B&B Wednesday Update 1/11/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/11/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Amber tries to get Rick to take her designs to Forrester and use them as his to make him CEO.

Jackie talks to someone about putting itching powder in the models clothes. Pam walks in asking if Jackie has seen Nick. Jackie says she does not know. Pam assumes with Donna.

Nick and Donna do laundry together. Nick apologizes for Jackie having Donna come to Dayzee's to watch him sing. The two then share a kiss.

Pam wonders what Nick sees in Donna. Jackie explains that they are just hanging out together because of her recent divorce. Pam explains that if that is the case then she really does not need to keep steeling the Forrester designs as she was only doing that for Nick. Jackie tells her not to be silly about it. Pam says she cannot get the kiss they shared out of there head and wants to know if she is being used.

Donna explains that the two can thank Brooke for helping them get together.

Amber explains that Rick is an amazing business man but he is still not a CEO. Rick says because he is not a designer. Amber says it is the perfect time to take the designs because Jackie M stole all the others. Rick then asks what Amber really is up to.

Nick starts to fix the doorknob of the boat when Donna walks back in. Donna explains that she still smells like the fake snow that “Jerry” sprayed all over her. Nick says sorry and starts to kiss Donna again.

Pam continues to lament over why she should probably just go back to Forrester. Jackie tells Pam that she is part of the family now, and she can’t just leave.

Amber explains that she is doing this to make up for all the years of what she has done. Rick assumes it is because she wanted to seduce him. Amber jokingly takes off a piece of clothing. Amber then tells Rick she misses being in fashion and that she is doing it for her daughter so she has a stable home. Amber claims it will be a win- win for both of them so they can both get what they want in the long run.

Oliver explains that Pam being there she is going to risk all of them being caught, but Pam is part of the family now. Jackie agrees and explains that she is just friends with Donna and that is the only reason he is letting her stay on his boat. Pam agrees and tells Jack she has an inkling that nothing will happen either and then walks off.

Nick and Donna start to get very passionate when Donna tells Nick that she wants to do things right and asks him take things slow. Nick decides to agree and asks Donna to walk him to the stairs. Nick then leaves. Pam watches from the window.  Outside Pam starts to pour itching powder on everything on a clothing line.

Later Donna puts on one of the shirts that Pam put the powder on and starts to get very itchy and starts making very jumpy moves. Pam starts laughing outside. Donna starts scratching herself with a hanger and screams from pain.

Amber asks if the designs are everything Rick thought they would be. Rick says he will take a few of them to a meeting at Forrester and call them his own.

Jackie gets off the phone and makes another deal with a company. Oliver is happy over the news. Jackie then thanks Oliver for making Pam stay. Jackie then asks if Bridget is doing well with Oliver. Oliver says yes because he gets to see his son and Bridget is an amazing woman, however, he is not over Jackie but Bridget is the mother of his son and he wants Jackie back in his life he then explains he loves Jackie and they start to kiss. Oliver asks if Jackie also wants the same thing.

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