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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge tells Brooke about Steffy’s second scan and tells her of the second blood clot in her brain. He says that it will clear up over time but until then she cannot be made upset or excited. Brooke says that she thought Steffy was okay. Ridge says she will be and throws a warning look to Liam. Bill thinks of the plan he set in motion and remembers telling Steffy’s doctor to lie to Liam about Steffy’s condition to keep Liam from leaving Steffy for Hope. Ridge hangs up on Brooke and notices Liam looking drained. He says he looks troubled but Liam says he’s only tired. Ridge tells him he needs to get some rest because Steffy is going to need all his attention when they get back to L.A. Liam looks tired.

Jackie sniffs roses Owen brought her and asks him if this is a bribe. Owen says that if it were a bribe then he would have brought her champagne. Jackie laughs and says that he knows her so well. Owen says that he hopes that he does. His words catching her of guard, Jackie freezes. Owen continues by saying that yesterday he asked her to take him back. He says he wants to be her husband again. Turning to Jackie urgently he says that he needs her and he needs her answer.

Jackie says to Owen not to let Bridget hear him talking like that. Owen says he doubts she will find it surprising and asks Jackie why else Bridget has been taking things so slowly between them. Jackie says it’s just a period of courtship and Bridget deserves to be romanced. Owen says he agrees but he’s not the man to do that because he is and always will be, madly in love with Jackie. Owen kisses Jackie passionately.

Eric and Stephanie ask Brooke what Ridge said and when she tells them they ask her what will happen. Stephanie asks if there may be a stroke. Right then Rick comes in cheerfully and asks where Ridge is. Brooke says he’s not back yet. Rick says he asked Madison and he knows he is on his way. He asks if Steffy is okay. Brooke tells him about the blood clot in Steffy’s brain. Rick says that is terrible and asks if there is anything they can do.

Eric says no, not really at the moment. Rick says okay let’s work on something they can tackle then. Stephanie tells him the meeting for the new fashion line has been postponed but Rick says they are losing money everyday by sitting on the sidelines. He tells them that they have to replace the line that Jackie stole and he says he has one right here. He shows the designs to Eric and Stephanie. Eric asks him who did these and Rick tells them he did. Eric and Stephanie look back at him, stunned.

Taylor asks Thomas if he has had a chance to talk to Hope yet. Thomas says that he could fly all the way to Alaska and he still wouldn’t be able to explain. Bill comes over and says that they don’t land for a few hours hinting that he should try again. Thomas looks tense.

Jackie talks to Nick on the phone while Owen keeps trying to kiss her. Jackie pulls away and tells Nick not to hurry back because she has everything under control. When she hangs up Owen says finally and tries to approach her again. Jackie throws him a warning look and says that she is trying to run a business here but Owen says and he is just trying to save their marriage. Jackie says he’s very sweet but his life is with Bridget and Logan now. Owen says that he wants their life back and says that yes every moment he spends with Logan and Bridget is precious to him as a family but so is every moment he spends with her.

Jackie turns to Owen and Owen says that she ended their marriage so he could be a better father to Logan, be a bigger presence in his life but he says that he can’t be all with Logan when a huge part of him is always longing for her. He says that Logan needs him at his best and he was never better than when he was with her. Jackie smiles at him lovingly.

Pacing back and forth in her apartment Amber silently wishes for Rick to call her and worries over what Eric and Stephanie thought about her designs that she gave him. Brooke and Eric study the designs and say they are very impressive. Rick thanks them then Brooke says that she has never seen anything like this. Rick says that he has been working on them for a while. He says he has finally found his muse. Stephanie expresses her surprise as Rick has always handled the business end of the company.

Rick says that they have nothing to sell at the moment. Brooke say that Ridge and Eric are working as fast as they can. Rick nods and says that yes they have got some new ones and they have modified some of the ones that Jackie stole but those designs have no cohesion. He tells Eric that his designs do and they are unexpected. Eric says yes, a line worth waiting for. Eric smiles and says that they need to create a buzz and get people talking about this. Brooke tells him that these designs will certainly do that. Excited. Rick says that he could have the full collection in a week and Eric and Brooke look excited until Stephanie tells them all to wait. Turning to Rick she reminds him that Ridge is the CEO of the company and only he gets to decide what goes into production. Rick doesn’t look happy.

Thomas tries to defend himself to Liam but Liam is stuck on the idea that Steffy and him manipulated him and Hope. Bill tells his son to drop it but Liam says he just wants the truth. Thomas says that he didn’t know Steffy and him and chosen the same resort and explained that Steffy was willing to leave but they were both having such a good time with Liam and Hope that they didn’t want to leave.

Listening to him Taylor tells him to admit that it was a regrettable decision and leave it at that. Hope chimes in and asks Thomas if proposing to her was a regrettable decision as well. Going over to Hope, Thomas says that the only thing he regrets is that she didn’t say yes. Hope asks him then that wasn’t part of his plan with Steffy. Thomas says she helped him with the ring and arrangements leaving Hope to scoff but Thomas tells her that his proposal was real and all the words he said were true. Liam asks Thomas if they were his words or did Steffy feed them to him. Ridge snaps at Liam and says that’s enough. He says that his is pointless and it’s doing nothing to help Steffy.

Turning to Liam Bill asks him if he realizes what this kind of negativity could do to Steffy. Bill tells him he needs to change his attitude ASAP because this clot Steffy has could be there for months and she needs the love and support of everyone around her, especially him.

Seeing that Ridge is sketching Bill asks him if he’s trying to replace the designs that Jackie M stole. Bill says that he should have been told about that because he owns twelve and a half percent of Forester. He asks Ridge what he is doing to secure his investment. Ridge says that only thing they can do; put together another collection.

Rick says that they can’t drag their feet. He says that decisions needs to be made and Ridge isn’t here. Brooke says that he will be here today. Rick says they don’t need him. Turning to Eric he says that Eric had made all the decisions before Ridge took over and he can do the same today. He asks his father what he has to say. He asks if they are going to move on with this or keep paying the guy in the loading dock to play cards.

Eric looks concerned. Rick assures him by saying that he knows that this is a risk because he has never designed a collection before but he says that he is his son. Rick says that fashion runs in his blood and they are in no position to sit back and play it safe. He says that be believes in this collection and he hopes he’ll believe in it enough to produce it. Eric smiles and says he does. Hugging his son he says welcome to the design team. Brooke grins in joy while Stephanie looks less than pleased at them not taking Ridge’s opinion on this at all.

Jackie tells Owen that he doesn’t realize what a gift she has given him. Owen says yes his freedom and doesn’t sound happy. Jackie says no, it’s the chance to bond with his child. She explains that right now Logan is young and he means the moon and the stars to him but that may not always be. She says that a father’s relationship with his child is complicated. She says that children will make you think of where you went wrong. Owen disagrees with her and says that the best way for him to teach him is for him to do it himself. He says that the best way to teach Logan how to be happy is for him to be happy himself. He tells Jackie that he has never felt happier than he was with her. He says that it can all go back to the way that it was he just needs her to say yes. He kisses her three times and each time asks her to say yes. After he pulls away, Jackie looks at him with intense eyes filled with desire.

Studying the designs Rick have given them, Stephanie says that there is something about these designs. Brooke says they are beautiful but Stephanie says no that’s not it and says there is just something about these designs. Eric says that they are quite extraordinary. Stephanie says that she had no idea Rick had any talent as an artist and asks if she’s the only one surprised with his sudden aptitude for design.

Amber asks Rick what happened and if they liked the designs. Rick says no solemnly leaving Amber to look rejected when he suddenly says they loved them. Amber screams and hugs him out of joy. Pulling away she asks if they are going to use them. Rick says that they are going into production immediately. Amber asks him if he is kidding her and says didn’t Ridge want to change anything? Rick admits that Ridge wasn’t there.

Amber says but Ridge is the CEO. Seeing the smile Rick is giving her Amber realizes that Eric approved her designs. She screams in joy again and says that he doesn’t’ know what this means for her. She says being back as a Forrester designer means so much. She says of course he’ll get all the credit and no one will know but she will. She says that this collection is going to be huge and Ridge better watch his back.

Rick tells her not to get ahead of themselves but Amber asks why not? She says that this has always been his dream, to control Forrester creations. Rick smiles and Amber says this proves it, together they can do anything. Excited she kisses him but pulls away when she realizes what she did. Rick however, doesn’t look unhappy and instead is smiling at her.

Taylor tucks Steffy in before telling Ridge she is asleep. Once Taylor sits down Bill asks Liam to get over to him right now. Liam asks him what he wants. Bill says he thinks he is being hard on him. He says this is not how he wanted this vacation to go with him being upset and Ridge worrying over Steffy.

Liam says he is worried about Steffy too and doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Bill tells him that he knows what he has to do then. Ridge quips in and says when Steffy makes a mistake she’s the first to apologize. Bill says that she has, she’s said sorry. Liam snaps at Bill and says that he is his father and his boss but he is not some shrink and he doesn’t get to have a say on how things will run in his marriage.

Liam storms off to a separate part of the plane. Seeing him leave in a huff Thomas tells Bill this has to stop. Taylor shares her concerns and says that she doesn’t even feel like sending Steffy home with him right now. Bill says that Liam will settle down just as soon as they cut off all his ties with Hope.

Hope comes to where Liam went off to. Liam tells Hope that his dad really thinks he doesn’t care about Steffy. Hope says of course he does. Liam says he can’t go on with Steffy. Hope says but she needs him right now because she is sick and if she gets upset. Liam cuts her off saying he knows. Hope says then he should let it go. She says he has to. Liam says but Steffy promised him she’d never do anything like this again. Hope sighs and says that Steffy is his wife in sickness and in health.

Liam says that he still has questions but Hope says that answers won’t change anything. Hope rests her head on Liam’s shoulder. Looking on from the side, Bill looks unhappy.

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