B&B Thursday Update 12/22/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/22/11


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Katie and Bill kiss and share a moment before Katie asks where Steffy and Liam are. Bill says they should be here any moment. Katie says this should be an interesting evening and Bill says especially for him as holiday spirit isn’t exactly his forte. Katie chuckles as a worker brings in food. Katie tells her it looks fabulous and she says it’s the lease she can do. Bill remembers that she is dating Justin and says he sees that Justin has opened his big mouth again about how he is not good at all with holidays. Allison confirms that before giving him the tickets for the trip he arranged to Mexico and leaving. Katie tells Bill that the sooner they unwrap Christmas presents, the sooner they get to sing Christmas carols. She begins to sing and Bill muffles her mouth and tells her Dollar Bill Spencer doesn’t go Christmas carols. He says it would make every dog in Los Angeles howl leaving Katie to giggle. He holds up the vacation tickets and says he does vacations. Katie says yes, to Mexico and sounds saddened.

Brooke and Rick give Hope ideas for what they can go together tonight but Hope tells them they don’t have to entertain her. Rick asks if she has plans and she says yes she has gift wrapping she needs to do. Rick and Brooke give her a pointed look and she says yes she would have liked to be with Liam tonight but that’s not how things worked out and she says she has accepted it. She tells them she wishes they could do that too.

Steffy arrives with Liam at the Spencer house. She gasps at the decorations and tells Bill and Katie they are beautiful. Katie says Allison had a lot to do with it but Steffy stuns her by saying she’s sure she does to. Steffy says that Liam and her are really excited for this, their first Christmas together as a family. Katie says joy to the world sarcastically making Steffy frown slightly.

Steffy brings Katie a drink and Katie thanks her for it. Steffy says that this is their first holiday together and she knows Katie would rather she not be here. Katie says yes well she is here so they might as well make the best of it and sips her champagne. Steffy looks over at Liam and Bill and says that they are wonderful men. Katie says she loves watching them together. Steffy tells Katie that Bill has found a life with her and she wants to give that to Liam. Steffy tells her that she loves Liam so much just like Katie loves her husband. She says that they are counting on them tonight.

Brooke asks Rick what Liam said as he was talking to him yesterday. Rick clearly says that Liam is still in love with Hope. Alarmed, Hope asks if he said that but Rick says he didn’t’ have to because the moment she walked in Liam lit up like a light bulb. Brooke says that Liam will be at the family dinner tomorrow suggestively, but Hope says yes with his wife. Brooke tells Hope that Liam would not be married to Steffy if she hadn’t tricked him. Rick tells her that he would have been married to her and asks her not to let go of that. Hope smiles and says she hasn’t.

Bill says it’s a hell of a night. Liam nods and Bill says he is just full of surprises. He makes a joke out of celebrating Christmas and Liam laughs. Liam looks over at Katie and tells Bill Katie is good for him. Bill corrects him by saying she is great for him and Steffy is great for Liam. He tells him that Steffy and him are going to go a long way together and Katie and him will be along for the ride. He clinks glasses with his son and wishes him a merry Christmas as Liam smiles and wishes his father back.

Liam opens Katie’s present and thanks her for it. Katie again pulls Bill’s leg about singing Christmas carols and he groans in response. Steffy gives Katie a present and Katie tense up. Steffy says it’s nothing big so Katie unwraps the present. She finds a book about miracles and Steffy explains her choice by saying Katie herself is a miracle as she is alive because of her brother’s heart. Katie thanks Steffy with a smile and Bill says it’s his turn to give her his gift.

Katie claps her hands and he gives her her present. Katie finds a diamond necklace and thanks Bill while Steffy and Liam tell her it’s stunning. Bill helps Katie put it on before telling her he loves her. He says that Steffy couldn’t have put it better because she is his miracle girl. Katie smiles as Bill tells her she is the heart and soul of his family. He says that she helped bring Liam into his life and says that is the biggest gift he has ever been given. Steffy and Liam look on as Bill continues praising Katie. He tells Katie that it used to be just him and Justin and work during the holidays and now it’s all of them. He kisses her before saying that not a day goes by when he’s not thankful for her being in his life. They kiss again and Katie pulls away looking very happy.

Thomas comes to talk to Hope about holiday plans but Brooke and Rick stand in his way. Rick tells him his holiday plans and says he’s heading up to Big Bear at some point and asks if he wants to come along. Thomas says no and Rick says why not? He tells him they could ski but Thomas says no because he has some holiday plans. Rick asks him if he’s heading out of town but Thomas doesn’t say. Rick says he’s being secretive. Thomas tries to talk to Hope and asks her if she has any holiday plans. Hope says no, not really but Brooke tells Thomas she’s sure Hope will be very busy.

Thomas says that Hope doesn’t sound sure she will be and Hope says that’s because she’s not. But Rick says Hope is not going to sit around moping in L.A. He says she’ll be coming with him to Big Bear. Hope smiles but Thomas asks Brooke and Rick if they are done because he really wanted to talk to Hope alone. Rick says they are not done but Hope tells her brother and mother that it’s okay and asks them to go. They leave reluctantly and once they do Thomas tells her that they make him feel as if he’s dangerous with the way they act all protective around her. He asks Hope if he is dangerous and Hope smiles at him.

Katie stands smiling on the porch as Bill comes outside. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her forehead and says that is this how the holidays are supposed to be. Katie says yes, when they get the chance. Bill says he didn’t know that and says that to be honest he didn’t know a lot of things until she came into his life. Katie brushes his cheek and says that goes for her as well. Skeptical, Bill asks her like what? And suggests she has learned how stubborn a man can be. Katie laughs and agrees but says also how incredible in love she can be with a stubborn, stubborn man. They share a passionate kiss.

Thomas asks Hope if she has any holiday plans. Hope says none to speak of and Thomas says none yet but Hope says no, she just wants to keep her options open. When she turns her back to him, Thomas says that he knows how she feels about Liam but Steffy and Liam have plans of their own for the holidays. Hope slowly asks him if he knows what they are. Thomas tells her that she mentioned something about going away, the four of them. Confused, Hope asks what he means by four of them and asks if Bill and Katie are going too. Thomas says that is his impression and Hope looks confused. Sitting down on a chair she continues to look lost. Thomas tells her to listen and says that he wants to take her away to some place beautiful. When Hope sighs he tells her that she needs a vacation. He tells her he wants to take her and says that she gets to call the shots, if they should have separate room or what ever and tells her there is no pressure. He tells Hope that she is going to have a wonderful time and if she doesn’t he’ll bring her right home. Thomas says that he doesn’t think he’ll have to though and shows her a brochure pamphlet of a Mexican Resort, ironically the same one Steffy and Liam are headed to.

Steffy flips through the same brochure at Bill’s house and Liam asks her where she got that. Steffy says from the table and asks Liam if it isn’t beautiful. She sighs then and tells him that she really wishes just the two of them could get away. Liam says he knows but his dad has his heart set on this family thing. Bill comes back inside with Katie and Liam asks him if the trip to Mexico is still happening. Bill asks him why he’s asking and asks them if they have other plans. Steffy and Liam say they didn’t mean it that way.

Bill asks if they’d like to make other plans and they say no. Bill says he wants to though. Turning to his wife he tells them that he’d like to have a nice, private holiday with Katie. Stunned, Katie says no Mexico and smiles saying she’d like that. Bill says then she’s got it and kisses her. Steffy turns to Liam and tells him this means they are going to be alone in Mexico. They kiss in excitement and Steffy tells him she can’t wait to be alone with him. They smile and kiss again.

Sitting by the fire, Steffy tells Liam that she can’t wait to be alone with him again. She says that they needed this. A resort, luxury and a big, comfy bed. They share a kiss and smile.

Hope looks at the brochure and tells Thomas that Esperanza means Hope in Spanish. Thomas tells her why does she think he picked it. He asks her to come and Hope says she doesn’t know if she should. Thomas looks her in the eyes and says to take her pick. Either she falls on all fours during skiing or get away with him. Hope says it’s a tough choice. Thomas tempts her with everything being on her terms and all the privacy she needs. He tells her to let him do this for her. Hope sighs hesitantly and Thomas says she needs to get away with someone who cares like him and someone who can teach her. Hope asks him what he means by “teach her” and Thomas says teach her to smile again. Hope laughs and says so he’s a certified instructor on that. Thomas says he has a degree in having a good time too jokingly. Hope tells him she’ll think about it. Thomas tells her to think about it but says she should pack her bags too because he’s not taking no for an answer. Hope smiles at him.

Sitting with his family around the fire, Bill says so this is what Christmas is all about. Katie says it feels nice and asks him if it doesn’t. He says it feels different compared to how it used to be for him before when he was always working. Liam shares his bad experiences on Christmas and says after his mom died he hated it too because he was all alone. Bill tells him he’s not alone anymore and Liam agrees. Liam and Bill share a father son moment before Bill tells them tomorrow Steffy, Katie and Liam will be going to celebrate at that Forrester. They ask him to come along as well but Bill says no he wants to skip. When Liam asks him what he will do alone tomorrow Bill says he’s going to watch football and do some work.

Katie says that is not what Christmas is about. Bill says that he is taking this Christmas thing one step at a time. He tells them that this evening has been really special and thanks Steffy, Liam and his wife for this as it means so much to him that it went well. He hugs Steffy and thanks her before hugging Liam. He goes to Katie and tells her a special thanks for giving him his first real Christmas. Bill kisses Katie and Katie smiles before reminding him they still need to sing Christmas carols. Bill groans as Katie starts to sing and then Steffy and Liam join in shocking Bill. Finally Bill relents and joins into the singing of ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly before he wishes the Spencers and the viewers Happy Holidays.

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