. She asks Taylor if that is possible.

Taylor says yes because a MRI is a lot more definitive. Bill says he’ll walk the doctor out. The doctor tells Steffy to get some rest. Ridge thanks the doctor but Katie looks unsure of what she was told. On the way out the doctor asks Bill whose MRI that is. Bill says that it isn’t Steffy’s and that’s all that matters. Bill explains that he needs to do this to get Liam over his ex-fiancée and tells the doctor he will see him shortly

Katie finds Bill standing at the doorway and finding him deep in thought she becomes suspicious.

Steffy asks her dad who is doing her job but Bill tells Steffy that her only job right now is to rest and be pampered. He asks her if she can handle that. Steffy smiles and says being spoiled to death by her husband? Yes she can handle that. Liam laughs and Steffy says she could get used to that.

Turning to them she admits though that she doesn’t feel very sick. She says she has a headache but all this talk about stress and a blood clot. Bill cuts her off and says that she can’t take this lightly. He tells her this is serious and the only thing he wants her to focus on right now is being happy and peaceful. Going over to Liam he puts his hand on his shoulder and says with the help of her loving husband Liam. Katie looks suspicious at Bill. Taylor says they should all get out of here and let Steffy get some rest. She tells her daughter not to worry about one thing and asks Liam to help her with that before leaving with Ridge. Liam sits next to Steffy and rubs her shoulders. Steffy thanks him and tells him he knows what that is for. Liam says to just let her get well. Steffy smiles and they share a kiss.

Brooke says so Hope has a private moment with Liam in Mexico. Hope says that she wouldn’t really call it private. Brooke says but something happened though. Hope says yes something did happen, something huge. She remembers what happened and Brooke guesses from the smile on her face that Liam kissed her. She asks if Thomas saw. Hope says that she didn’t care who saw. Going over to her mother she tells her that Liam said he loves her and he never stopped loving her. Hope says that she thought that this was it. She says she thought Liam and her were finally going to be together but then Steffy showed up on her ATV and crashed and then everything changed.

Brooke asks what happened at the hospital. Hope says that Steffy was unconscious at the hospital but when she came to they thought everything was going to be fine and that she was going to be okay. She says that Liam and her talked and he told her that he was going to make things right.

Hope tells her mother that he was going to end his marriage. She says even if he didn’t say those exact words she knew that was what he meant. She sighs and then says that then the doctor came in and told them about Steffy’s blood clot and how it would be very dangerous if she was stressed out or upset. Going teary Hope continues saying that in that moment any chance that Liam and her had, was gone. She says that he has to be with Steffy and cries and Brooke hugs her daughter sadly.

Taylor and Ridge ask Liam how he is when he tells them Steffy is asleep. He says that he is exhausted. Liam starts to talk about what happened in Mexico but Bill tells him to forget about it. Ridge tells him that he should only be concerned about Steffy right now. Liam says he knows and doesn’t need to be told that but Bill says he is going to be told that because Steffy’s life depends on it.

Frustrated, Liam says that he gets it. Steffy can’t be stressed out. Taylor and Ridge say that she will be if she thinks he is still in love with Hope. Liam says that he will not hurt Steffy but he doesn’t know what else to say to them than that. Bill asks for a moment alone with his son.

Bill tells his son to honour the same advice he gave him when he was about to leave Katie. He tells him to honour his marriage. Katie listens in unhappily as Bill tells Liam that regardless of the circumstances Steffy is still his wife. Bill tells Liam that Steffy is special and that she is one in a million. He tells him that he needs to love her and care for her. Liam says he hears him and Katie, annoyed, slips into Steffy’s room. She startles Steffy and when Steffy asks what she’s doing here Katie says looking for answers.

Bill says he can’t imagine what Taylor and Ridge are going through, the possibility of losing another daughter. Liam says it’s intense. Bill tells his son to listen and says that he knows he sounds like a broken record but Liam cuts him off saying that he made his point. Bill asks him if he gets it and Liam says he is going to take care of Steffy and he can count on that. Liam warns Bill that all his reminders though are getting on his nerves.

Steffy tells Katie that she doesn’t need this and she shouldn’t have to tell her that. Katie says that she doesn’t want to upset her but she just can’t help from wondering. Tiredly Steffy asks what and Katie says the extremes she goes through to keep Liam and Hope apart. Steffy says that she is talking about Hope and Liam. Katie says that she did promise about not lying after what happened in Aspen. Steffy says that she wasn’t dishonest but Katie says that she knew Hope was at Mexico but she didn’t’ tell Liam and even worse she went out of her way to make sure he wouldn’t find out.

Steffy tells Katie that she is starting to upset her and reminds her what the doctor said. Katie says she understands why she would be upset and says that feeling insecure about your wedding is very upsetting but it isn’t going to go away. Now angry, Steffy tells Katie that her husband is not going to leave her. Katie tells her that Liam loves Hope and he would be with her right now if it weren’t for her. She asks Steffy how long she is going to keep this up. Steffy tells Katie that Liam loves her and she didn’t force him into marriage.

Katie says that she knows Liam made a mistake and he wants out but says that he is never going to tell Steffy that in her current condition. Katie tells Steffy that she is a strong woman and provokingly asks why she’s clinging onto a man who doesn’t love her. Screaming now, Steffy shouts that she shouldn’t even dare to say that Liam doesn’t love her. She says that she knows nothing.

Hearing Steffy screaming, Bill and Liam arrive and ask what is going on. Bill tells Katie that Steffy has a clot on the brain and getting her upset could kill her. He tells Katie to get out and goes after her to set her straight while Liam calms Steffy down and kisses her.

Hope tells her mother that Liam’s father said it over and over again that Steffy could not be stressed out. Brooke tells her that they just have to give it some time. Hope says that Liam is trapped. She says that he wants to be with her and she knows that but he can’t leave Steffy in this condition and she doesn’t even want him to. Brooke says that Liam can’t hide his feelings for her but Hope says that he has to.

She says that if Liam walks away from Steffy he could kill her and Bill made that very clear. Hope says that she wants to be married to Liam so badly because she loves him so much but she says that she just doesn’t see how it’s going to work. Brooke sys that she will be back. Hope asks her where she is going and Brooke says that she has to see Liam.

Taylor and Ridge arrive to see Hope. Hope asks them how Steffy is and they tell her she’s the same. Taylor says that the next few months are going to be critical for her recovery. Hope says she knows. Ridge says that they are worried about her and Hope moves to walk away. Taylor tells her she’s going to have to act better than that.

Sighing, Hope says that if they are worried about her and Liam but Ridge says he is worried about Steffy and her too. Taylor says that she empathizes with her but there is marriage here and she needs to learn how to respect it and accept it. Taylor says that this is especially important right now. Hope nods and Ridge tells her that he wants to help her to. He asks her where Brooke is and Hope says that she told her everything about he accident, everything that happened how Liam kissed her and she went to see Liam. Both Ridge and Taylor look unimpressed.

Liam sees Brooke at his doorway and asks her to come in. Brooke asks if there has been any change in Steffy’s condition. Liam says no and there won’t be anytime soon. Brooke talks about how Thomas and Hope had been drinking but Liam says no Steffy and Thomas were trying to get Hope to drink. Brooke gets worried and asks why and Liam says he can only imagine and that was why he ran after her. Brooke says he was trying to protect her and Liam says yes he wanted to make sure she was safe.

Brooke says this is just like Aspen all over again with Steffy doing everything she possibly could to keep him and Hope apart. Liam says she promised before that she would never do anything like that again. Brooke says that as long as Steffy feels threatened she is going to keep doing the same thing. She then says that Hope told her that he kissed her. Liam smiles and says that is not all he did. Brooke says that he told her he loves her and says that Hope loves him too. Liam says that he doesn’t know where she’s going with this.

Brooke asks Liam what exactly he meant by telling Hope in the hospital that he was going to set things straight. Brooke says that Hope thought he meant he was going to leave Steffy and she asks if that is true or if he was just caught up in some romantic fantasy or is just feeding her lies. Liam says no. Brooke tells him to do something then and urges him to end this marriage as soon as Steffy is out of the woods. Brooke tells him to divorce Steffy because it’s the best thing for all of them. For Hope for him and even for Steffy. She tells him to take charge of his life and be with the person he wants to be with. She says that that is Hope.

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